1. BioMag™ And CoMag™ Frequently Asked Questions

    General questions about magnetite, the fundamental element used in BioMag And CoMag to increase settling rates and reliability.

  2. The Captivator™ System

    The Captivator System improves a conventional process by replacing primary clarification and separate sludge thickening with a VLR® Contact Tank and a Folded Flow® DAF applied to the liquid stream.  Organic matter is extracted from raw wastewater and sent directly to anaerobic digestion.  Since less BOD is sent to the biological aeration tanks, less energy is required by the process.  Waste activated sludge is circulated to the aerated VLR contact tank at the front end of the plant.  The Captivator System reduces capital investments otherwise required for primary clarification, separate sludge thickening, and normal aeration tank volume.

  3. SCU Trace Metal Removal Media Datasheet

    SCU™ specialty media is a proprietary adsorbent which is similar in appearance to granular activated carbon or anthracite but with a higher density and particle hardness. It removes trace levels of various heavy metals from complex waters to levels not possible with standard ion exchange resins.

  4. Fike Casing Cementing Tool: A Simple Solution

    The ideal pump-and-plug scenario at a new oil well is a single-stage cementing job performed through the bottom of the casing, with the cement circulating to the top of the target area in the annular space. A uniform layer of cementing is created to support and provide a seal around the surface casing. As a result, drilling can resume.

  5. MEMCOR® CP II Ultrafiltration System Brochure

    The MEMCOR CP II System, a pressurized, pre-engineered membrane system with a modular building-block configuration and ultra-compact footprint, utilizes enhanced PVDF UF membrane technology, and features design enhancements that reduce installation costs and simplify operations. 

  6. MEMCOR® CP II Ultrafiltration System

    Next generation in UF systems delivering effective & efficient performance.

  7. Upgrade and Retrofit Solutions

    When demand increases, regulations change, and components reach their useful life, Evoqua responds.

  8. Installed Base Management & Entitlements

    In service, visibility is priceless. Nothing has the potential to frustrate and disappoint your customer more than a service technician or call center agent who knows nothing about the issue or challenge the customer is facing, and the history behind it.

  9. Work Order Management & Advanced Scheduling

    Lost carbon copies, illegible handwriting and unclear expectations of the service to be performed can cause huge headaches for you and your customers. Ensure that you dispatch technicians effectively, fulfill Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments and keep your customers loyal and delighted.

  10. Workforce Optimization

    Talented and informed dispatchers work wonders with the daily schedule – mentally balancing technician locations, skill sets, expertise, priority customers, and emergency situations with ease. But what happens when there are hundreds of techs to manage, or thousands? As complexity rises, humans need a bit of assistance.

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