1. Datasheet: Leopold® Performance Filters by Xylem

    The Leopold® performance filter is a rapid gravity flow granular bed filter designed and engineered to achieve specific performance requirements of individual municipal and industrial water treatment plants.

  2. Does Size Matter For Public Works Directors? Is There A Leadership Difference Between A Large Organization And A Smaller One?

    A review of government organization statistics and the population they serve can give us some ideas on how Director of Public Works (DPW) leadership responsibilities vary.

  3. Using Technology And Best Business Practices To Make The Best Use Of Resources And Save Public Dollars

    Creating long-term efficiencies and sustainability is a huge focus of today’s government sector.  Every day the charge of Public Works’ leaders is to do more, with less. Further, technology, if used correctly, can be an effective tool for organizing work and cutting costs. 

  4. VLR® System For Biological Treatment Case Study

    Economic development has its price and sometimes calls for major upgrades to a community’s wastewater treatment facilities.

  5. MemPulse™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System Datasheet

    The MemPulse® membrane bioreactor (MBR) system from Evoqua is a unique wastewater treatment process that combines an activated sludge biological treatment process with an innovative membrane filtration system.

  6. Forty-X™ Disc Filter Datasheet

    The Forty-X™ Disc Filter is a high-rate filtration device that utilizes an innovative woven polyester pleated filter panel design. The pleated filter panel provides significantly more filtration area than any other woven media flat panel designs and includes a specified micron absolute media rating.

  7. Forty-X™ Disc Filter Brochure

    The Forty-X™ disc filter uses pleated, woven media in a unique inside-out configuration, which provides maximum disc filter performance, while easily rejecting troublesome inorganic material.

  8. BIOXIDE-AQ® Solution For Odor And Corrosion Control Datasheet

    BIOXIDE® solution is a unique, proven product because it achieves sewage odor control naturally, rather than chemically. This process eliminates the odor, prevents corrosion and overcomes safety concerns associated with atmospheric hydrogen sulfide.

  9. BioMag™ And CoMag™ Frequently Asked Questions

    General questions about magnetite, the fundamental element used in BioMag And CoMag to increase settling rates and reliability.

  10. The Captivator® System

    The Captivator System improves a conventional process by replacing primary clarification and separate sludge thickening with a VLR® Contact Tank and a Folded Flow® DAF applied to the liquid stream.  Organic matter is extracted from raw wastewater and sent directly to anaerobic digestion.  Since less BOD is sent to the biological aeration tanks, less energy is required by the process.  Waste activated sludge is circulated to the aerated VLR contact tank at the front end of the plant.  The Captivator System reduces capital investments otherwise required for primary clarification, separate sludge thickening, and normal aeration tank volume.