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Easi File
All EASI FILE products are designed for long life and ease of operation
All EASI FILE products are designed for long life and ease of operation. To operate, unlock the file and pull the door open. The lid opens automatically. Sort through the drawings and slide forward as shown by the above drawing.

To open, hold the door handle, release the stop lever and pull. Remove the drawing through the side. Push the door back to the intermediate position. When complete, push all drawings to the rear, release the stop lever and close the file.


  • Space Savings - 75% savings over conventional flat files
  • Time Savings - 75% faster retrieval time
  • Ease Of Operation - No bending or stooping, all retrieval done at convenient standing level
  • Reliability - Rugged welded steel construction with minimum moving parts
  • Visibility - All identification is at eye level and the full face of the document can be viewed without removal
  • Protection - A polyester hanger strip attached to the top edge of drawing eliminates the need to touch the drawing
  • Versatility - All sizes and types of documents may be stored in sequence, including film & artwork, which can be stored in plastic envelopes
  • Indexing - achieved with direct identification or color coding techniques. Project separation being done with stiff card dividers
  • Security - The file is fitted with a lock and a special security bar feature is available
  • Prefiling - Prefiling posts are provided on the front of the door for temporary storage

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