Doppler Flow Recorder

Source: Unidata America

Doppler Flow Recorder
The 6526C Starflow Flow Recorder is a complete intelligent flow measurement system
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The 6526C Starflow Flow Recorder is a complete intelligent flow measurement system in a single rugged package. The recorder combines velocity, depth and temperature sensors with a programmable 120 K memory Data Logger. The system can operate in water qualities ranging from fresh streams to primary sewage and is ideal for sewerage, drainage and storm water run-off monitoring. A rain gauge and sampler can be connected to make a complete storm water monitoring system. Applications also include water flow monitoring in rivers, streams, open channels and large diameter pipes.

The recorder is battery-powered with low power consumption allowing many months of operation form a standard 12 V battery. This makes it suited for use at remote sites or where power is not readily available. An RS-232 port is provided allowing programming and data retrieval to be done either by direct connection to a computer or remotely, via a modem. An output is available for sampler activation. It also includes an SDI-12 interface and may be configured as either an SDI-12 sensor or an SDI-12 Recorder.

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