Drafting Program

Source: Eagle Point Software
Drafting Program
Drafting enhances drawings with custom annotation, sheet
Drafting enhances drawings with custom annotation, sheet borders, symbols and user-defined line types. The dynamic annotation links line, arc, polyline/chain and COGO Nodes to the information so when changes are made to the drawing, the annotation automatically corrects itself. Move an annotated line and the annotation reattaches itself. Extend a curve and the length updates. Move a Node and the coordinates change to match the new location. Modify an object that appears in a table and the table corrects itself.

With drafting's annotation styles users can provide clients with plans that meet their exact drafting standards. Tools are available to create a library of styles for different applications. Create a style for each client, or for the different departments within the organization. There are hundreds of settings available to store, such as alignments, curves, lines, coordinates, directions and angles, legal descriptions, stations and offsets, lots and areas. Each of these allows for custom layout of the annotation with automatic prefixes, suffixes and ordering. The program allows users to annotate lines and arcs by many different methods. To annotate a line or arc, simply choose the method, then choose the object to be annotated. Users can annotate lines and curves along the object, by leader or by number. If they annotate by number they can then create a table of some or all of the numbered information.

This program is also integrated with the civil design modules. Pick an alignment created with COGO, RoadCalc or Water Surface Profiling, and it automatically knows the stationing, curve information and station equations. If the alignment chosen was not created by the manufacturer's module, users can set all the parameters for the alignment. Users can also create their own linetypes and patterns to draw lines with text or shapes in them, or modify an existing line. Standard borders, symbols and North Arrows are provided for them to help prepare drawings for plotting. Also included are tools to annotate the graphic scales, drawing name, date and time, and coordinate grid. Over 250 predefined, existing and proposed symbols are included with the module to minimize the need to build a symbols library.

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