Single-Point Closure Units

Source: Brico Industries Inc.
Single-Point Closure Units
Depend-O-Lok ExE couplings are bolted, split-sleeve, single-point closure units
Brico Industries Inc.-O-Lok ExE couplings are bolted, split-sleeve, single-point closure units that meet or exceed the design, materials, manufacture, and performance requirements set forth in AWWA C-219. They are specifically designed to allow for angular deflection at the pipe joint and vibration reduction while maintaining the full integrity of the coupling seal. Features include:
  • Closure Plates—simplify installation, and enable the coupling to seal with fewer bolts, and to pull pipes into alignment.
  • Low Profile—permits the coupling to pass through restricted openings, and for assembly in close quarters.
  • Gaskets—are simple "O" rings.
  • Sealing Pad—ensures leak-proof seal on joints, even when pipe end diameters vary significantly.
  • Bolts and Nuts—are sized to provide yield strength greater than the cross section of the coupling body, and have NC threads, flat washers, and heavy hex nuts. Optional stainless steel, or hot dipped galvanized bolts are available.
  • Sleeve (body)—designed for high and low pressure usage, maximum pipe protection, and installation on out of round pipe. The "double arch" shape of the sleeve provides high section modulus and strengthens the pipe joint. Design enables installation without the need for jacks, or wedges.

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