Porta-Seeder Model PS200 A

Source: Klusmeier Inc.
Porta-Seeder Model PS200 A
The Porta-Seeder Model PS200 A can be used as an addition to expand an existing business
The Porta-Seeder Model PS200 A can be used as an addition to expand an existing business, or as a way to enter a new business. The Porta-Seeder truly is a multi-purpose machine: It can keep busy all year long performing a variety of tasks and, in the process, produce a very healthy ROI (Return On Investment).

Hydro-Seeding: That is its primary design mission, as outlined in THE PORTA-SEEDER STORY. The heart of the machine, a pump with specially designed stainless steel components, allows it to pump the "seed slurry" (water, seeds, FERTILIZER,VIRGIN WOOD FIBER).

Spraying: Some customers have renamed the machine the PORTA-SPRAYER because they found it very effective in the following applications:

  • Fire fighting
  • Liquid fertilizing
  • Spraying insecticides
  • Dust Control
  • Pressure Washing
  • Watering

The Porta-Seeder Model PS200 A Porta-Seeder is:

  • Multi-functional: Outlined above.
  • Self contained: Come complete with 100 ft. hose, shut-off nozzle with tip; triple-function pumping system which both agitates and pumps the seed slurry (no seed damage) and can be switched to draft water out of tanks, ponds, or streams; Integral 150 or 300 gal. Main tank and 15 gal. auxiliary tank; 5 hp engine; fits in a compact pickup truck and a 300 gallon fits into a full size pickup.
  • Corrosion Free: Only high-strength plastics and stainless steel components are used.
  • Safe: No belts, chain drives, levers, gears, paddles.
  • 2-year warranty

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