Mixer Magic 2.0

Source: Concrete Producers Solutions Inc.
Fully biodegradable nonhazardous solution that provides a durable, protective coating and eliminates buildup on block and precast mixers and other equipment.
Mixer Magic 2.0 is a fully biodegradable, nonhazardous solution that has been specifically formulated to provide a durable, protective coating for all block and precast equipment.

Mixer Magic 2.0 is nonflammable and will provide a safe and very pleasant working environment for your employees. This product has a flashpoint exceeding 200oF and, therefore, is not classified as a hazardous material and does not require submitting special EPA reports, as is the case for many diesel and mineral spirit form oils. Mixer Magic 2.0 will minimize/eliminate problems associated with concrete adhering to batch or continuous mixers, drums, blades, shafts, mold boxes, skip hoists, pallets, hoppers and conveyors. Mixer Magic 2.0 has been formulated to adhere to all metal surfaces for at least 24 hours and to provide a continuous protective shield against rusting.

This product is nontoxic, noncorrosive, has no irritating fumes and will not stain your finished product. Mixer Magic 2.0 does not contain benzene or any of the other toxic ingredients which have been reported by the National Cancer Institute to be linked to myeloid leukemia (NOTE: Diesel-based mixer coating agents contain benzene and other cancer-linked toxic chemicals in amounts up to 40%).

When applying Mixer Magic 2.0 for the first time the equipment to be protected should be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry as much as possible. Mixer Magic 2.0 should be applied every four hours during the first day of operation and daily thereafter using a sprayer equipped with a medium to coarse nozzle that has been periodically cleaned. Do not use spray equipment having a nozzle orifice of 0.011", or less, in combination with a pump pressure of 200 psi, or greater (see Special Precautions - Section VII of MSDS). This product does not irritate the skin and, therefore, can also be applied using rags or brushes. One quart of Mixer Magic will be sufficient to adequately coat an average size cement mixer in most cases.

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