• EZ Form Bumpers No longer will you have to go through the labor intensive steps of prepping, pouring, stripping and painting the bumper or bump
  • Graffiti Emulsifier
    Graffiti Emulsifier TAGSTER is an emulsifier that encapsulates the problem area
  • Porta-Seeder Model PS100
    Porta-Seeder Model PS100 Featuring a hose, nozzles, shut off valve and all equipment, the Porta-Seeder is a portable small spray machine
  • Outfall Management
    Outfall Management Asist Outfall Workstation makes it easy to get the information you need and provides powerful tools that help you organize and share your database so you and your team will make better decisions and your compliance program will run more efficiently
  • Brake Inspector Brake Inspector is a state of the art,simple and highly effective electronic brake stroke travel indicator gauge
    HYDROVAP HYDROVAP is a self contained unit designed to continuously clean hydraulic oil in large stationary equipment or to recycle contaminated hydraulic oil. It is available in both stationary and mobile models.
  • 1900 Combo
    1900 Combo The Model 1900 Combo is a versatile unit of the 1900 Series of powerful, productive, yet compact cold milling machines for removing road pavements down to 12 inches in a single pass. RAP is loaded to the front...
  • Pavement Design Software AASHTOWare DARWin 3.01 provides pavement design and analysis assistance
  • OmniTRACS Mobile Communications System
    OmniTRACS Mobile Communications System For more than a decade, the OmniTRACS system has provided two-way data communication, automatic vehicle positioning
  • MAP<I>director</I> for ArcView- Mapping/ GIS Software
    MAPdirector for ArcView- Mapping/ GIS Software MAPdirector for ArcView is an application that enhances your ability to use ESRI’s ArcView with CartéGraph’s asset management applications
  • Sweeper
    Sweeper The long-wearing 26-in. diameter main broom on the HBB Direct Hydraulic Drive Pick-up Sweeper comes with a choice of bristle material, including polypropylene, wire or poly/wire combination
  • 580 coupling
    580 coupling The 580 coupling is a non-air coupling
  • Retractable Insertion Flowmeter
    Retractable Insertion Flowmeter Measuring hot water, chilled water and condensate flows, the Hydro-Flow Model 3100 retractable insertion flowmeter incorporates a hot, tappable, retractable sensor
  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Designed to provide the features and performance of a four-wire transmitter, the 505-4200 series two-wire Universal Sonic level transmitter has a measuring range of 30 ft
  • Water Intake Screen
    Water Intake Screen The Johnson passive intake screen now offers users several new benefits, reducing overall costs for any given
  • Onboard Truck Air Scale For use in air or hydraulic suspension, the Air Scale system provides readings for cabs/tractors and trailers
  • Solids Separation Systems
    Solids Separation Systems Offering minimal moving parts, the Flo-Screen’s stainless steel self-cleaning bar screen uses a patented angled bar design
  • Automated Caster Carts
    Automated Caster Carts Automated Caster Carts can be dumped manually or with a variety of Lifters.
  • Mega-Shore Systems
    Mega-Shore Systems Speed Shore's Mega-Shore offers powerful strength, high clearance, and flexibility for customers that require maximum depth capacity in excavations with large diameter pipe applications.
  • Portable Activity/Toxicity Meter
    Portable Activity/Toxicity Meter The new portable EZ-BOD Meter from Bioscience, Inc. can be programmed to evaluate biomass activity...
  • RecycleDesign
    RecycleDesign With a clear mission six years ago, U.S. Plastic Lumber, in partnership with the design team of Fahnstrom/White, launched their "Responsible Products In The Environment" campaign
  • Dump / Spreader
    Dump / Spreader The heavy duty construction of the 12 M Dump/Spreader includes a steel bolted floor reinforced by a honeycomb type structure, replaceable conveyor apron,
  • Membrane Filter Medium Coliscan-MF is for use with membrane filters and allows the use of larger samples
  • Mosquito Killing System
    Mosquito Killing System This mosquito killing system controls mosquito populations
  • Tifdwarf Tifdwarf is a hybrid bermudagrass cross of Cynodon transvaalensis X Cynodon dactylon.
