High Pressure Water Pipe

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High Pressure Water Pipe
The C900 water pipe is immune to most internal and external
The C900 water pipe is immune to most internal and external corrosion. Since PVC is a non-conductor, it is not affected by electrolysis. According to the manufacturer, it is also not susceptible to alkaline or acid soil conditions.

This pipe is hydrostatically proof tested at four times its pressure class. A 2.5-to-1 safety factor was applied to the long term pressure capacity of the pipe. The resulting value was further reduced by a surge pressure value, which also incorporates a 2.5-to-1 safety factor. Burst test pressure capability its class 150 is at least 755 psi, with sustained pressure test capability of 500 psi. Typical applications for the pipe include municipal water mains, fire lines, and sewage force mains.

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