SAW 10C and SAW 10A Portable Wheel Load Weighters

Source: PAT America, Inc.
SAW 10C and SAW 10A Portable Wheel Load Weighters
SAW 10C and SAW 10A Portable Wheel Load Weighters offer a low profile
  • Digital Readout
  • Fully Electronic
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • NTEP Approved


  • NTEP evaluated and approved. Complies with latest requirements of NTEP handbook 44.
  • Reliable weighing for Federal, State,
  • Provincial and industrial/commercial applications.
  • Low profile provides easy vehicle access maximizing productivity.
  • Entire unit - weighpad, electronics and handle - can be run over without damage by a normal truck tire.
  • Hermetically sealed strain gauges provide consistent accuracy.
  • Corrosion resistant weighpad easily handles dual tires.
  • Protected against radio interference.
  • Electronic digital readout easily seen from a standing position insures error free weights.
  • Powered by long life rechargeable batteries.
  • Automatic zero control.
  • Capability for total axle load to be read on either side of vehicle (optional use).

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