• Multi-Drop Fiber Optic Multiplexer
    Multi-Drop Fiber Optic Multiplexer The LT1100 Multi-Drop Fiber Optic Multiplexer interconnects up to 12 devices with RS-232 and/or RS-485 interfaces over single mode
  • Compost Spreader
    Compost Spreader Used to apply soil enrichments to steep slopes, forest areas, and other terrain where accessibility and/or damage to the vegetation is a problem, the compost spreader consists of a blower/impeller combination attached to the rear of a hopper-type body
  • Single-Point Closure Units
    Single-Point Closure Units Depend-O-Lok ExE couplings are bolted, split-sleeve, single-point closure units
  • Conductivity Controllers
    Conductivity Controllers The WEC Series Electrodeless Conductivity Controllers are for use in the plating industry, wastewater treatment and industrial process control
  • Runway Sweepers
    Runway Sweepers Center Idler supports, supported by main brush frame
  • MultiMedia
    MultiMedia The transfer of CCTV video from a standard or SVHS videotape onto CD-ROM is now available
  • Filter Control Console
    Filter Control Console This control system provides continuous and discrete controls that are necessary for a typical surface or
  • Catch Cup Assembly
    Catch Cup Assembly The CA-2000 mounts directly to any arbor or hydraulic press and is fully adjustable in all directions to catch a broach or shaft as it exits a press
  • Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program
    Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program 3M Select Software is now FREE on the Net.
  • Programmable Generator Controller
    Programmable Generator Controller The Modex AS730S programmable generator controller is designed to eliminate the need for service engineers to make weekly or monthly site visits
  • Zebra® RW Series™ Mobile Printer
    Zebra® RW Series™ Mobile Printer Designed for the Road Warrior, the Zebra RW 420™ is a mobile printer ideal for printing delivery receipts and invoices on the go.
  • Spreader  TT 10 H2
    Spreader TT 10 H2 The TT 10 H2 combines the best of the two spreading methods and features the capacity and technology for major tasks
  • Illuminator Spot and Flood Lamp Light Series
    Illuminator Spot and Flood Lamp Light Series Superior Signals, Inc. of Olathe Kansas is pleased to announce the Illuminator spot and flood lamp light series
  • Organic Vapor Monitor
    Organic Vapor Monitor The Organic Vapor Monitor uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
  • Rechargeable Flashlight
    Rechargeable Flashlight The M7 Rechargeable is the smallest of the company’s Black Knight Series, an innovative range of hi-tech rechargeable flashlights for use by professionals...
  • Tripod Data Systems releases SOLO 3.1 Tripod Data Systems (TDS) today released version 3.1 of both SOLO
  • Weather Sensors
    Weather Sensors The weather sensors are rugged industrial grade sensors for environmental monitoring
  • Cool Wear Protective Clothing
    Cool Wear Protective Clothing The line of CoolTek apparel for industrial and consumer applications is designed to reduce the body’s core temperature and provide protection from heat stress
  • E-track Fleet Management
    E-track Fleet Management E-track contains an extensive array of features
  • Cables and Connectors
    Cables and Connectors The CVXL polyurethane cable and Amphenol mil-spec connector creates a strong waterproof connection between the camera and monitor
  • Curbside Video Return
    Curbside Video Return Make it easy for your customers to return videos and other rented materials
  • Air Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps Brochure
    Air Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps Brochure An expanded 24-page catalog is available from Warren Rupp. The color booklet
  • 6000 Series Respirators
    6000 Series Respirators Available in both half-facepiece and full-facepiece configurations, 6000 Series Respirators provide versatility with comfort and ease of use.
  • Precast Manholes
    Precast Manholes Precast circular concrete manholes are used in sanitary sewer and storm drain systems for access, observation and junctions...
