Source: EG Controls, Inc.

The Digi-Gage is a level indicator controller that is...
EG Controls, Inc. Digi-Gage is a compact, programmable level indicator controller that is specifically designed for water and wastewater applications. It can control and monitor up to six pumps, in addition to maintaining fluid levels. The Vari-Gage model will handle up to three variable frequency drives. The unit accepts voltage, pressure or current input and requires no analog adjustment. It has a step by step programming sequence on the illuminated front panel that also shows programming status. The indicator uses a 4-20 mA output and a 0-10 volt input that controls recorders and chemical pacing equipment. The unit also allows complete system testing with level simulation capability. The Digi-Gage is MODBUS compatible and is now available with Scada Express software for quick and easy Scada implementation.

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