• Closed Loop System
    Closed Loop System LCD Display Three back lit touch switches for selection of application rates and display readouts
  • Waste Minimization Through Evaporation
    Waste Minimization Through Evaporation This system reduces the volume of dilute rinse waters or concentrated
  • Thread Repair Range Kits
    Thread Repair Range Kits Thread Repair Range Kits
  • Water Accountability Program
    Water Accountability Program The program is for those clients requiring comprehensive water accountability services
  • DataTech 2000 Software The DataTech 2000 software is Ratech's newest information technology oriented product.
  • TETRAGUARD AS20 Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture Tetraguard AS20 shrinkage-reducing admixture reduces drying shrinkage of concrete and mortar, and the potential for subsequent cracking
  • Hydrodynamic Simulation Package AquaDyn is a powerful and easy to use hydrodynamic simulation software package suitable for water resources engineering studies...
  • Reporting & Dashboards
    Reporting & Dashboards

    Today’s fast-paced, competitive service environment demands visibility across your entire field service organization. Achieve your goals with powerful information to help you make decisions that keep customers happy and revenues flowing. Get instant status on installed products with warranties expiring, delayed RMAs, critical work orders, and much more.

  • Waterproof pH System
    Waterproof pH System Sentron's Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) solid state non-glass pH probe is now available in a waterproof pH measurement system.
  • In-Line Induction Unit
    In-Line Induction Unit The In-Line "IL" series Water Champ is designed for installation through a corporation/ wet tap arrangement
  • Turf Reinforcement Mat
    Turf Reinforcement Mat Enkamat turf reinforcement is a three-dimensional nylon matrix joined at the intersections
  • Turbine Vane Pump
    Turbine Vane Pump Low-flow, high-head pumping applications can use the MPT series regenerative turbine vane pump, a close-coupled, magnetically driven, sealless unit featuring a turbine vane impeller and rare earth Neodymium magnets
  • Mixer Magic 2.0 Fully biodegradable nonhazardous solution that provides a durable, protective coating and eliminates buildup on block and precast mixers and other equipment.
  • Hydrokor V Diamond Core Drilling Machine
    Hydrokor V Diamond Core Drilling Machine The Hydrokor V is NPC's latest design in large coring machines and represents a major step forward in capability and value
  • Knowledge-Based Expert System The Designer prototype knowledge-based expert system was developed to supplement a catalog
  • MPM4E Equipment Management System MPM4E is a very easy to use Windows based software that comes loaded with the Service Charts for most of the equipment that you maintain and operate.
  • Grease Removal System
    Grease Removal System This system solves tough wastewater problems by removing and recovering the grease, oils, fats and coarse solids
  • 3 Mil Intermediate Vinyl ATSM Intermediate vinyl is available in the widest color range
  • Truck Push Frames
    Truck Push Frames Bumper to frame hitches
  • Large Couplings
    Large Couplings At FRIATEC, we manufacture products that provide real benefits to our customers, and this wide range of couplings provides customers with an ever-growing range problem-solving options
  • Submersible Grinder Pumps
    Submersible Grinder Pumps Featuring sizes from 1.5 hp to 5 hp, the G-Series electrical submersible grinder pump offers an impeller and reversible grinding wheel constructed of hi-chrome
  • GPC Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    GPC Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers These standard vessels have up to 13,600 pound carbon capacity...