  • RHEOBUILD 1000 high-range water-reducing admixture Rheobuild 1000 high-range water-reducing admixture is formulated to produce rheoplastic concrete
  • Removable Rumble Strips
    Removable Rumble Strips ATM Rumble Strips have a pressure-sensitive backing that creates a secure bond to the asphalt
  • Check-Well Water Well Level Monitor The Drexelbrook CheckWell water well level monitor provides automatic, continuous monitoring of level or drawdown in water wells up to 3000 feet
  • Temporary Slope Protection
    Temporary Slope Protection Developed for use at landfills as an alternative daily cover, the Tarpomatic Automatic Tarping Machine (ATM) can also be used on newly graded and excavated sites that require immediate and/or temporary protection
  • ATM 120 Removable Temporary Grade
    ATM 120 Removable Temporary Grade Designed to direct traffic around work zones that have a three month or less duration and an average daily
  • Business License System
    Business License System The Business License System is designed for use by cities and counties to manage the issuance of Business Licenses and track historical detail about the Business Licenses. This system allows user-defined rates, penalties, interest, cash registers, cash drawers, license parameters, invoice parameters, statement parameters, and even cash receipt parameters.
  • Grease Pump
    Grease Pump Greasemaster is designed to provide grease to single line progressive distribution systems
  • Fibermesh
    Fibermesh Fibermesh synthetic fibers provide a unique internal support system in concrete that substantially reduces the formation of plastic settlement and shrinkage cracks by increasing the tensile strain capacity of plastic concrete.
  • Overseeded Ryegrasss Applications: Winter Ryegrass is used for both residential and commercial lawns.
  • Parson PermaSeal PARSON PERMA SEAL is a nonflammable, V.O.C. compliant polyurethane injection resin designed to control water and seal moving non-structural cracks in concrete. PARSON PERMA SEAL is a standard viscosity hydrophilic resin which, after coming into contact with water, expands quickly and cures to a flexible closed-cell foam.
  • Steel Utility Covers
    Steel Utility Covers These covers can be used for a broad range of utility applications and
  • Warehousing We mainly provide space for our customers to store their goods and provide support for their logistics work.
  • PB-900 Programmable JarTester
    PB-900 Programmable JarTester Phipps & Bird's new six-paddle programmable model elevates jar testing to a new level of precision by utilizing four operator-programmable memory banks that offer virtually unlimited stirring capabilities
  • Defective Construction/Forensic Analysis Services Our consulting services are tailored to the needs of the client incorporating all activities necessary to effectively prepare and present our findings and opinions
  • Self-Propelled Pumping System
    Self-Propelled Pumping System The LWT Pit Hog Robotic Crawler is a track-mounted, remote-controlled, submersible, self-propelled crawling pumping system
  • Float Controls
    Float Controls The Float Panel product line contains several kinds of products...
  • Video Inspection System
    Video Inspection System Featuring a coiler running 500 ft of rod, an integral electronic rod counter, a video/in and video/out VCR connectors for recording and playback of surveys, and on-screen text overlay for annotation of inspection findings, the flexicoiler has a QWERTY keyboard that allows for up to 512 characters per page
  • Water VR-600 Cleaning System
    Water VR-600 Cleaning System The Water VR-600 is designed to clean and inspect water tanks without taking them offline...
  • Ice Ban Ice Ban Products are the most important, new discovery in the de-icing industry
  • Oil Skimmer
    Oil Skimmer Featuring built-in design components, the Model 82 belt oil skimmer has a continuous belt and wiper
  • Pocket-Size Gas Monitor
    Pocket-Size Gas Monitor A single gas monitor with digital display, the Gas Baron Series is a pocket-size gas monitor with a rugged, weatherproof, RF shielded housing
  • All-Plastic Stop Sign
    All-Plastic Stop Sign The recyclable polycarbonate sign provides retro-reflectivity at night and during the day
  • Universal Process Meter
    Universal Process Meter This universal process meter accepts all process inputs and
  • Rapid Set D.O.T. Repair Mix
    Rapid Set D.O.T. Repair Mix A blend of Rapid Set Cement, specially graded sand, and performance additives
  • Wastewater Systems
    Wastewater Systems These wastewater treatment systems range in capacity from 5,000 gpd to 1>Mgd and are ideal for small
  • OS Series Packed Column Air Strippers
    OS Series Packed Column Air Strippers The Carbonair OS series packed column air strippers are forced draft air stripping columns designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated water.
