Materials Engineering & Testing

Source: ATSER (Advanced Technology Science Engineering Research)
Materials Engineering & Testing
ATSER offers engineering and testing services
ATSER offers engineering and testing services for all types of construction materials. These services are performed at the local, state and federal level as well as for private sector clients.

ATSER's laboratory facility is is supported by a staff of engineers, chemists, and scientists who routinely perform chemical, analytical, physical, and simulative tests. Our specialized testing capabilities allow us to solve the most difficult scientific and engineering problems. In fact, some of our projects require complete quality control inspection and testing, failure analysis and special investigations of multistory office buildings, soil testing on highways and interchanges, as well as both landside and airside aviation facilities.

ATSER maintains a state-of-the-art asphalt laboratory. The laboratory is equipped to perform chemical, physical, and simulative testing techniques. The Superpave™ equipment also permits binder characterization with the latest techniques. Our laboratories are AASHTO and A2LA certified with capabilities to conduct tests of asphalt and hot mix.

ATSER's has a comprehensive state-of-the-art soils laboratory and is AASHTO and A2LA certified to conduct tests in soils and aggregates. The laboratory can provide characterizations of subsurface soils and can determine soil physical and mechanical properties. There tests are performed by certified technicians under the supervision of professional engineers

The specialized services of ATSER offer the use of non-destructive pavement testing utilizing Dynaflect and Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD) as well as unique capabilities to perform test not yet considered to be an industry standard. This includes road surface profiles and condition survey documentation. Our concrete laboratory allows the determination of concrete strength in compression and flexure, air content and slump. The proper proportions of ingredients are routinely determined for concrete and bituminous mix designs.

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