  • Residential Lifter
    Residential Lifter The HighLift dumper by Toter helps improve the efficiency of collection by dumping high and deep into the hopper for
  • High-modulus Woven Polyester Stabilenka takes long term, high tensile forces at low
  • Wide KufLink
    Wide KufLink The Wide KufLink product is manufactured using the same high quality virgin high-density polyethylene used on our standard KufLink inserts and available in the same standard 8 colors
  • T3/E3 Fiber Optic Modem The LT3580 T3/E3 Fiber Optic Modem provides a point to point high speed data link between two DS-3 conforming devices
  • Ceramic Filter Elements
    Ceramic Filter Elements Featuring tightly controlled porosity and pore sizes, the monolithic ceramic filter elements can be used in water and air filtration
  • Industrial Sensors
    Industrial Sensors The company’s line of industrial sensors has been designed for solving measurements in pH, ORP and specific-ion applications
  • Gas Diffuser Brochure
    Gas Diffuser Brochure This new full color, eight-page brochure gives an overview of the manufacturer’s complete line of gas diffusers
  • Wastewater Treatment Trailer
    Wastewater Treatment Trailer The self-contained oily wastewater treatment trailer utilizes proprietary media and can process 200 GPM of up to 1,000-PPM T.P.H., and other organics as well as filtering particulates
  • Rechlorination System
    Rechlorination System U.S. Filter/Stranco's rechlorination stations allow chlorine levels to be boosted at regular intervals throughout a distribution system.
  • Sod Rolls
    Sod Rolls The company’s Big Roll Sod is two 21-in. wide strips of sod up to 115 ft in length, up to 405 ft²
  • Multi-Line Chassis Lubrication System
    Multi-Line Chassis Lubrication System The AC pump is electronically powered from the vehicle ignition system, delivering metered quantities of lubricant
  • Temperature Sensor/Switch
    Temperature Sensor/Switch The new Type 8400 sensor/switch measures fluid temperatures from –40°F to +257°F and features a
  • Blueprint Reading for HVAC The only blueprint book specifically for HVAC, this all-in-one text covers the gamut of blueprint reading, freehand sketching, and drafting for intermediate students
  • CRFR Protective Wear
    CRFR Protective Wear CRFR protective wear is a disposable, chemical resistant, flame-retardant product that meets NFPA 701, 1989 and 1996 specifications
  • Comet Flash Standard - rectangle - Remote Head only w/15’ cable
    Comet Flash Standard - rectangle - Remote Head only w/15’ cable Ordering Code VP29HD
    Whelen's standard, comet flash, strobe beacon features remote power and a 15 foot cable
  • Transmission Flusher
    Transmission Flusher With its simple adapters, this machine is easier and faster to hook up than flushers that tee in at the cooler lines
  • Pressure Sensor
    Pressure Sensor The series 48 pressure sensor isolates and protects instrumentation and features a full-port opening that does
  • Fusion-Crete I Liquid  (Concrete-Adhesive/Enhancer)
    Fusion-Crete I Liquid (Concrete-Adhesive/Enhancer) I LIQUID is an acrylic/copolymer concrete-adhesive/enhancer, which is packaged in 5-gal. plastic
  • Pak Rak-Mini Rak
    Pak Rak-Mini Rak The PAK RAK is a portable filing system for print storage
  • Duct Analysis Program
    Duct Analysis Program Duct Design is a user friendly program for the analysis of duct systems transporting air or gas
    UNI-ANCHORLOCK The unique anchor-interlocking shape of UNI-Anchorlock offers superior resistance to tipping and twisting under heavy industrial loads and is specially designed for rapid mechanized installation of large-scale projects such as ports, airports, and depots.