  • Utility Meter Reading
    Utility Meter Reading RouteSmart’s GIS-based meter reading route optimization
  • Traceable Temperature and Humidity Fax Logger
    Traceable Temperature and Humidity Fax Logger The FX420 fax logger is a temperature and humidity data logger that records and sends data to users via fax or e-
  • Post-Lok
    Post-Lok 2" square post with welded loops
  • Wrist Supports
    Wrist Supports The company features wrist supports including the Dual-Flex, Maxrist, Flexrist, A400, and A410
  • Rubble Plant
    Rubble Plant The compact, highly-mobile KR1010 rubble plant measures 12 ft, 6 in. high, 8 ft., 6 in. wide and 45 ft. long
  • Aluminum Access Doors
    Aluminum Access Doors Available in angle and gutter frame version, the company’s line of aluminum access doors can have either single or double leaf design
  • On-Line COD Analyzer
    On-Line COD Analyzer Isco Inc. introduces the Phoenix COD analyzer for on-line control of wastewater plants
  • Chopper Pump
    Chopper Pump The CHOPX Series Chopper Pump is a rugged, heavy duty pump designed to simultaneously chop and pump difficult solids
  • Cementitious Products--Octoplug Plus
    Cementitious Products--Octoplug Plus A one component, expanding, hydraulic cement based formulation
  • Front Load Container
    Front Load Container Well suited for apartment complexes, schools, hospitals and public use, the FL241 Front Load, Low Slant Refuse
  • Platform Scales
    Platform Scales A&D Weighing announced a no column version line of HV and HW platform scales. This feature allows...
  • Banner Guard Barricade Tapes
    Banner Guard Barricade Tapes Banner Guard barricade tapes provide an economical and secure safety barrier offering a highly visible and effective warning system where restricted access is warranted
  • Adjustable-Speed AC Drive
    Adjustable-Speed AC Drive The series is available in a NEMA 1 enclosure with a NEMA 12 option in two models: one can operate motors from 3-30 horsepower at 200-240 VAC; and on can operate motors from 3-50 horsepower at 380 – 480 VAC
  • Griffolyn Polyethylene Laminates
    Griffolyn Polyethylene Laminates Griffolyn internally reinforced polyethylene laminates have been designed for a wide range of protective applications
  • Portable Rubble-Crushing Plant
    Portable Rubble-Crushing Plant Featuring six independent hydraulic legs (two front, two middle and two rear) designed to speed plant set-up and tear-down, the road-portable, rubble-crushing plant provides solid operational support with precise height adjustment
  • Doppler Flow Recorder
    Doppler Flow Recorder The 6526C Starflow Flow Recorder is a complete intelligent flow measurement system
  • Maintenance Lifting Equipment: Davit Cranes
    Maintenance Lifting Equipment: Davit Cranes The eme DAVIT Crane is a revelation around Water and Wastewater Sites! At just 31 lbs, the 1100CH DAVIT Crane is a boon to Operators and their backs
  • Shoring Shields
    Shoring Shields Speed Shore's Shoring Shields with an exclusive patented hydraulic manifold and return springs within rugged telescoping steel sleeves are the ideal shoring system for municipal maintenance and repair, fiber optic and cable installations, and small utility installations.
  • MPM4T Fleet Management System MPM4T is needed for tracking fleets of vehicle such as busses, trucks, cars, or any type of vehicle or equipment that requires maintenance on a regular interval.
  • Spray Shield™ Directed Sprayer
    Spray Shield™ Directed Sprayer Spray all the weeds, not just the middles, without chemical or mechanical damage to the crop.
  • Butt Stop Cigarette Disposal Unit
    Butt Stop Cigarette Disposal Unit Finally a cigarette disposal system that really works against all elements
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
    Programmable Logic Controllers The VersaMax family of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and I/O offers a compact control solution that can accommodate expanding water and wastewater applications
  • Mosquito Killing System
    Mosquito Killing System This mosquito killing system controls mosquito populations
  • PVC Sewer and Drain Pipe
    PVC Sewer and Drain Pipe Consisting of an outer corrugated wall fused to a smooth interior wall, the Ultra-Corr PVC corrugated sewer pipe is designed for strength and flow efficiency
  • CLASSI Services - Air Pollution Control Systems
    CLASSI Services - Air Pollution Control Systems CLASSI offers Terr-Aqua Enviro Systems, Inc.'s (TAES's) UV-Oxidation / Bioremediation Process.
