Digital Line Tracer

Source: Fisher Research Laboratory
Digital Line Tracer
The TW-770 is designed to reduce pipe and cable tracing to
The TW-770 is designed to reduce pipe and cable tracing to a simple, almost effortless procedure. Only one knob turns it on and adjusts the volume. There is one button to press for a digital readout of depth in inches or centimeters. It's easy to learn, therefore cutting down on training time. As the operator walks the suspected line of the underground pipe or cable, swinging the receiver left and right, a continuous display of signal strength is shown both as a digital percentage and in bar-graph form on the receiver control panel.

In addition, arrows point the operator left and right, and indicate when the operator is over the target. The audio signal gives a pulsating sound on the left and continuous on the right. There is a peaksound over the line and the display reads OVER TARGET. A push of a button gives a depth reading. The complete instrument set includes a hard shell carrying case, or soft padded case, transmitter, receiver and ground plate/ground rod assembly. The coupling clamp and headphones are accessories and fit into the case. Accessories include:

•Headphones, for use in noisy areas
•Coupling clamp, for tracing telephone or electric power lines in service
•Digital accuracy for pipe and cable tracing and depth readout
•Microprocessor controlled
•Audio and visual response for left-right guidance
•Automatic gain control
•Digital signal strength
•Instant target response
•Inductive or conductive tracing
•Easy one-knob operation for on/off and volume adjust
•Pushbutton for depth readout

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