News | May 28, 2019

Superior Recreational Products Renovates Historic Dennis The Menace Park

Carrollton, GA (PRWEB) - The city of Midland, Texas hosted the grand opening of the newly renovated Dennis the Menace Park on May 2. This historical park was first established in 1959. In partnership with Playgrounds, Etc., Superior Recreational Products updated the park with four themed playgrounds that reflect the history of this park.

The Dennis the Menace comic inspired themes for the playgrounds including a baseball, western, tree house, and airplane themes. The community was excited to bring the park’s playgrounds up to modern standards and refresh its look while honoring its many beloved memories.

“Dennis the Menace Park is very important to this community,” Assistant Community Service Director Laurie Williams said. “Many kids in west Texas, not just Midland, but all over the Permian Basin grew up playing in this park. It has a lot of memories for a lot of people.”

Because of this, it was important to mix some of the old with the new in order to keep the nostalgia of the original culture alive. A few of the historic structures were preserved for display throughout the park in order to keep some of that heritage and culture.

“Almost everybody here has some story about playing here, bringing their kids here, so to revitalize this old park adds a tremendous amount of value to the community,” Western Distribution Manager for Superior Recreational Products Josh Thayer said.

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