Municipal Water Supply Cleaning

Source: Winter Water Consultants, Inc.
Municipal Water Supply Cleaning
When we move in to clean a system, we do the job right
When we move in to clean a system, we do the job right. You never realize just how dirty a water supply is until you watch us cleaning it. At the left you can see the beginning, middle, and end of our cleaning process. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, and we have not doctored these pictures. That water is black. Take note of the volume being supplied in the last frame (located the bottom of the page) compared to the first.

We have re-newed lines as much as 90% restricted. No other company can say that, primarily due to their using an old, less reliable method of shooting "pigs" through the lines to clean them. While this may be effective for newer, less problematic lines, it does not take the lines down to bare metal as ours do, and will have to be repeated more often. There has even been a system in which we blasted several "pigs" out of lines where they had gotten stuck. Left by previous companies, these exponentiated the city's original problems, increasing their need for action.
Many lines placed in the first half of the twentieth century (or earlier) were cast iron. Lines made of this material naturally react to water and oxygen, often giving tap water a "rusty" appearance. Only our patented method can remove this buildup, giving you the highest quality possible in less time than any of our competitors.

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