Spray-Applied Lining Brochure

Source: Futura Coatings, Inc.
Spray-Applied Lining Brochure
Futura Coatings announces the development of a new brochure on their GEOTHANE spray-applied linings

Futura Coatings announces a new brochure on their GEOTHANE spray-applied linings for primary and secondary containment vessels. The brochure has been updated wuth new information and application prices.

The system is available in both polyurethane and polyurea versions. This Reaction Spray Elastomeric (RSE) lining system can be applied directly over geotextile, concrete, wood, steel or earth.

The product is a two-component, fast set, 100% solid, hydrocarbon-modified elastomer. Once applied, it is said to form a tough, highly elastic membrane that resists water and chemical intrusion. Since this is a fast set system, contractors can complete a job faster. As a result, a facility has less down time during the application and will save on labor costs.

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