Source: PinerWorks Product 3D
The GoBagger was originally invented for and targeted to the basic task of sandbagging
"The GoBagger was originally invented for and targeted to the basic task of sandbagging -- the emergency response actions of flood-fighting --and shines when compared to other methods and devices. It is especially beneficial over traditional 2 person shovel and hold techniques since it is independently proven to give about a FIVE FOLD production increase, with less effort and no hazards to that person who's left "holding the bag". The GoBagger more than DOUBLES production over products like stands or hoppers or methods such as inverted cones in stands that hold the bag open while you shovel, as it affords fewer steps with greater efficiency of motion and effort. A distinct advantage is that shovels can be eliminated, allowing fewer mishaps and injuries, especially in adrenaline-pumping emergencies when you can least afford them. Unlike the stands and hoppers, the GoBagger also offers ABSOLUTE VERSATILITY to fill material and condition, bag sizes and types, can be used off of soft, uneven ground OR hard pavement, and there's no possibility of wasted time from the bag or stand tipping over from the wind or getting knocked over by a shovel.

The machines available are a great resource -- if you can afford them. A case of a dozen GoBagger units retails for less than 1/30 the cost of a $20,000 machine, and is a great complement or alternative to the machines as it can be deployed ANYWHERE INSTANTLY, with fewer hazards and with no tractor, loader, electric power or fuel necessary. Independent testing shows that 12 average users with GoBaggers can produce over 2,400 bags per hour, FAIL SAFE -- anytime, anyplace, under any conditions -- a rate that's steady and sustainable over many hours of activity, including rest periods. Trained and conditioned crews report higher production figures, up to 300 bags per hour per person, or 3600 bags per hour for a crew of twelve. Even with the cost of labor factored in, the GoBagger is so efficient that it competes favorably with machines in hourly costs if you include amortized expenses of equipment, fuel, leasing interest costs, insurance and maintenance. Combined with a machine, the use of the GoBagger takes advantage of ALL AVAILABLE PERSONNEL to greatly boost production when you need it by an average of 200 to 250 bags per hour, per person using a GoBagger! A pallet of 150 GoBaggers put to work would yield about 36,000 BAGS PER HOUR at a cost of less than 1/3 that of a single machine... Now if you need it, THAT'S production!"

"Current customers and users of the GoBagger include: Municipal and County Public Works Agencies, Levee Districts, Reclamation Districts, Flood Control and Channel Maintenance Districts, General Engineering and Erosion Control Contractors, Fire Departments, Conservation Groups and the Calif. Dept. of Water Resources Maintenance Department, to name a few. All it takes is a simple demonstration to convince anyone of just how well the GoBagger works. GoBagger users agree: The GoBagger is a SMART PRODUCT and a SMART INVESTMENT for getting ANY bagging project done at LOW COST with MINIMAL EFFORT. GoBagger™ users gladly give testimony as to the PORTABILITY, SIMPLICITY and COST EFFECTIVENESS of the product over any other device they've considered. Units can be kept in the back of a truck full of bags as insurance for instant emergency response. Can you afford to NOT have the GoBagger on hand for your crews when you need it?"

"Visit our website for more information on the product and its many benefits to your organization, or call us toll-free at 877-GOBAGIT. We can send out an informative 12 minute video and more product literature and pricing information. The GoBagger is sold through a growing network of distributors, or direct from manufacturer by arrangement."