3M Scotchmark Near Surface Marker

Source: 3M Corrosion Protection Products
3M Scotchmark Near Surface Marker
The vertical range of the ScotchMark Near-Surface Marker is two ft from the locator probe
3M Corrosion Protection Productsl range of the 3M ScotchMark Near-Surface Marker is two ft from the locator probe. The system offers an accurate, long-lasting method of marking underground and street-access facilities. Its size and shape are designed to allow easy installation in asphalt, concrete or dirt, without extensive digging or drilling, and it can be used for marking street facilities prior to re-paving. The near-surface marker is 3.0-in. long x 0.75-in diameter. The unit receives the company's locator RF signal and returns the signal to the locator, indicating the marker's exact position. The compact electronic locator gives both a visual reading and a tone. This product can be used to mark:
  • buried splices
  • grade level enclosures
  • manholes under pavement
  • snow-covered installations
The marker is a passive-tuned antenna encased in a water-resistant, polyethylene shell constructed to be impervious to minerals, chemicals and temperature extremes normally found in underground plant environments.

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