News | January 19, 2011

XP Software Announces FEMA Approval Of XPSWMM 2D And XPSTORM 2D

XP Software, a global leader in water modeling software, announced recently the official approval of XPSWMM 2D and XPSTORM 2D by the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for two-dimensional flood modeling and mapping for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This official approval further reinforces the suitability, accuracy and ease-of-use of these software programs for complex flooding analysis and mapping. The XPSWMM and XPSTORM programs have been FEMA approved for one-dimensional modeling since 2003.

Colby Manwaring, P.E., President of XP Software, says, “We are very pleased with FEMA’s approval of the use of XPSWMM 2D and XPSTORM 2D for flood mapping and Letters of Map Change (LOMCs). This confirms what many of our users already know: an integrated 1D/2D model that analyzes the whole of a drainage area (hydrology, hydraulics, channel flow, pipe flow, overland flow) is an excellent choice for accurate flood mapping. Thanks to FEMA for this recognition and to those users who supported this review and approval with real-world modeling success stories.”

Both XPSWMM 2D and XPSTORM 2D (often referred to as XP2D) allow Floodplain Managers and engineers to accurately model urban floodplains, open and closed channels, surface and sub-surface flows, braided river systems, levee breaches, dam breaks and more with a stable and tested 1D/2D model, fully-supported in a commercial software package. Its ability to model both hydrology (including local methods) and hydraulics in both the 1D and 2D layers and to communicate with GIS and CAD systems, as well as its advanced reporting features and visualization tools, will assist engineers in providing NFIP communities, federal and local agencies, and land owners and floodplain managers with accurate flood models and maps.

About XP Software
XP Software is one of the longest established water resource software organizations in the world. Since 1974, the software designed at XP has assisted over 4,000 municipal departments and private firms around the globe in their hydro-environmental modeling efforts.

XP Software’s growing team of engineers in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom interact with an international network of research and development groups to more effectively share skills, advance technology and foster an environment of innovation. This system of teamwork and collaboration with both business partners and customers has established a strong and reliable organization, evolved trailblazing technology and empowered our extensive list of customers with tools and support they need to MODEL WITH CONFIDENCE.

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