Biaxial Geogrid Reinforcement

Source: Huesker Inc.
Biaxial Geogrid Reinforcement
These biaxial geogrids provide tensile reinforcement to the
Huesker geogrids provide tensile reinforcement to the aggregate base and subbase layers of both paved and unpaved roads. With a tensile element that distributes the applied loads over a large area, the product reduces the bearing capacity requirement of underlying soils. Pullout tests simulating roadway conditions prove these geogrids mobilize their strength in soils with minimum displacement.

They provide interlocking of the aggregate to give maximum confinement of the base course and maintain the desired thickness by reducing lateral displacement. This increased confinement is demonstrated by interface shear strength tests.

Geogrids are also manufactured with an aperture size designed to optimally separate typical base course and finer subbase materials. The engineered aperture size enables interlock of the geogrid with the aggregate layer, yet still provides separation. The ribs provide a support structure for the aggregate to interlock and bridge, reducing vertical deformation of the base layer.

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