Source: MALA GeoScience USA Inc.
MALÅ GeoScience distributes the following products
MALÅ GeoScience distributes the following products:

  • BARTINGTON Magnetics System. (Scandinavia) Magnetic Susceptibility Systems, Borehole Magnetic Susceptibility Systems, Single Axis Fluxgate Magnetometers, Fluxgate Declinometers/Inclinometers, Three Axis Magnetic Field Sensors, Three Axis Fluxgate Gradiometers.

  • EXPLORANIUM Radiation Detection System. (Scandinavia) Hand Held Portable Gamma-Ray Spectrometers & Scintillometers, Multichannel Portable Spectrometers

  • GEM SYSTEMS Advanced Magnetometers. Proton Magnetometers, Overhauser Magnetometers/Gradiometers, Marine Magnetometer and Gradiometer System,Potassium Magnetometer/Gradiometer,Airborne Magnetometers.
  • RAAX, BIP Borehole Image Processing system.

  • RAD ELEC Radon Systems. (Scandinavia) E-Perm Radon System Indoor and Water

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