Pile Installation Recorder

Source: Pile Dynamics, Inc.

Pile Installation Recorder
The PIR-D accurately determines blow count (set per blow) versus pile penetration
The PIR-D accurately determines blow count (set per blow) versus pile penetration. The equipment consists of a main unit installed in the crane cabin, a depth measurement device and a blow detection module. The blow detection module consists of either a sound recognition device (for all diesel hammers) or of proximity switches (for air/steam or hydraulic hammers). An Angle Analyzer may be installed as an accessory to assure installation at the inclination of design.

For closed end diesel hammers, a popular accessory is a pressure transducer to measure bounce chamber pressure. The main unit display shows important results for each blow. It automatically performs all the duties of a pile inspector: the need for marking the piles and counting blows is eliminated. The PIR-D accepts driving criteria as an input, and automatically checks if it is being met. The equipment is totally operated through the touch screen display of the main unit. An installation log is printed by a small field printer installed in the crane cabin. The main unit stores installation data in a removable PCMCIA memory card.

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