Company Profile | January 1, 1996

U.S. Filter Link-Belt Storefront

process systems, sludge drying, composting systems, wet scrubbers, dewatering, corrosion control As the leading provider of water and wastewater treatment systems and services, USFilter provides the one-stop shop for all your water needs. Whether you require bottled water, a home filtration system, a municipal drinking water, process water or wastewater treatment plant or replacement parts, USFilter provides single-source solutions.

We purify water for residential, municipal and industrial use, and we clean up the wastewater generated from municipal and industrial processes and recycle it for reuse. We can even recover precious metals from the wastewater and treat your hazardous wastes at our centralized treatment and recovery facilities.

We have the technologies, the engineering and design capabilities, and the experience to treat water for every industry, for every process, at every stage, all the way from the municipal or industrial plant to the final point of discharge.

USFilter invites you to consider our wide range of technologies, and to let us take care of your water.