News | October 30, 2008

Florida Department Of Transportation Joins Bentley's Enterprise License Subscription Program

Source: Bentley Systems, Inc.

Exton, PA - Bentley Systems, Incorporated recentlty announced that Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has joined Bentley's Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) program for a three-year term. Bentley's innovative ELS will extend FDOT's software capability by granting FDOT access to a comprehensive portfolio of civil engineering, architectural, construction, operations, and geospatial software for a single annual fee. Built on a common platform, the portfolio includes almost 200 integrated and interoperable design, analysis, and collaboration software products.

For more than a decade, FDOT has utilized Bentley's software, including MicroStation and GEOPAK, to help it design Florida's roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure. Through its new three-year ELS, the department continues its long-standing use of software and services from Bentley and capitalizes on its investment in the expertise that hundreds of FDOT designers and consultants have acquired in the use of Bentley technology – both of which are key components in FDOT's ability to tackle a $41.7B work program over the next five years.

FDOT's expertise in Bentley solutions is coupled with professional training provided by Bentley. FDOT's curriculum was customized by Bentley, as were certain key software tools, to better address the department's specific workflow requirements. As Bentley introduces new software capabilities, FDOT will be able to maintain training readiness through its renewal of two three-year training agreements with Bentley. In addition, ready access to future training will enable FDOT to bring new team members up to speed on Bentley's technology and make them more productive in less time.

Bentley's ELS gives FDOT technically creative alternatives and means for sustainable solutions for its civil engineering projects. As a strategic benefit, Bentley's ELS helps organizations like FDOT become more agile. Project starts can happen faster, teams can reconfigure for new opportunities more quickly, and new technology can be infused into projects more readily. Moreover, ELS agreements can include partners, extending the flexibility and multiplying the benefits in statewide, national, or global projects.

SOURCE: Bentley Systems, Inc.