News | March 14, 2019

PNI Sensor Gives Parking Operators Greater Visibility Over Parking Space Inventory


PNI Sensor, the world’s foremost expert in precision location, motion tracking, and fusion of sensor systems into real-world applications, today announced a new addition to the PlacePod high-accuracy smart parking sensor family: the PlacePod Vehicle Counting (VC) sensor. PlacePod VC is a wireless, in-ground sensor that provides real-time vehicle counts for parking garages and surface lots in cities, corporate and university campuses, transportation hubs, and event facilities.

PlacePod VC counts vehicles passing through driveways and designated entrances and exits, and the sensors offer greater accuracy than traditional loop counters and infrared sensors. Real-time vehicle count information can be shared with parking guidance systems and variable message signage to improve the accuracy of parking space occupancy information and guide drivers to available spaces. PlacePod VC can also be used in combination with PlacePod Vehicle Detection sensors to manage occupancy for individual spaces, such as parking designated for people with disabilities and spaces with EV charging stations.

“Whether parking is free or paid, operators need the best technology available to provide accurate, timely occupancy information so they can make informed, data-driven decisions about parking management,” said Robin Stoecker, Director of Marketing at PNI Sensor. “PlacePod Vehicle Counting sensors are ideal for parking operators who need to gain greater visibility and control over their parking facilities and make it easier for drivers to park.”

PlacePod VC Availability
PlacePod VC uses Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology to communicate real-time vehicle count data. PlacePod VC sensors are available in North America and Europe and support the following LoRaWAN™ frequencies: US 915 MHz, EU 868 MHz. To learn more, download the PlacePod VC User Manual.

About PNI Sensor
With over 30 years of experience, PNI is the world’s foremost expert in precision location, motion tracking, and fusion of sensor systems into real-world applications. PNI’s sensors and algorithms serve as the cornerstone of successful IoT projects and other mission-critical applications where pinpoint location, accuracy, and low power consumption are essential. Building on decades of patented sensor and algorithm development, PNI offers the industry’s highest-performance geomagnetic sensor in its class, location and motion coprocessors, high-performance modules, sensor fusion algorithms, and complete sensor systems. To learn more, please visit

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