Virtual Government Information System

Source: American Cadastre, Inc.
Virtual Government Information System
The Virtual Government Information System allows governments to "do more with less"
The Virtual Government Information System allows governments to "do more with less". The VGIS system achieves this goal because it provides self-service and automated common functions and inquiries that normally would be handled by government Staff or through manual methods. The VGIS concept saves time and money for the government and improves customer services by minimizing long lines and maximizing access.
VGIS provides the public access to information and make payments any time of the day or night using a touch tone phone, Internet, kiosk or wireless technologies-24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The public pays bills using debit or credit cards through a bank certified electronic commerce system. The real-time encrypted payment interface provides a secure connection to your financial systems for on-line updates.

A powerful, yet simple to use, graphical interface allows users to quickly utilize the system. Experienced employees can realize a significant increase in productivity. New employees can be easily trained. Public Access users can do more work in less time than with current systems.

VGIS Benefits

  • Access 7 X 24
  • Use Internet, Kiosk, Phone
  • Payment by credit or debit accounts
  • Notify by phone, fax, pager, e-mail
  • Improved Service

Information Line/Incident Tracking:
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • General Information
  • Internet, phone and kiosk access
  • Public Concerns Filing/Complaints
  • Fax Back Document Capability

Property Tax and Land Records Inquiry/Payment:
  • Search property information
  • Make Payments
  • Obtain On-Line Receipts
  • Fax Back Document Capability

Violation Payments:
  • Pay parking Tickets
  • Pay other violations
  • System reminds late payers
  • Credit or Debit card payments

Building Permits:
  • Permit Information
  • Submit an Inspection Request
  • View Results on-line
  • Credit or Debit card payments

Business License/Pet License Renewal:
  • Purchase and renew licenses on-line
  • Renewal notices thru faxback or phone call
  • Credit or Debit card payments

Library, Parks, Recreation and Volunteers:
  • Pay Fines
  • Register for Community Programs & Classes
  • Book Sports, Recreation, & Other Facilities
  • Credit or Debit card payments

Emergency Response/Notification:
  • Auto Notify of Emergencies, Incidents
  • Past Due Accounts
  • Computer/Power Failures
  • Phone, fax, e-mail, pager, voice mail
  • Credit or Debit card payments

VGIS is built on open systems, client server architecture. Customers access the system via the Internet, by phone or Kiosk. To improve your service and productivity contact AmCad.

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