  • U-Lok II
    U-Lok II Lock Bar slides over bicycle frame at the downtube (common to all bikes)
  • Universal Collection Carts
    Universal Collection Carts These co-collection carts have double-wall rotationally molded lids and
  • Pressure Sensors
    Pressure Sensors KPSI introduced a new series of small, industrial all-media pressure sensors
  • Indoor Air Quality
    Indoor Air Quality Today’s energy-efficient, tight building designs can create an environment where undesirable contaminant gases or particles linger and build up within a structure
  • Digital Orthophotos
    Digital Orthophotos Digital ortho-rectified photographic images are a valuable information resource for engineering and planning applications.
  • Multi-Pin Waterproof Connector Systems
    Multi-Pin Waterproof Connector Systems The company introduces its electrical multi-pin waterproof connector systems
    T-HANDLE CYLINDERS Provides maximum resistance to pulling with over 4,000 lbs. of pull strength
  • Manhole Cleaning
    Manhole Cleaning The model TGV-1000 TIGER-VAC is a system for cleaning debris from sanitary and storm sewer manholes and safely
  • 25 Yard Roll-Off Container Filter
    25 Yard Roll-Off Container Filter Front floor sections fold up for easy cleaning
  • Oil Skimmer
    Oil Skimmer Featuring built-in design components, the Model 82 belt oil skimmer has a continuous belt and wiper
  • Tank - Platform Scales
    Tank - Platform Scales Model 4010™ Electronic (digital) TANK - PLATFORM Scale designed specifically for permanently mounted drum or tank...
  • Grounding Rings
    Grounding Rings The company introduced its series of exotic alloy grounding rings designed to improve mag meter accuracy
  • Vertical Balers
    Vertical Balers The vertical balers feature heavy-duty construction and advanced hydraulics
  • Biosolids Processing
    Biosolids Processing The Roediger regent high solids tower press is designed to
  • Digital Camera
    Digital Camera The Digital Science Field Imaging System 265 is a GPS-enabled camera system provides the ability to add high quality images to GIS projects
  • Motor Analyzer
    Motor Analyzer Offering predictive maintenance, quality control and trouble shooting capabilities, the All-Test IV Pro stores over 500 motors with test-results or references
  • Kor-N-Tee Saddle
    Kor-N-Tee Saddle The NPC Kor-N-Tee Saddle pipe to pipe connector is specifically designed for lateral connections in smooth wall pipe
  • BevelFusion Process For Fabricating Fittings
    BevelFusion Process For Fabricating Fittings BevelFusion is a new process designed for fabricating the fittings used with large diameter HDPE pipe...
  • 2000 Price Book
    2000 Price Book This catalog contains all prices and testing methods
  • Peripheral Feed Clarifiers The scraper, suction lift, and tapered header clarifiers are available as peripheral feed clarifiers
  • Indicator Solution Software Program
    Indicator Solution Software Program The Indicator solution ’99 software program is an MS-Windows-based system focusing on five major areas of hidden expense
  • Sequential Light Bar
    Sequential Light Bar This heavy duty safety director operates at 12 VDC and features 8 individual incandescent lamps to project a high
  • Low Profile Refuse Container
    Low Profile Refuse Container Designed with a lower height (51-in.) for easy access, this container is well suited for apartment complexes, schools,
  • 3D Laser Scanning System
    3D Laser Scanning System Cyrax is a portable, PC software and auto-scanning laser system that measures, visualizes and models large
  • Air and Electrical System
    Air and Electrical System The Insta-Chain system comes with a continuous-duty solenoid valve and all of the air fittings needed to install the Insta-Chains.
  • ThinMan Truck Leveler and Global Wheel-Lok(GWL) Restraint System
    ThinMan Truck Leveler and Global Wheel-Lok(GWL) Restraint System The surface-mounted, ultra-low profile ThinMan Truck Leveler and Global Wheel-Lok(GWL) Restraint System offer unobstructed access to virtually any trailer and load...
