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Getting in the car, finding a parking spot and standing in line are just a few of the reasons your constituents love PermitPartner
Getting in the car, finding a parking spot and standing in line are just a few of the reasons your constituents love PermitPartner (TM). They 'll never have to do those irritating things again!

This award-winning online permitting system allows homeowners, contractors and utility companies to complete and submit permit applications, pay for permits, schedule inspections and receive their permits over the Internet. PermitPartner (TM) is a powerful, database-driven system that presents to the public five easy steps to obtain online building and public works permits.

Step 1 Enter Applicant and Project Address
Step 2 Supply Permit Information
Step 3 Schedule the First Permit Inspection
Step 4 Permit Summary (including total fees due)
Step 5 Certify Contractor Information and Pay for the Permit

Permit Partner (TM) can integrate with current permit tracking systems and utilize existing data to verify addresses, calculate permit fees and display inspection schedules. It thus automates existing processes and allows municipal websites to apply e-Commerce capabilities. The end result is that the public applies for a permit, pays for it, and schedules inspections over the Internet all at their own convenience. The entire process coordinates with the building or public works department data systems, assuring all information is up to date.

The bottleneck created by high-volume applicants vanishes quickly once PermitPartner (TM) is installed. Credit or debit card payments are made through a secure Internet connection. Third-party software provides secure encryption capabilities to process payments in real-time, verify the validity of a credit or debit card and deposit the payment.

A primary distinction of PermitPartner (TM) is its "shopping-cart" capability, which significantly reduces the amount of time it takes repeat and mass-volume applicants to obtain permits. This feature allows users to apply for multiple permits for one or more locations during one session on their city's website. Mass-volume users save tremendous time by quickly and efficiently applying for up to 20 permits in one sitting. No retyping. No re-entering the system in between payments. No hassles.

Users are offered the option of becoming PermitPartner (TM) "members," which further streamlines the process. Once they are members they do not have to enter contact information repeatedly, and they receive code compliance and permitting updates from the municipality. In addition, users are referred to the "Building Guidelines Library" for detailed information on the permits available online.

For basic building and public works permits (not requiring plan checks), PermitPartner (TM) is an exceptional program that saves applicants and staff enormous amounts of time. This frees up staff to focus more attention on service instead of piles of paper and lines of people. Following are just some of the building and public works permits that can be processed by PermitPartner (TM)

  • Masonry fireplace repairs
  • Residential sewer line replacement
  • Residential electrical repairs/upgrades
  • Residential water line re-piping
  • Re-roofs
  • Water service online replacements
  • Furnace/wall heater replacement
  • Tub/shower enclosure remodels
  • Excavation
  • Encroachment
  • Transportation
  • Water heater installation
  • Driveway culvert installation
  • Driveway cut in sidewalk
  • Trail
Leaders in the e-Government world have noticed the power of Permit Partner (TM) software. Among the accolades this unique program has received are:
  • "Exhibitor Best Solution" - Government Technology Conference, 2000
  • "State and Local 50" -, 2000
  • "Outstanding Public Technology Program" - American Society of Public Administrators, 1999
  • "Technology Achievement Award" - Public Technology, Inc., 1999
The software was developed in a Silicon Valley partnership with the City of Sunnyvale, City of Mountain View, Microsoft ® Corporation, and Joint Venture: Silicon Valley. The City of Sunnyvale has been using Permit Partner (TM) since 1999, and the City of Mountain View implemented the system in 2001.

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