DS350 Load Moment Indicator (LMI)

Source: PAT America, Inc.
DS350 Load Moment Indicator (LMI)
PAT's DS 350 LMI puts a full range of precise information right in the cab
PAT's DS 350 LMI puts a full range of precise information right in the cab. Designed for use in telescopic boom as well as lattice boom cranes, the DS 350 is installed and calibrated to the crane's load chart including specific load and geometric limits or boom length, angle, tip height and operating radius. The systems microprocessor technology allows operators to work with confidence by giving them constant access to the information they need. Having this invaluable data during demanding situations results in more productive lifts. As the global leader in crane information systems, PAT gives you an unmatched combination of product quality and field support. PAT service, parts and training ensure that the DS 350 meets your demands for performance and reliability with fast on-site installation and accurate calibration to your specific needs.

The DS 350 offers a full-range of outstanding features, including:

Measures True Load Moment:

By measuring the true load moment the DS 350 senses boom dynamics, load swingout, wind loading, shock load and the effects of boom deflection. Load moment is measured in lattice boom cranes with a force transducer in the boom pendants, and in telescopic boom cranes with pressure transducers in the lift cylinders.

Digital LCD Display: Large characters and a super-twisted LCD-backlit for night operation, gives operators a clear and easy view from all angles.

Analog Meter: Along with relative load moment information, it provides a quick, convenient way for operators to see where they are in the load chart.

Anti-Two-Block: A special hoist limit switch sounds an alarm and flashes a visual warning of an impending two-block condition.

Function Control Lever Lockout: When the LMI System senses an overload or an impending two-block condition, the DS-350 provides a relay output which can be used to engage an optional lever lockout system to override hoist "up" telescope "out" and boom "down."

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