GBA Sewer Master®

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GBA Sewer Master®
GBA Sewer Master is an easy-to-use sanitary sewer collection system inventory, inspection, and analysis program. The program can be used to track system resources, log system conditions, assist in system maintenance, prioritize system rehabilitation,

GBA Sewer Master is an easy-to-use sanitary sewer collection system inventory, inspection, and analysis program. The program can be used to track system resources, log system conditions, assist in system maintenance, prioritize system rehabilitation, track inflow and infiltration removal, locate existing system hydraulic bottlenecks, and determine the impact of future growth.

The GBA Sewer Master and GBA Work Master programs are integrated in several ways. A work order is created in GBA Work Master for a specific sewer item (or group of like items). Pertinent information for the item is automatically brought into the work order record from the appropriate GBA Sewer Master inventory module. For a sewer pipe, this information includes upstream and downstream manhole numbers, length, slope, diameter, liner, and material. Any updates to the item's inventory information determined to be necessary from observations/modifications made during completion of the work can be automatically made directly from the work order record in GBA Work Master.

From a click of a toolbar button in GBA Sewer Master you can view work order histories on any pipe segment or manhole, as well as see work orders that have been assigned but not completed.

Horizontal coordinate data for each sewer item, used by the GBA GIS Master program to define the system's mapping, are stored in the inventory modules of the GBA Sewer Master program. These items, along with their pertinent inventory information, can then be viewed graphically through GBA GIS Master at their defined locations. Inspection and analyses results from GBA Sewer Master can also be viewed graphically through GBA GIS Master.

The integration of GBA Sewer Master with GBA GIS Master enhances the user's ability to detect trends in system deterioration, locate possible capacity bottlenecks, or map inspection routes for work crews. The combination of these two programs provides the foundation of a well-managed system.

System Inventory
System Inventory is the core of the GBA Sewer Master suite of programs. These modules contain all inventory information commonly found on a set of construction drawings. The Pumps and Pump Stations module also incorporates inspection and testing information with inventory data. The Service Lateral module includes the ability to track permits and costs for sanitary sewer connections. The modules include:

Pipe Network
Pumps & Pump Stations
Service Laterals
Flow Basins

System Inspections
The System Inspections modules enable you to track the results of Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies (SSES), Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) inspections, or day-to-day maintenance inspections.

Television Inspection
The Television Inspection module stores television inspection data obtained by viewing and rating televised line segments. The analysis of this data provides an indication of the structural integrity of the sewer system. The module analyzes the TV observation data and assigns a flow, structural, and cleaning priority number for each line segment, allowing for quick prioritization of system improvements.

Manhole Inspection
The Manhole Inspection module contains a detailed condition rating for each portion of the manhole. This information provides for identification of I/I sources and documents the structural conditions of the manhole. It also provides the foundation for the establishment of a manhole rehabilitation program, thus expediting manhole rehabilitation improvements.

Line Lamping
The Line Lamping module contains information on the physical inventory and condition of each sewer segment as determined by line lamping during manhole inspections. This information is valuable for identification of line defects and provides a basis for recommending cleaning and television inspections. In addition, rim-to-crown measurements are recorded for each pipe entering or exiting the manhole.

Smoke Testing
The Smoke Testing module contains observations of inflow sources identified by smoke testing. Positive findings indicate the existence of inflow sources.

Building Inspection
The Building Inspection module contains current information from home/business owners regarding previous/current flooding conditions, the status of sumps and sump pumps, and suspect sources of infiltration and inflow identified during building inspections.

Dyed-water Testing
Dyed-water testing information is stored in both the Smoke Testing and Building Inspection modules. Stored data consists of the observations, measurements, and records of information for each dyed-water test completed. Sources of inflow are also quantified.

Joint Testing
The Joint Testing module contains information about the strength and conditions of the pipe seal joint. As pipe seals are tested, their condition is rated. If the seal does not pass, repair steps are documented.

Flow Isolation
The Flow Isolation module allows you to track your activities in pinpointing areas of heavy infiltration.

System Analysis
GBA Sewer Master's analysis modules go beyond simply tracking inventory and inspection information to take advantage of all collected data to help effectively rehabilitate the collection system.

Manhole Rehabilitation Analysis
Designed to help engineers fast-track system improvements, this module takes comprehensive manhole inspection information and assigns rehabilitation tasks to the appropriate manholes. When rehabilitation or replacement is scheduled, work orders can be generated. The results of the completed work then update the manhole rehabilitation module as well as the manhole inspection module.

Pipe Rehabilitation Analysis
Similar to the Manhole Rehabilitation module, this module focuses on point repairs, line segment rehabilitation, or line segment replacement based on the results of television inspection data.

GBA Flow Master
GBA Flow
Master is designed exclusively for the analysis of sanitary sewer systems. This easy-to-use package can locate system bottlenecks or determine the impact of new development on the system. Planning-level costs to parallel and/or replace overloaded line segments are calculated. By broadening the parameters involved, GBA Flow Master takes the analysis of a sanitary sewer hydraulic system to the limit.

Field Inspections
The Field Inspection module provides your field crews with a blank database, allowing them to record their inspection data as they perform the inspections. This process eliminates the use of field forms and time-consuming data entry, and prevents any discrepancies in your data. The data collected in the field is then transferred to the master database and run through a series of validations to ensure the data's integrity.