  • Hydro-Blanket Erosion Control Blanket
    Hydro-Blanket Erosion Control Blanket Use and specify Hydro-Blanket wherever quick, dense vegetation is required and on severe slopes
  • Geogrid Reinforcement
    Geogrid Reinforcement These geogrids are rugged woven polyester yarns coated with
  • Cementitious Products--Octoplug Plus
    Cementitious Products--Octoplug Plus A one component, expanding, hydraulic cement based formulation
  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter The LA15 series Ricochet ultrasonic level transmitter is specifically designed for IBC (immediate bulk container)
  • Elasticized Ground Fill Material
    Elasticized Ground Fill Material Providing predictable and consistent mechanical (stress-strain-time) behavior is the primary function of the TerraFlex elasticized geofoam
  • Pipette dispensor
    Pipette dispensor For dispensing and single-handed operation, the Fast Release Pipette Pump II Pipettor works with either glass or plastic pipettes
  • Battery-Powered Pruner
    Battery-Powered Pruner The Pellenc P2000 Electronic Pruner is powered by a five-pound, belt-mounted battery
  • Vertical Turbine Pumps
    Vertical Turbine Pumps This highly efficient pump is designed to be adaptable in a variety of municipal and water applications. It can be staged as necessary to meet desired pressure requirements.
  • Fluid Film-Marine For use on polished, machined, rough or rusty surfaces. FLUID FILM AS & NASin the handy spray can or pump bottle is quickly applied to tools, machine parts and less accessible areas of mechanical equipment.
  • Self-Cleaning, Automatic Filter/Strainers
    Self-Cleaning, Automatic Filter/Strainers By continually removing solids from the liquids in pipelines, the Model 596 self-cleaning filter/strainer from Hayward Industrial Products...
  • Pipe Crawler
    Pipe Crawler The “Shorty” pipe crawler is used to inspect six-in. clay tile lines with major offsets and protruding laterals
  • Internal and External Manhole Chimney Seal
    Internal and External Manhole Chimney Seal Cretex Manhole Chimney Seals stop manhole frame-chimney inflow
  • 10" Dri-Prime Pump
    10" Dri-Prime Pump This 10-in. CD250M model is for high volume dewatering
  • Organic Tank Primer
    Organic Tank Primer Developed specifically for use on water tanks, 91-H2O Hydro-Zinc is a moisture-cured, urethane zinc-rich primer that can be shop-applied to both sides of a steel plate
    NEW GRADALL 534D9-45 MATERIAL HANDLER HAS 45-FOOT LIFT HEIGHT, 9,000-POUND CAPACITY The new 534D9-45 Gradall material handler is the first telescoping boom machine of its kind to offer the combined advantages of a 45-foot lift height, a maximum capacity up to 9,000 pounds and exceptionally easy operation
  • Box Culverts
    Box Culverts The pre-cast box culverts are manufactured in accordance with ASTM C789 and ASTM C850 specifications
  • Flow Transmitter The XMT868 combines flow measurement capability with a transmitter package that measures 8.2 x 6.6 inches, weighs 10 lb, and can be installed at the process...
  • <b>Grinder Pumps</b>
    Grinder Pumps Grinder pumps can be provided as individual units or in pre-packaged systems
  • Navigator
    Navigator The versatile Navigator offers the features and benefits of both a cone and a vertical panel, in a convenient all-in-one channelizer...
  • Spraycore 2000 OS/HS
    Spraycore 2000 OS/HS Sprayable Print Barrier/Coring/Bonding Putty
  • Vertical Shores
    Vertical Shores Speed Shore's Aluminum Vertical Shores are the safest, most versatile means of shoring an excavation.
  • Mini-Lok
    Mini-Lok Sturdy, yet small. Outstanding security
  • Sorting and Packaging We do the finishing of the components and then pack them in their appropriate container and send them back to the customer.
  • Electric Soil Gas Probe System
    Electric Soil Gas Probe System The Macho System is driven by an electric hammer and provides easy field installation and great depth
  • Nite Lite
    Nite Lite Plastic Safety System's Nite Lite fencing is the state-of-the-art in plastic safety fencing...