  • Temperature Transmitter
    Temperature Transmitter Incorporating digital electronics that accept seven types of RTD sensors and 11 different ANSI/ISO thermocouples, mV, ohms and dewpoint moisture sensors, the RTT20 intelligent temperature transmitter is capable of creating a 22-point curve for custom applications
    INDUSTRIAL Ken Jones makes it easier to buy specialty tires, chains, and value added products
  • Sewer Liner System
    Sewer Liner System Sewer Shield Liner 100 is a 100% solids solvent free, low odor, epoxy liner system
  • Spreader TK 12 E
    Spreader TK 12 E TK 12 E - the professional tow-behind spreader for environmentally friendly winter road service
  • Universal Backhoe Bucket Standard Duty
    Universal Backhoe Bucket Standard Duty Specifically designed for digging in moderate to heavy soil conditions such as tough clay mixed with rock
  • Value Engineering Value Engineering (VE) is a methodology that uses a function-driven approach to achieve results
  • Hydrant Defender™ Security System
    Hydrant Defender™ Security System Mueller's Hydrant Defender security system provides fire hydrant security on two levels — prevents unauthorized access to nozzles and operating nut, and makes evidence of tampering clearly visible
  • SWS CID Inactivator
    SWS CID Inactivator The SWS CID incorporates ultraviolet-based technology designed specifically to inactivate Cryptosporidium and Giardia in drinking water
  • Wastewater Heat Recovery System
    Wastewater Heat Recovery System The Ludell wastewater heat recovery system features automatic backflush, continuous tube headers and purge valve insure high efficiency
  • Wastewater Evaporator
    Wastewater Evaporator The E-Series Evaporator is available in nine standard sizes and three different models with evaporative rates from 5 to 300 gph
  • Disinfection System
    Disinfection System BiOzone Corporation introduces its disinfection systems, which utilize ozone
  • Stormceptor Pretreatment
    Stormceptor Pretreatment Stormceptor is ideal for pretreatment of conventional BMPs such as ponds, infiltration systems and wetlands - improving the aesthetics and effectiveness of these downstream facilities
  • Concrete Gabions&#153 Retaining Wall System
    Concrete Gabions™ Retaining Wall System Concrete GabionsTM retaining wall system is a combination of non-corrosive, interchangeable, stackable blocks with transverse ducts
  • Landlok Landlok degradable erosion control blankets (ECBs) and permanent turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) promote revegetation, provide erosion protection and improve water quality on slopes and in channels.
  • NPC Manhole Vacuum Testers, In-Plant
    NPC Manhole Vacuum Testers, In-Plant Tests Bases, Risers & Cones up to 48" I.D., 58" O.D
  • Pipe Inspection System The new 3-D digital video-based pipe inspection system is based on an instrument-controlled robot, the Radiax Vector
  • Knowledge-Based Expert System The Designer prototype knowledge-based expert system was developed to supplement a catalog
  • Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 60
    Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 60 Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 60
  • Parsonpoxy FS2 PARSONPOXY FS2 is a 100% solids, moisture insensitive, non-sag epoxy paste that sets up in approximately 25 minutes and can be applied vertically, horizontally or overhead. Use to repair leaking or damaged manhole inverts.
  • Grease Removal System
    Grease Removal System This system solves tough wastewater problems by removing and recovering the grease, oils, fats and coarse solids
  • Gas Dispersion Impeller
    Gas Dispersion Impeller Developed using advanced flow measurement techniques, the Bakker BT-6 Gas Dispersion Impeller blade geometry disperses gas in liquids at high flow rates
  • Large Couplings
    Large Couplings At FRIATEC, we manufacture products that provide real benefits to our customers, and this wide range of couplings provides customers with an ever-growing range problem-solving options
  • Predictive Status Monitor
    Predictive Status Monitor PreSTAT is a predictive status monitor for networked sewer systems, offering a fully customizable feature range, which