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  1. Self-Powered Sensors That Communicate Could Warn Of Bridge, Building Defects

    Imagine a bridge or a dam that could sense a structural defect before it happens, diagnose what the problem will be and alert the authorities before something bad happens.

  2. Delphax Announces First elan™ 500 Installation In Canada

    Delphax Technologies Canada Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delphax Technologies Inc. (OTC:DLPX), a global provider of high-speed digital printing equipment, today announced an agreement to install an elan™ 500 cut sheet MICR inkjet press for Public Works and Government Services Canada in Quebec City.

  3. New Sensor Array Changes The Data Collection Game

    As urban populations increase, so too does the complexity involved in maintaining basic services like clean water and emergency services.  But one of the biggest barriers to making cities “smarter”—for example, comprehensively monitoring sources of waterway pollutants in real time—is quick and easy access to data.

  4. American Express Announces $5M Grant To Increase Volunteering In America’s National Parks

    American Express and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell recently announced a multi-year partnership to increase volunteerism in National Parks and Public Lands.

  5. Icomera Launches Innovative Wi-Fi Connectivity Solution To Improve Public Safety Outcomes For Law Enforcement Officers And Citizens

    Icomera has announced the launch of an innovative Wi-Fi connectivity solution that improves public safety outcomes for law enforcement officers and increases citizen safety by providing seamless mobile connectivity

  6. Hawaii Improves Vital Records Online Ordering System

    The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) launched an improved vital records ordering and tracking system for birth, and marriage/civil union certificates

  7. Blue Earth Energy Power Solutions Announces UPStealth® — Unique Bendable, Lead-Acid Free, Environmentally Safe Battery Backup—Selected By ODOT To Improve Traffic Safety

    Blue Earth Energy Power Solutions’ UPStealth® Battery Backup System, an alternative, uninterruptable power supply that bends like Gumby® and just may be the iPhone® of the battery world, will be deployed in Oregon

  8. BikeSD Launches New Bike Parking Program To Help San Diego Businesses With Bike Racks

    BikeSD and Dero have teamed up to help San Diego businesses and neighborhoods meet the growing demand for bike parking

  9. Turner Construction Company Invests In Growth Of Sports And Public Assembly Group

    Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce a strategic expansion of project leadership in its Sports and Public Assembly Group.

  10. Engaged Public Launches Balancing Act, Online Software For Making Public Budgets Interactive And Transparent

    Engaged Public®, a Denver-based public policy firm, today announced the launch of Balancing Act, a next-generation online budget simulator that’s affordable, easy to use, and builds upon the success of its predecessor, Backseat Budgeter.

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