  • Digital Processing Cameras
    Digital Processing Cameras The company offers cameras that utilize digital video processing
  • Tracking Locator
    Tracking Locator The menu-driven display screen of the Spot D Tek IV eliminates the need for hidden codes or symbols
  • Claims Consulting Services PINNACLEONE is an acknowledged leader in the preparation and defense of construction claims, and in dispute resolution
  • 7,000-LB. Asymettric Lift
  • Meter Sizing/Monitoring System
    Meter Sizing/Monitoring System The meter sizing/monitoring systems are compatible with all meter manufacturers
  • Hot/Cold Inline Flowmeter
    Hot/Cold Inline Flowmeter Using vortex technology, the Hydro-Flow Model 1200 inline flowmeter measures chilled and hot water, water/glycol mixtures and condensate
  • WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management
    WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management FLUMP can be used to clean ponds or lagoons of biosolids, lime and alum sludges, residuals, and to keep water intake
  • Bulk Bag Attachment
    Bulk Bag Attachment An attachment that can handle bulk bags has been added to the list of accessories for the Universal Lift
  •  Century Manhole® Containment Cover
    Century Manhole® Containment Cover Hydrogen sulfide gas has devastating effects on concrete
  • MacWrap
    MacWrap MacWrap, an external seal for pipe and manhole joints, is a strong, multi-layered, reinforced collar that is waterproof and flexible. It can be used with joints that have been damaged in handling, which may otherwise be rejected.
  • Chemical Process Controller
    Chemical Process Controller The Scaletron™ Model 1099™ Chemical Process Controller is central to the Scaletron Industries, Ltd. “Total Electronic” system...
  • The SuperSlopeMaster -  SSM 38-72D
    The SuperSlopeMaster - SSM 38-72D 38 Hp - Water Cooled Diesel, Dual Wheeled, Skid Steered Exclusive patented design allows cutting on slopes up to 40 degrees
  • 2000 MACK
    2000 MACK All the horses and chrome you can get!
  • Depressurize/Drain Machine The 3-D (depressurize, drain and dispose) machine is designed to safely and quickly depressurize and drain aerosol cans, moving them from the hazardous waste classification to recyclable steel
  • M60STD 60” Baler
    M60STD 60” Baler Powerful 6" cylinder with heavy duty 4" rod for extra long life
  • Micro and Ultra Filtration
    Micro and Ultra Filtration Micro and Ultra filtration systems are capable of separating many types and sizes of suspended material from liquids
  • Strobe Beacon
    Strobe Beacon For all of your street department vehicle needs, try the flat mount, low beam, rapid fire strobe beacon
  • Drainage Handbook CD-ROM Hancor, Inc. released Volume II of its CD-ROM Drainage Handbook
  • EPA Refrigerant Practice Exam & Study Manual This manual contains all the up to date information that is needed to successfully pass the EPA Examinations for every type of certification
  • Sensor System
    Sensor System Global Sensor Systems, Inc. introduces the Search-Eye Sensor System
  • CUDO&trade; Stormwater Management Systems
    CUDO™ Stormwater Management Systems The Cudo™ Stormwater Management Systems offers a new approach to underground stormwater storage, infiltration, treatment, rainwater harvesting, and other stormwater management needs. The product incorporate a unique arched design that adds structural integrity increased water storage, and enhanced inspection and maintenance access.
  • Coupler System
    Coupler System The Series 1500 TLB Quick Coupler is designed to add versatility to the front end of a tractor-loader-backhoe
  • Sur-Lok Access Covers
    Sur-Lok Access Covers With Quantum you're covered. We'll tool any cover and incorporate our patented Sur-Lok system for quick installation
  • Dissolved Air Flotation
    Dissolved Air Flotation Dissolved Air Flotation is a liquid solid separation process using water and air bubbles to separate solids from liquid
  • Air and Electrical System
    Air and Electrical System The Insta-Chain system comes with a continuous-duty solenoid valve and all of the air fittings needed to install the Insta-Chains.
