Damage Prevention: Electronic Marker

Source: Industrial Technology, Inc.
Damage Prevention: Electronic Marker
The Omni Marker electronically marks and locates
The Omni Marker electronically marks and locates underground facilities. The patented device contains three orthogonal tuned circuits. When excited by a standard marker locator, these passive circuits produce a uniform, spherical RF field in every direction. According to the manufacturer, it provides 25% greater range than 4-in. ball markers. It produces a wide field that is easy to find months or years later, with a signal peak directly above the marker for precise location within inches.

Because it produces a spherical field, the marker does not require any particular orientation when buried. As a result, there's no need for it to be level in the ground like flat-style electronic markers. Just toss it into the trench or excavation and cover it up with a normal backfill. Even though it is 4 ½-in.-dia. at its widest point, its shape allows it to fit easily into a standard 4-in. trench with no extra digging. It contains no batteries or active components, and the reliable design means the markers will last as long as a buried plant. The marker locates the following:

•Buried splices and load coils
•Buried service drops
•Pipe ends
•Conduit stubs
•Road crossings
•Cable paths
•Fiber optic facilities
•Manholes under pavement or grade changes
•Snow covered installations
•Military caches
•Survey points
•Septic installation
•Repair points
•Non-metallic lines

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