  • Bag Filling Machine
    Bag Filling Machine The Megga-Bagger bag filling machine is designed bagging large amounts of material
  • The Hose Monster The Hose Monster is designed to test fire pumps and rooftop
  • WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management
    WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management FLUMP can be used to clean ponds or lagoons of biosolids, lime and alum sludges, residuals, and to keep water intake
  • Disinfection System
    Disinfection System BiOzone Corporation introduces its disinfection systems, which utilize ozone
  • Tape
    Tape Safety tape is available for barricade tape, underground tape, and special width roll flagging
  • SCBA Warning System
    SCBA Warning System Developed for fire fighters and other SCBA wearers, the AirBoss Sentinel is an all-in-one warning system that provides the pressure gauge, dual independent low pressure alarms, temperature, and PASS device in a single unit
  • Straw and Fiber Mulch Binder
    Straw and Fiber Mulch Binder A 100% organic psyllium husk powder, Plantago is used in erosion control, dust control, soil stabilization, and for straw and fiber mulch binding
  • Tire Baler
    Tire Baler This vertical down stroke portable baler compresses approximately 100 whole passenger and light truck tires into a block measuring 30 in. X 50 in. X 60 in
  • Exhaust Heads
    Exhaust Heads The new Type 40ECH and 40EHMF exhaust heads remove water, oil and solid debris
  • Depressurize/Drain Machine The 3-D (depressurize, drain and dispose) machine is designed to safely and quickly depressurize and drain aerosol cans, moving them from the hazardous waste classification to recyclable steel
  • Gas Meter
    Gas Meter Combining electric gas flow measurement with wireless data transmission, the Cellular Wellhead gas meter features a compact flow computer
  • Battery Operated UV Lights
    Battery Operated UV Lights Battery Operated UV Lights
  • Benchtop Non-Glass pH System
    Benchtop Non-Glass pH System The IQ240 benchtop pH system features non-glass ISFET technology with a stainless steel probe and silicon chip pH
  • Environmental Regulations Software Tool PlantWare® Audit is a new database system for determining and maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Bowie Crimp-Disc
    Bowie Crimp-Disc The Bowie Crimp-Disc anchors straw and hay mulch into the soil
  • Pan/Tilt Inspection Camera
    Pan/Tilt Inspection Camera The P&T 460 pan/tilt pipe inspection camera pans 275° and rotates 360°.
  • ATM 320 Permanent Grade
    ATM 320 Permanent Grade Series 320 tapes are suitable for markings that are subject to moderate, well-channelized traffic volumes
  • Rainsuit
    Rainsuit Made of medium-weight PVC coated onto a woven polyester fabric backing, the 220 rainsuit is a two piece set
  • Strobe Power Supply
    Strobe Power Supply The C8120 strobe power supply offers a 120-watt, 8 outlet/12 flash patterns, 10-30 volt operation, and selectable switching
  • Three-Tier Client/Server Architecture Software The GP MaTe Version 4 maintenance-and-material management software for manufacturers incorporates...
  • Protective Caps
    Protective Caps V-Gard protective caps and hats consist of a polyethylene shell and suspension system
  • Mueller&#174; Drilling & Tapping Equipment
    Mueller® Drilling & Tapping Equipment MUELLER Co. offers the most complete line of time proven drilling and tapping machines available.
  • Modified Class C Fly Ash
    Modified Class C Fly Ash Boral MACS-ASH is a modified Class C fly ash conditioned to form a material with minimal dusting characteristics while retaining some of the cementitious reactivity of Class C fly ash...
  • Flowable Fill
    Flowable Fill Flash Fill is a fast-setting, flowable fill material that is made from Class C fly ash, a filler such as Class F fly
  • Tennant 8410
    Tennant 8410 With the Tennant 8410, you have the choice to sweep, scrub or do both at the same time.
  • Sanitary Flowmeters
    Sanitary Flowmeters Hoffer Flow Controls introduce their flowmeters for sanitary applications.
  • Street Sweeping Brooms - Tube Style Main Brooms
    Street Sweeping Brooms - Tube Style Main Brooms Heritage offers a complete line of O.E.M. style brushes
  • Opta-Flow
    Opta-Flow Designed With the Professional in Mind, OPTA FLOW Offers
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