  • Erosion Control Polymer EarthGuard is specifically designed to reduce erosion and
  • Catalog of Laboratory Supplies
    Catalog of Laboratory Supplies Markson LabSales has prepared a special summer edition of their 320-page catalog featuring a wide range of laboratory supplies and equipment
  • Sliding Top
    Sliding Top The AeroSlide is a sliding top available for the Aerotech service body. The product offers protection to tools and equipment stored in the cargo area
  • Ammonia Analyzer Module
    Ammonia Analyzer Module The QA 110 Ammonia Analyzer Module measures ammonia by raising the pH above 12, converting all ammonium compounds
  • Portable Prover
    Portable Prover The SY-14 portable prover is used for recalibration of turbine flowmeters in any clean low viscosity liquid applications
  • Industrial Sand
    Industrial Sand This sand meets specifications for water filtration, well drilling, environmental drilling, soil remediation, and
  • Batch Controller
    Batch Controller The Model 2499 FloSite batch controller is an automatic batching and blending controller for liquid applications
  • Product Interface Probe
    Product Interface Probe The Model KIR Product Interface Probe is a portable reel-mounted interface probe
  • Sanitary Flowmeters
    Sanitary Flowmeters Hoffer Flow Controls introduce their flowmeters for sanitary applications.
  • The SlopeMaster - SM24-60
    The SlopeMaster - SM24-60 24-HP Gasoline
  • Dye Tracers
    Dye Tracers Dye Tracers
  • Weather Safety Center
    Weather Safety Center This weather safety center is a satellite weather information service designed for anyone who is responsible
  • Underlayment No. F-120
    Underlayment No. F-120 Sauereisen Underlayment No. F-120 is a fast-setting, high early strength, Portland-based resurfacing material available in three formulations - Trowelable, Castable, or Gunite.
  • C/OPT - Automated Commercial Fueling
    C/OPT - Automated Commercial Fueling As a petroleum marketer, you need to capture commercial fueling profits
  • Automated Remote Sentry System
    Automated Remote Sentry System HotWire, a multi-channel electronic sentry system, offers a simple means of remotely monitoring equipment alarm
  • DewEze All Terrain Lawnmowers
    DewEze All Terrain Lawnmowers DewEze All-Terrain Mowers handle tough mowing conditions reliably
  • Large-area Hydroseeder
    Large-area Hydroseeder Able to handle large mine reclamation, highway, golf course, and commercial sites, the T-330 and T-280 hydroseeders are each equipped with a large slurry pump and a turbocharged diesel engine
  • Automated People Movers (APMs)
    Automated People Movers (APMs) Subscriptions to TransitPulse
    A bimonthly, mailed newsletter on planning issues for Automated People Movers
  • Mobile Trucks
    Mobile Trucks Mobile Trucks can be dumped on a variety of Lifters
  • Standard Infiltrator Chamber
    Standard Infiltrator Chamber The Standard Infiltrator chamber is designed for septic leachfield applications...
  • Rotary Lobe Sludge Pumps
    Rotary Lobe Sludge Pumps Capacities from 0-2642 GPM
  • WEFTEC 2000: Universal Harmonic Filter
    WEFTEC 2000: Universal Harmonic Filter This patent pending UHF is an easy to apply, passive harmonic filter capable of reducing Variable Speed Drive
  • 2200 Air Adjusted Coupling
    2200 Air Adjusted Coupling 2200 Air Adjusted Coupling
  • Soil Extraction System
    Soil Extraction System Engineered to prevent underground damage with minimum inconvenience to traffic, the SoftDig soil extraction system can create holes as small as 8x8 in
  • ATM 200 Removable Construction Grade
    ATM 200 Removable Construction Grade Specifically designed to overlay existing asphaltic and concrete surfaces to guide motorists through construction zones
    NEW X-CEL 9091 SEPTIC SEAL The A•LOK X-CEL Pipe to Tank Connector is a flexible connector specifically engineered to produce a positive watertight seal between a pipe entering a precast concrete septic tank and the tank itself
  • Remote Park Electrification New rural electrification packages offer remote parks and camps that are unconnected to the electricity grid, solar
  • TerraTex Geotextiles for Soil Drainage
    TerraTex Geotextiles for Soil Drainage TerraTex nonwoven fabrics are designed and manufactured for many construction applications