News | July 1, 2015

City Of Taylorville, IL Selects Neptune Benson's ETS UV Disinfection For Drinking Water Treatment

Neptune Benson is pleased to announce that ETS UV technology has been selected to provide ultraviolet disinfection (UV) systems for the new drinking water treatment facility in the City of Taylorville, Illinois.

Neptune Benson is an industry leader in water filtration and disinfection in the municipal, industrial and recreational water markets.Its ETS UV brand is well established as a leading UV disinfection manufacturer.

The City of Taylorville project follows a recent ETS UV installation in the City of Moline. Both municipalities sought to add UV disinfection to their drinking water plants as an added level of protection for their water. Neptune Benson has a wide range of U.S. EPA validated systems for drinking water applications which provides an effective and efficient barrier against harmful microorganisms.

The ETS UV system offers several benefits to municipalities:

  • It treats 100% of filtered water
  • It is effective against “chlorine tolerant” pathogens
  • There are no environmentally harmful byproducts
  • Validated to the 2003 and 2012 NWRI Reuse Guidelines

UV disinfection is often used in conjunction with chlorine to deactivate chlorine resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium. Cryptosporidium is a genus of apicomplexan protozoans that can cause gastrointestinal illness in humans and can occasionally be fatal in infants and the elderly. When used together, chlorine and ultraviolet disinfection provide a high level of protection to drinking water.

UV disinfection deactivates illness causing microorganisms by destroying their genetic material (DNA). Once destroyed, the microorganisms cannot reproduce and eventually die.

“ETS-UV by Neptune Benson was selected following a competitive evaluation based on: the ease of maintenance of their system, excellent references from another Illinois installation, and the availability of customer service and support.” said Jamie Headen, Professional Engineer from Benton and Associates, the Design/Engineering firm awarded the construction contract. “We look forward to working with their team and delivering a reference grade UV installation”

The City of Taylorville system has been fully validated in accordance with the requirements of the US EPA Design Guidance Manual, and is manufactured at the Neptune Benson facility in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

About Neptune Benson:
Since 1956 Neptune Benson has been synonymous with water filtration and disinfection serving the municipal, industrial, and recreational water markets. Featuring award-winning brands such as the Defender regenerative media filter, ETS-UV disinfection system, Vortisand and Legacy sand filters. Neptune Benson also offers the AEGIS anti-entrapment shield, moveable bulkheads, Dominion butterfly valves, ProStrainer and Guardian strainers, greendrive VFD systems, as well as all Lawson Aquatics accessory products. Neptune Benson has the expertise to provide effective and cost efficient solutions for a broad range of industry needs.

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies