• Opta-Flow
    Opta-Flow Designed With the Professional in Mind, OPTA FLOW Offers
  • Plow Hitch
    Plow Hitch The WISS-921 Parallel Plus Plow Hitch is designed to allow the snowplow to be mounted closer to the front of the truck
  • Hoists
    Hoists Three types of hoists are available to cover a variety of applications
  • Automated Remote Sentry System
    Automated Remote Sentry System HotWire, a multi-channel electronic sentry system, offers a simple means of remotely monitoring equipment alarm
  • TX4927 64-bit Microprocessor TX4927 microprocessor is a new member of MIPS-based microprocessor family...
  • Mega-Shore Systems
    Mega-Shore Systems Speed Shore's Mega-Shore offers powerful strength, high clearance, and flexibility for customers that require maximum depth capacity in excavations with large diameter pipe applications.
  •  DirtDemon
    DirtDemon DirtDemon is a unique program that expands the existing Autodesk Land Development Desktop Grid Volume capability
  • Low Boy Consoles
    Low Boy Consoles ImageVision, Inc. announces the immediate availability of our new “Low Boy” family of consoles
  • PRISM Foundation Improvement System
    PRISM Foundation Improvement System The Prism System is a composite soil and geogrid mattress structure that creates a stable embankment platform - even over extremely soft soils.
  • Ground-Based Spreader Control The SSC2100 Spreader Control features a ground-based automatic spreader control. The control also features an auto/manual switch with an indicator light.
  • WEFTEC 2000: Filtering Device This device is designed to remove a wide variety of wastewater effluents successfully and cost-effectively.
  • Smooth Side Trailers
    Smooth Side Trailers The smooth side material trailer was designed over 15 years ago for a lighter tare weight and improved fuel mileage. When incorporated with a light weight tractor, some haulers have experienced a net payload of 28 tons
  • ATM 200 Removable Construction Grade
    ATM 200 Removable Construction Grade Specifically designed to overlay existing asphaltic and concrete surfaces to guide motorists through construction zones
  • Earplugs
    Earplugs EAR earplugs are constructed of soft foam and are designed for easy use
  • Conventional Waste Treatment System
    Conventional Waste Treatment System This waste treatment system removes and reclaims heavy metals
  • CRFR Protective Wear
    CRFR Protective Wear CRFR protective wear is a disposable, chemical resistant, flame-retardant product that meets NFPA 701, 1989 and 1996 specifications
  • Commercial/Outdoor Payment Terminal
    Commercial/Outdoor Payment Terminal As petroleum marketers, users need to capture commercial
  • 3 Way Individual Knife, Splicer Snip, Pen/Pencil Holder The 3 Way Individual Knife, Splicer Snip, Pen/Pencil Holder is made of the New Millennium Series PVC with three pockets, one for the knife...
  • New Product Overview Brochure
    New Product Overview Brochure A new condensed product brochure titled "The Preferred Resource for Flow, Temperature, and Pressure Measurement and Control Solution"...
  • Disc Pump
    Disc Pump The disc pump uses a non-impingement device, known as the discpac, to pump product based on the principle of boundary layer/viscous drag
  • TerraTape Underground Marking Systems
    TerraTape Underground Marking Systems TerraTape underground marking systems are the industry standard for effective protection of buried pipelines and utilities
  • Unit Heaters
    Unit Heaters The TRIAD wash down and corrosion resistant unit heaters are constructed of stainless steel with NEMA 4X enclosure
  • WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management
    WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management FLUMP can be used to clean ponds or lagoons of biosolids, lime and alum sludges, residuals, and to keep water intake
  • As Seen at the AWWA Annual Conference: Tank Lining
    As Seen at the AWWA Annual Conference: Tank Lining The company now offers the Epoxide HS tank lining for the water and wastewater markets
  • Woven Geotextiles
    Woven Geotextiles Depending on the actual strength of the subgrade, Geotex woven geotextiles have the ability to perform several
  • Plastic Labware Cleaner
    Plastic Labware Cleaner This plastic labware cleaner is a heavy-duty, phosphate free cleaner designed to remove residue without scratching, hazing, or crazing
  • RF/Admittance Open Channel Flowmeter The 305-300 Series of open channel flowmeters provides proven, reliable and cost-effective measurements for municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications
  • Supply of Substation Structures & Erection Drawings We can custom design a structure in lattice type or low profile type design
  • Pretreatment Software Package This pretreatment software package is designed to let the pretreatment authority in your municipality keep track of all its users
  • Pipe Gasket
    Pipe Gasket U.S. Pipe and Foundry Company introduced the Field Lok 350 Gasket
  • ATM 180 Permanent Rugged Grade
    ATM 180 Permanent Rugged Grade Series 320 tapes are suitable for markings that are subject to moderate, well-channelized traffic volumes.
  • 4.5-in. Monitor
    4.5-in. Monitor The CVM450 is a 4.5-in. black and white monitor designed to offer a clear, sharp image with a backlight composition circuit
  • Culvert Lining Solution
    Culvert Lining Solution Designed to allow high flow capability and low fiction loss, the Snap-Tile culvert lining system features smooth walls and non-wetting characteristics
  • Sequential Light Bar
    Sequential Light Bar This heavy duty safety director operates at 12 VDC and features 8 individual incandescent lamps to project a high
  • Side-Mounted Liquid Level Switches
    Side-Mounted Liquid Level Switches The LS-7 Series side-mounded liquid level switches are used in vessels where top or bottom switches are not practical
  • Lifter
    Lifter The slim profile of the TRIMLIFT II gives unrestricted access to the hopper and allows for the collection of rear-
  • Submersible Pressure Transducers
    Submersible Pressure Transducers Featuring a cable seal system, the Series 700 submersible pressure transducers are fully temperature compensated are datalogger compatible
  • <b>Grinder Pumps</b>
    Grinder Pumps Grinder pumps can be provided as individual units or in pre-packaged systems
  • Toxic Gas Detector
    Toxic Gas Detector Bacharach's Autostep Plus from GMD Systems is available with a demand sampling option, taking the place of gas levels on
  • The Original Leak Detective
    The Original Leak Detective The Original Leak Detective
  • MEMCOR&reg; CPII Ultrafiltration System: The Latest in UF Technology
    MEMCOR® CPII Ultrafiltration System: The Latest in UF Technology

    The MEMCOR® CP II System from Evoqua Water Technologies is a pressurized, pre-engineered membrane system with a modular building-block configuration and ultra-compact footprint. 

  • Wastewater and Leachate Disposal
    Wastewater and Leachate Disposal The BioStripper Treatment system uses a combination of activated sludge, trickling filtration and forced air stripping to accomplish organic containment reduction
  • Solvent Safety Database The Solvent Safety Database, distributed on CD-ROM, covers more than 4,300 solvents and solvent-containing compounds from chemical manufacturers
  • Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe
    Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe is manufactured within full compliance with the American Water Works Association Standard C301
  • Organic Vapor Monitor
    Organic Vapor Monitor The Organic Vapor Monitor uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
  • TerraTex HD
    TerraTex HD The Heavy Duty Stabilization Fabric
  • 10" Dri-Prime Pump
    10" Dri-Prime Pump This 10-in. CD250M model is for high volume dewatering
  • College & University / Corporat Receptacles
    College & University / Corporat Receptacles Our receptacles can employ custom colour coatings and your school or corporate logo or special event identity
  • Hydrant Pressure Recorder
    Hydrant Pressure Recorder To monitor the water pressure within any water distribution system, users can attach the HPR-2109e hydrant pressure
  • Cylinder Conversion Kit
    Cylinder Conversion Kit Available for both single and dual ton applications, the Model 3050 ton cylinder conversion kit plugs into a wall source and operates on 120 V 50/60 Hz or optional 220 V
  • Walk-Behind Sweeper
    Walk-Behind Sweeper This self-propelled, Model C36TW walk-behind sweeper can handle heavy-duty construction cleanup, yet is small enough
  • Premo Plus Filters
    Premo Plus Filters PREMO PLUS filters are constructed with synthetic fibers in a gradient-pore matrix and are rated at BETA3=75. This means high efficiency for your system.
  • Crane Body
    Crane Body The Cranemaster 8000 crane body offers weathertight exterior storage compartments and an open cargo area.
  • Multimedia Training The two training CD-ROMs “Introduction to AutoCAD 2000” and “Getting Productive in AutoCAD 2000” are designed to
  • APWA CONGRESS: Disc-Style Chipper
    APWA CONGRESS: Disc-Style Chipper The model 2012-D Storm chipper features a pivot arm-style feed system equipped with solidly mounting hydraulic motors
  • Grease Distributor
    Grease Distributor The Monomaster can be used for both automatic lubrication and central manual greasing layouts
  • Outfall Management
    Outfall Management Asist Outfall Workstation makes it easy to get the information you need and provides powerful tools that help you organize and share your database so you and your team will make better decisions and your compliance program will run more efficiently
  • Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
    Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter Bailey-Fischer & Porter recently unveiled the Elsag Bailey Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
  • Direct-Reading Water Analyzers
    Direct-Reading Water Analyzers The Mini Analysts series of direct reading dedicated test water analyzers can be used for water/wastewater testing applications
  • 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
    3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
  • Pipe-to-Manhole Flexible Connector System
    Pipe-to-Manhole Flexible Connector System The PSX Series Six is available for eight-in. through 13-in. holes to seal most commonly used pipe types and sizes
  • Highway Membrane
    Highway Membrane Royston Highway Waterproofing Systems: Since 1940, Royston Laboratories has been a leader in the corrosion protection industry
  • Storm Drain Filtration
    Storm Drain Filtration Most storm water inlets are covered with a steel gate at street level.
  • Warren Rupp Catalog
    Warren Rupp Catalog A new, expanded Warren Rupp catalog is now available
  • The Bilge Mate-e™
    The Bilge Mate-e™ Floats on bilge water to absorb fuel and oil leaks. Great for blocking scuppers for deck spills or anywhere large leaks or spills are a problem.
  • Slide-Rail Systems
    Slide-Rail Systems Speed Shore's Slide-Rail systems are a modular, high-capacity shoring system for use in the most difficult excavations such as poor soil conditions and trenches with adjacent structures or crossing utilities.
  • Weather Safety Center
    Weather Safety Center This weather safety center is a satellite weather information service designed for anyone who is responsible
  • Industrial pH/ORP Housing
    Industrial pH/ORP Housing Engineered for industrial wastewater, the InFit 764 industrial pH/ORP housing offers individual matching to the process
  • Continuous Microfiltration System (CMF)
    Continuous Microfiltration System (CMF) Proven in more than 700 installations across the globe, the high performance of the Memcor Continuous Microfiltration (CMF) system is ideal and affordable for municipal water, wastewater and water reuse treatment.
  • Three-Point Mount Angle Brooms Designed for all kinds of ground maintenance applications
  • Fury Line Tank Washers
    Fury Line Tank Washers The Fury Line of tank washers provides a solution for difficult tank cleaning problems
  • Mapping System
    Mapping System The GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS is a global positioning system (GPS) receiver designed to provide real-time submeter
  • ITCP - CMS - 100 Portable Changeable Message Sign
    ITCP - CMS - 100 Portable Changeable Message Sign Portable Changeable Message Sign
  • Fixed-Mount Mixer
    Fixed-Mount Mixer Featuring a combination of large mixer characteristics in a small mixer size, the 5JTD fixed-mount mixer is a double-reduction gear-driven mixer
  • Valve Actuator
    Valve Actuator The Accutronix MX multi-turn valve actuator features a human interface with commissioning and diagnostic functions
  • United Interlock Grating Systems
    United Interlock Grating Systems Strong, lightweight, economical, and versatile, United Interlock Grating Systems provide important economy and safety advantages wherever people walk
  • Full Duplex Multimedia Extender The POC6900 system provides simultaneous transmission of one Ethernet channel, one video channel, one stereo or two monaural audio channels
  • Coatings Line
    Coatings Line Futura Coatings introduced FUTURA-THANE abrasion resistant coatings
  • Pump-efficiency Guide "A Guide to Energy Efficient Pumps & Pumping Systems" is a 12-page expositor of energy-efficient pumps and pumping systems...
  • On-Line Meter
    On-Line Meter The RACOD Meter is a continuous on-line meter measuring the readily assimilable chemical oxygen demand (RACOD) of a wastewater or process sample stream
  • WEFTEC 2000: Belt Press Simulator
    WEFTEC 2000: Belt Press Simulator Users can check their wastewater plant’s belt press performance with the Crown Press belt press simulator.
  • Coupling Protection System
    Coupling Protection System The Depend-O-Wrap system is a solution that offers maximum protection for Depend-O-Lok couplings in buried service
  • Automatic Submersible Pump
    Automatic Submersible Pump The Floodmate 6000 is an automatic submersible pump used for heavy-duty utility and sump applications
  • Front Load Container
    Front Load Container Well suited for apartment complexes, schools, hospitals and public use, the FL241 Front Load, Low Slant Refuse
  • Materials Engineering Materials design, non-standard testing procedures, materials evaluations, and forensic engineering are provided by the company
  • Explosion-proof Grinder Pumps
    Explosion-proof Grinder Pumps Mid Atlantic Pump and Equipment Company offers Myers' WG20 and WGX20 explosion-proof
  • Inclined Plate Clarifier
    Inclined Plate Clarifier Designed to remove settleable suspended solids from wastewater, the inclined plate clarifier can treat flow rates from 25-3200 gallons per minute
  • Hydrosystems
    Hydrosystems The application of waterjet technology ranges from cutting foam and titanium to cleaning resins off part fixtures
    INDUSTRIAL Ken Jones makes it easier to buy specialty tires, chains, and value added products
  • Combustible IR Gas Sensor Module
    Combustible IR Gas Sensor Module The Model 4101-28 Combustible IR Gas Sensor Module monitors combustible gases over the range of 0-100% LEL
  • Isolation Flotation System
    Isolation Flotation System The HF Flotation System is designed for the removal of fat, grease and suspended solids from food
  • The Odin AirGuardian
    The Odin AirGuardian Odin Systems International now offers our anti-icing engineering expertise to the aviation industry, building upon experience gained over the years in projects around the world designing automated anti-icing systems for highway applications
  • Conductive Level Switch
    Conductive Level Switch The Kobold Instruments Inc. NEK conductive level switch was designed for applications such as monitoring the level of low density fluids...
  • Radial Flow Heat Exchangers
    Radial Flow Heat Exchangers Compact design. The radial flow layout results in a more compact design for a given pressure loss and heat transfer duty
  • Flow Monitor
    Flow Monitor Using a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor, the Model OCF-IV Open Channel Flow Monitor measures wastewater flow through flumes or weirs
  • 3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower
    3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower Features of the 3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower
  • Arrow Boards
    Arrow Boards We are proud to present a pollution-free, SOLAR CHARGED, clean and quiet SOLAR CHARGED traffic controller
  • Steam Hose Couplings These couplings are furnished with hex nuts
  • Antifreeze Recyclers
    Antifreeze Recyclers Antifreeze Recyclers include Techgaurd Coolant Recycler, ProTec Drain/Fill, and Techgaurd Additives
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