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White Paper: The ROI Of GPS For Mobile Field Workers

Source: Motorola

The Challenge: Managing Mobile Field Workers
Today's field service workers are everywhere. They can be found working out of their vehicles throughout our cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Whether the field employee is a driver doing pick-up and delivery, a repair tech who is handling a long list of service calls, or even a home health care worker dealing with housebound patients throughout the day, their interactions with customers can have far-reaching consequences. They act as a key customer-facing representative for a number of North American industries, including Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, Home Health Care, Transportation and Logistics, Public Safety, and HVAC.

While the individual field worker's tasks may vary, the market pressures on this sector as a whole provide equal opportunity torment. Service-related costs are increasing. Customers are ratcheting up their demands for quick response and stellar results. Competition comes from all directions. Skilled field service technicians are retiring. Government compliance requirements are intensifying.

In this challenging environment, your company still has to meet it SLA commitments, optimize Time-to-First-Fix, satisfy federal regulations, and reduce costs. And many companies expect to accomplish all of this while essentially working blindfolded.