Wastewater Program

Source: Lewis & Zimmerman Associates, Inc. (LZA)
Wastewater Program
The Wastewater Training Program is a computer-based interactive training program
Lewis & Zimmerman Associates, Inc. (LZA)astewater Training Program is a computer-based interactive training program. Designed to accommodate both the novice and the advanced wastewater treatment plant operator/supervisor, this program features a troubleshooting simulator that allows users to create a wastewater treatment plant and simulate "what-if" scenarios. The program provides coverage of the technologies, theory, disciplines, and processes needed to obtain and maintain state certification or advanced training in wastewater treatment plant operations.

It was developed to include design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment facilities using the latest multimedia technology. This system integrates simulations, text, graphics, and stereo sound into an interface. The following are the recommended hardware configurations needed to run this program:


•16 MB RAM

•CD-ROM Drive 4X

•30 MB available hard disk

•Sound card with speakers

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