Article | June 15, 2010

Article: Agencies Can Save Dollars By Using Technology And Best Business Practices

Source: LA Consulting

By: Jorge M. Quintas, P.E., Director of Operations, Public Works, Pinellas County (FL)
Joe Stephenson, Public Works Director, St. Johns County (FL)
Harry Lorick, P.E., Principal, LA Consulting, Inc. (CA)

Independent of any specific software system, public agency improvements can be implemented using a systematic process of incorporating technology with best business practices.

This article describes the successes of two Florida Counties that performed an evaluation to determine areas for improvement within their Public Works Departments, then taking action with the resulting transformations being documented. Although there were considerable differences between the two operations in size, type of assets, demographics, and resources, the results were similar: combined savings of more than $14 million and improved use of resources.