Self-Contained Snowblower

Source: Sicard, A Divison of SMI-Snowblast, Inc.

Self-Contained Snowblower
The Model 4200 is a self-contained detachable snowblower with a high tensile steel casing

The Model 4200 is a self-contained, detachable snowblower with a high tensile steel casing. It has a 2,270 metric t/h capacity, two hydraulically controlled steering vanes and a remote control clutch. Additional features are:

• Overall Width – 107 in. or 112 in.

• Overall Height – 140 in with loading chute closed or 158 in. with loading chute opened

• Blower Head Height – 52 in.

• Series 40, Detroit Diesel engine

• Total weight – 9,5000 lb

Sicard, SMI-Snowblast Inc., PO Box 171, Watertown, NY 13601-0171; phone: 315-786-7669; fax: 315-788-3750

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