Packaged Pretreatment System

Source: Big Dipper•Thermaco, Inc.
Packaged Pretreatment System
The packaged pretreatment system is designed to meet wastewater discharge limits and solid waste disposal requirements
Big Dipper•Thermaco, Inc.ckaged pretreatment system is designed to meet wastewater discharge limits, solid waste disposal requirements and reduce risk of exposure to escalating disposal costs. Floating and heavy solids are removed by the standard manual strainer or by the optional automatic liquids/solids separator. Both provide dewatered coarse solids suitable for landfill disposal.

The heart of the system is the automatic grease and oils separator. There are two systems available for this unit: the internal strainer, which is the standard manual strainer, and the automatic solids transfer (AST). The internal solids strainer basket collects food solids and other debris from the drain water. The ATS system removes solids automatically, through an internal timer that activates a solids transfer pump, trapping and macerating solids, and then discharges the waste to an outlet. The oil/grease removed is purportedly water free.

This unit uses low shear design diaphragm pumps to transport the grease, oils, and solids from the remote separator, without emulsification of the grease and oils.

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