Source: Boss Snowplow
The 11-ft 3-in. BOSS PLOW is capable of both snow removal and earthwork applications

The 11-ft, 3-in. Boss Plow is capable of both snow removal and earthwork applications. It features a multi-position blade, including a vee position, scoop position and a one-way position; a rugged box section blade design with double acting hydraulic cylinders and accumulators; a heavy-duty bolt-on hitch that reveals high over the road clearance; and adjustable skid shoes. With approximately 15 in. of downward travel, this unit can be used for snow removal, light bulldozing, grading, and leveling.

Boss Products, PO Box 788, Iron Mountain, MI 49801; phone: 906-774-8000; fax: 906-779-4218

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