Transporter Crawler

Source: Ratech Electronics Ltd.
Transporter Crawler
The Ratech model RCT-310 Remote Camera Transporter is a self-propelled camera transporter
The Ratech model RCT-310 Remote Camera Transporter is a self-propelled camera transporter. When used with any color or black & white sewer inspection camera, it is capable of inspecting mainline sewers and pipes from 8" (200mm) to 15" (380mm) in diameter from a single entry point. Gone are the days when an inspection had to be aborted due to blockages, dead ends, single hole entry or excessive traffic areas presented set-up and safety problems. The self-propelled crawler allows single hole entry to reach dead end lines and blockages where winch pulled camera's can not reach. Manhole to manhole inspections are completed in less time by eliminating half of the set-up time required for pull-through systems and eliminating winch set-up not to mention speed. The transporter's dual tracks can quickly be widened to adapt to various pipes sizes and with the powerful motor and angled tank-like trends to provide full traction on the curved pipe sides, it will overcome most obstacles and make easy work of most lines.

The RCT-310 will accept any 3" (75mm) diameter camera and comes complete with spacer bars from 8" (200mm) to 15" (380mm) pipe diameters and a studio desk mount Remote Control Unit. The power and controls to operate the transporter are supplied through the existing multi-conductor TV cable already in the vehicle. Two (2) conductors are required a minimum of a least #18 Awg. in size, as well as two (2) additional slip rings on the cable reel. Installation requires reworking the existing splice chamber and adding either a 2-pin or 4-pin female transporter cable and a new 5-pin or 6-pin female camera connector depending on the system. The unit is adaptable to most systems currently on the market.

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