News | May 17, 2011

New EBAA IRON Mega-Stop Bell Protection Device Simplifies PVC Pipe Installation And Inspection

Source: EBAA Iron Sales, Inc.

Eastland, TX - EBAA IRON now offers a purposefully designed product solution that addresses a long standing problem with PVC pipe installation – e.g.: How to assemble PVC pipe without fear of over-belling? The new EBAA IRON Series 5000 Mega-Stop™ bell protection device, completely remedies this concern.

To assure proper assembly of each joint, PVC pipe manufacturers place a "reference mark" or "insertion line" on the spigot end of the pipe. During assembly, this line should line up even with the end of the bell. Proper positioning of this line allows the pipe to expand and contract in response to soil movement, changes in temperature and allows bell joint flexibility. The concern, is how to maintain proper positioning of the reference mark on each spigot when installing pipe and how to do it in a quick and simple manner. Over-insertion of the spigot into the bell (pushing the spigot past the insertion line) can dramatically compromise the structural integrity of the bell – and thus, the short and long term integrity of the pipeline.

According to the co-authors of a 2005 ASCE paper entitled: Longitudinal Mechanics of Buried Thermoplastic Pipe: Analysis of PVC Pipes of Various Joint Types:

The Mega-Stop bell protection device, in conjunction with the use of its innovative Expansion Retention Spring (ERS), easily installs on the spigot end of the pipe before the pipe is put in the trench. When properly assembled at the reference line, the Mega-Stop enables the pipe joint to maintain its ability to expand, contract and deflect as the pipe manufacturer intended.

One of the primary issues that complicates proper assembly of each pipe joint is the peak force required to assemble a pipe joint. This may cause previously assembled joints to over-insert, complicating the efforts of the installer to maintain proper spigot positioning of each joint.

With the safeguard of Mega-Stop at each joint:

  • The Installer can quickly install the pipe and be assured that each joint is properly inserted.
  • The Inspector can easily verify proper insertion depth before the pipe is backfilled.
  • The Owner can be confident that the pipe will last and perform as intended.

Another ideal application for using the Mega-Stop bell protection device is pushing PVC pipe through a casing. This type of installation can easily cause over-belling. But with the use of the Mega-Stop, this task can now be easily accomplished without fear of imparting excessive bell stress at each of the joints. Mega-Stop, in this application, can safely allow a push force of up to10,000lbf to move the pipe through the casing.

The EBAA 5000 series Mega-Stop product is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and is available in the 4-inch through 12-inch sizes.

For further information on the "new" EBAA 5000 series Mega-Stop bell protection device or the multitude of other piping accessory products as manufactured by EBAA IRON, please contact your local EBAA Sales Representative.

About EBAA IRON, Inc.
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SOURCE: EBAA Iron Sales, Inc.