Econo File

Source: Easi File Corporation
Econo File
The Econo File is a utility version of the EASI FILE

The Econo File is a utility version of the EASI FILE. It offers all the speed and convenience of vertical filing at low cost. It is totally compatible with the EASI FILE system, especially the time and space saving features. The file is also equipped with casters to give roll around mobility for use in office or drafting room. Ideal for applications requiring storage of a small quantity of documents.
The prefiling posts (front posts) are provided to enable a drawing to be displayed in full view with the file closed. These posts may also be used for auxiliary storage of documents prior to refiling in numerical sequence within the system.


Open the lid of the file to expose the hangers. Slide all documents up to and including the desired document onto the front pair of rods. Swing open the hinged panel and remove the desired document from the rods through the side.


The Econo File is of all steel construction with a rigid square tubular steel framework and sheet metal panels and lid. The files are shipped unassembled. Assembly is simple, requiring only standard tools.

Wall File
The Wall File is for local storage of up to 100 documents and offers a sort capability by being able to transfer documents from the rear to front and removing from the center.

Easi Wheel Trolley File
The Trolley File is designed to give portable, low cost filing and has sorting and transporting features. It has four sections. The inner section allows you to file and sort up to 200 documents. The outer sections each hold up to 100 documents but does not have the sort capability.

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