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CentralSquare Partners With Prepared 911 To Bring Clarity To Emergency Response

Lake Mary, FL (BUSINESS WIRE) - CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public sector technology, today announced it has become a verified reseller of Prepared 911, an assistive 911 platform that synthesizes mission-critical data to help telecommunicators process calls faster and more accurately. CentralSquare customers will be able to purchase Prepared 911 as a standalone solution or to complement Vertex™ NG911 Call Handling, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), and other CentralSquare public safety solutions.

Today, 911 agencies face numerous challenges with increasing call volumes, ongoing staffing shortages, and the need to process more data from additional inputs – including text, location data, video, and more. With the combined expertise of Prepared and CentralSquare, both new and existing customers can gain enhanced situational clarity. With the ability to process and respond to incoming data on voice, text and video, Prepared is focused on helping call takers quickly and efficiently move through their workflow. With the launch of their most recent offering, Prepared Assist — a suite of AI capabilities, including audio transcription, instant two-way language translation and real-time call summarization — dispatchers will now be able to mobilize assistance while providing the most accurate contextual information more efficiently. Prepared Assist is quickly deployable into dispatch centers without the need to rip and replace existing systems or add burden to telecommunications staff.

With the combined expertise of Prepared and CentralSquare, both new and existing customers can better process data from sources beyond voice calls, gaining improved situational clarity. By leveraging AI to assist in call handling through data collection, analysis, and information sharing with responders in the field, agencies benefit from more accurate, actionable intelligence to better inform and speed responses while ensuring the safety of officers and responders in the field.

“Every day, dispatchers must manage competing priorities across a myriad of calls, data, and multiple screens as they process each and every emergency call,” said Kevin Wattenbarger, Director of 911 at CentralSquare Technologies. “Partnering with Prepared 911 allows our customers access to a consolidated view of location and other data inputs for the CAD, easing workloads while reducing call processing times and better equipping responders with the information they need to drive safer outcomes, faster.”

During hurricane season and times of severe weather that may disrupt power or cellular services, citizens will also be able to leverage the text message feature to contact 911 and get the help they need.

"Together, we are eliminating barriers and redefining the landscape of emergency response with an unparalleled level of service and access to 911 support,” said Michael Chime, Co-Founder and CEO, Prepared. “This partnership will help emergency communications centers innovate for the future and improve services to citizens.”

About CentralSquare Technologies

CentralSquare Technologies is the largest independent public sector software provider that powers all aspects of managing local government to build smarter and safer communities. Public sectors across North America use CentralSquare to enable efficiencies and a seamless end-to-end integrated experience by using innovative, cloud-based solutions and automation. CentralSquare’s scalable technology helps state and local agencies thrive operationally, even during states of emergency in public safety when every second counts. Its intuitive enterprise software also includes user-friendly platforms to support public administration agencies with finance, asset, compliance, case management and much more to drive better public experiences.

As the market driver for advancing safety and justice with innovative technology, CentralSquare serves 3 out of 4 citizens across North America. The company is headquartered in Lake Mary, FL and has locations in North Carolina, South Dakota and British Columbia. More information is available at

About Prepared

Prepared is a leading provider of mission-critical multimedia and text to public safety agencies. Prepared Assist was purpose-built for 911 to address the problem of increasing emergency call volumes coupled with growing staff shortages. Our assistive, AI-powered platform specifically unlocks dispatcher efficiency, allowing them to centralize, synthesize, and process data faster so they can quickly discover and act on what matters most. As an assistive layer that fits seamlessly alongside existing tools, Prepared Assist is quickly deployable into dispatch centers without the need to rip and replace existing systems or add burden to your telecommunications staff.

Since its founding in 2019, the company has grown its reach to partner with hundreds of agencies in 48 states that protect over 60 million people. In the process, it has raised over $16 million in venture funding from leading investors, including Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI-focused venture arm), First Round Capital, and M13.

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