ecoGrease Interceptor

Source: Royal Enterprises America
ecoGrease Interceptor
ecoGrease Interceptor

  • High separation efficiency (25ppm)
  • Designed according to the tough European Standard pr-EN1825 for grease separation
  • Optimally designed for installation in frost-free basements
  • 30% to 50% annual maintenance cost savings. Structural configuration allows pollutant loads to be accurately monitored and then cleanly and easily remediated
  • Small footprint - light weight
  • Small volume - low disposal cost
  • May be used in a wide range of water-quality improvement applications including: Kitchens, Restaurants, Hotels, Institutional & Processing Facilities

The patent pending ecoGrease system separates liquid, coagulating animal & vegetable fat and grease from water prior to discharge into septic or municipally owned sewers. For the first time, a grease separation technology will allow the consultant, plumber or end user to not only size the system strictly by flow-rate, but also achieve specific effluent removal efficiencies for these pollutants (<25 ppm per pr-EN1825).

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