Source: Concrete Producers Solutions Inc.

Concentrated accelerator and plasticizer for dry cast producers that will reduce cure time in kiln and reduce steam usage.
Wet-n-Dry is a highly concentrated accelerator and plasticizer that will allow dry cast concrete producers (blocks, bricks, pavers etc.) to reduce the cure time in the kiln in order to allow two shifts daily instead of one, or substantially reduce curing costs by reducing steam usage.

The use of Wet-n-Dry also will result in the finished product having more consistent surface appearance, less efflorescence and higher strength. Wet-n-Dry also will result in less wear on the mold box/division plate because of reduced friction and, in the case of colored products, reduce the pigment requirement.

Wet-n-Dry should be added during the final water phase of the mixing cycle. Do not add this product at an earlier stage, as this will lower its effectiveness.

To reduce the cycle time to 7 hours, which will allow a second shift during high-demand periods, Wet-n-Dry should be added at a rate of 15 ounces per 100 lbs (975 ml per 100 kg) of cementitious material and steam should be used to raise the temperature to 150oF. However, do not increase the temperature at a rate exceeding 20oF per hour, nor in excess of 155oF as this can result in microcracking of the cement/aggregate bond. Prior to removal of the finished product, the kiln must be thoroughly exhausted for a minimum of 30 minutes. Use of a fan during the exhaust phase is recommended.

To reduce kiln operating costs by 1.5 cents per block, or more, Wet-n-Dry should be added at a rate of 10 ounces per 100 lbs (650 ml per 100 kg) of cementitious material. For a cycle time greater than 16 hours, it is not necessary to utilize steam if the ambient temperature is 70oF or higher. If the ambient temperature is less than 70oF, then preheat the kiln to 70oF and then turn off the steam.

The preceding instructions are designed for a mix containing a cementitious content of 10% or greater. If the mix has less cementitious content or if you plan to use other additives, please phone us at the number shown below for consultation.

WARNING: Wear chemical type goggles for protection of eyes and impervious gloves and clothing to protect skin. Wash thoroughly after handling. Wet-n-Dry is potentially corrosive and should not be used for concrete products containing rebar. In all such cases we recommend only the use of Pipecure.

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