• Hot Water Boilers
    Hot Water Boilers Hot water boilers can be used as the primary heat source in hydronic systems
  • Hydrokor VI Diamond Core Drilling Machine
    Hydrokor VI Diamond Core Drilling Machine The Hydrokor VI is the most economical high volume core drilling machine available
  • Indicator Solution Software Program
    Indicator Solution Software Program The Indicator solution ’99 software program is an MS-Windows-based system focusing on five major areas of hidden expense
  • Rotor Pumps
    Rotor Pumps HiFlo Rotors are said to provide 100% pulsation-free operation through the entire pumping range
  • Rolling, Bending, and Cutting Services
    Rolling, Bending, and Cutting Services Services are offered that provide state of the art CNC cutting and punching equipment, and a
  • PipeX
    PipeX The only Windows-based land development desktop pipeworks editor on the market today
  • Drainage Structures
    Drainage Structures These drainage structures include curb inlets, drop inlets and rectangular
  • Gas Detection System
    Gas Detection System Mil-Ram Technology, Inc., announces the TOX-ARRAY 2000, a six channel controller to eliminate false alarms
  • Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container
    Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container The Crown Vacuum Tight Roll Off storage containers offer a cost effective way to store and transport liquids and sludges for disposal
  • Dual Input Controllers for Water Treatment
    Dual Input Controllers for Water Treatment Walchem introduced conductivity controllers used in the conditioning and treatment of water
  • Trapezoidal Windrow Turner
    Trapezoidal Windrow Turner The Willibald TBU3000 Windrow Turner is designed specifically for trapezoidal (mass bed) composting
  • SAW 10C and SAW 10A Portable Wheel Load Weighters
    SAW 10C and SAW 10A Portable Wheel Load Weighters SAW 10C and SAW 10A Portable Wheel Load Weighters offer a low profile
  • Saximeter
    Saximeter E-Saximeter - The E-Sax is the latest model of the time tested Saximeter
  • Wastewater Chambers
    Wastewater Chambers Designed to provide access into various locations in sanitary or storm drain systems, the wastewater access chamber (WAC) and the cleanout/sampling chamber (CSC) are rotational molded polyethylene chambers
  • Straight Refuse Container
    Straight Refuse Container This straight, rear load container is suitable for
  • Orbal® Multichannel Oxidation System
    Orbal® Multichannel Oxidation System

    The Envirex Orbal® multichannel oxidation ditch, as a complete mix, looped reactor system, is well-suited for conventional activated sludge, advanced secondary sludge treatment, simultaneous nitrification-denitrification, biological phosphorus removal and storm water treatment

  • Smart Valve Positioner
    Smart Valve Positioner Compact, rugged and lightweight, the SVP3000 Alphaplus is a fully automatic, high accuracy smart valve positioner
  • Pak Rak--Wall Rak
    Pak Rak--Wall Rak The PAK RAK is a portable filing system for print storage
  • Environmental Regulations Software Tool PlantWare® Audit is a new database system for determining and maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • 3 Way Individual Knife, Splicer Snip, Pen/Pencil Holder The 3 Way Individual Knife, Splicer Snip, Pen/Pencil Holder is made of the New Millennium Series PVC with three pockets, one for the knife...
  • Conductivity Controllers
    Conductivity Controllers The WEC Series Electrodeless Conductivity Controllers are for use in the plating industry, wastewater treatment and industrial process control
  • Pothole Patcher
    Pothole Patcher Pothole repairs made with hot mix that is not maintained at proper temperatures produces repairs that are short-lived
  • Color Producing Chemicals
    Color Producing Chemicals Coliscan media incorporate a combination of color producing chemical with nutrients which result in the growth of coliforms
  • Cemetery Care
    Cemetery Care Although many cemeteries choose the 300 and 500 gallon Turbo Turf Hydro Seeing Systems, the compact units in 50, 100, and 150 gallon sizes are ideal for a cemetery
  • Parson CA Liner 100 Parson CA Liner 100 is a structural, corrosion resistant lining to restore deteriorated sewage structures.
  • HBB Sweeper
    HBB Sweeper Powered by your skid steer or tractor's hydraulic system, HBB Sweepers come in 4-6 ft widths with optional gutter broom(s),
  • TURFACE Quick Dry Sports Field Conditioner
    TURFACE Quick Dry Sports Field Conditioner Quick Dry will not cake, become slippery, or turn your field rock-hard, and works over and over
  • Flashing Light
    Flashing Light This medium duty flashing beacon operates from 12-24 VDC to produce SAE Class 3 light output for all low intensity
  • Reinforcing Grid
    Reinforcing Grid This HaTelit reinforcing grid has proved reliable for
  • Parking Blocks
    Parking Blocks 20% of the weight of conventional concrete blocks, our quality product are manufactured from 100% post-consumer, post-industrial recycled plastics
  • High Frequency Electric Vibrators
    High Frequency Electric Vibrators Cougar High Frequency Vibrators produce more force for the size, weight and cost than any other type of vibrator available
  • Water Level Sensors
    Water Level Sensors The KPSI Water Level sensors are intrinsically safe and can be installed in hazardous, environmental water and wastewater applications
  • APWA CONGRESS: Fuel Control System
    APWA CONGRESS: Fuel Control System The Phoenix advanced fuel control (AFC) system for fleet operations is designed to be easy to use and fully
  • Double-duty Accumulator
    Double-duty Accumulator Flexicraft Industries' Hydropad is an accumulator that eliminates water hammer and surge, while dampening reciprocating-pump pulsation...
  • ATM Custom Signs
    ATM Custom Signs Custom signs are never a problem
  • SKM Running Line Tensiometer (Linerider)
    SKM Running Line Tensiometer (Linerider) Load is sensed with a running line tensiometer (SKM 311 or 312)
  • Remote Controlled Pipe Inspection
    Remote Controlled Pipe Inspection The TVPM system offers remote visual inspection of pipes with an interior diameter as small as 3.2-in. (80mm).
  • Godwin Vortex 150V Heidra  Hydraulic Pump
    Godwin Vortex 150V Heidra Hydraulic Pump The range of Godwin Heidra hydraulic submersible pumps are an alternative to electric submersibles
  • Road Maintenance Application
    Road Maintenance Application Usually installed in a car or a truck, the TGP is a device used to capture and process GPS and telemetry information.
  • Fiber Pave
    Fiber Pave FiberVisions, Inc., through its own research and development, as well as independent laboratories and universities, has developed a high quality polypropylene fiber.
  • Adapters Adapters are available in varying general laying dimensions for connecting concrete pressure pipe to other styles of pipe and structures
  • New CD
    New CD This new CD provides comprehensive product and application information on the manufacturer’s full line of alarm
  • DAF Clarifier
    DAF Clarifier The Minicell DAF clarifier is aimed at solving water and effluent treatment problems faced continually by food and
  • Trench Shield
    Trench Shield Each trench shield includes a P. E. certification chart specifying the depth and soil conditions the shield is designed to withstand
  • Cellular Confinement System
    Cellular Confinement System The GeoLok Cellular Confinement System uses interconnected polyethylene cells to confine and stabilize fill materials for slope protection
  • Compact TLB
    Compact TLB The new M2208 still has the features like power, maneuverability, ease of operation and compact size that
  • Ultraviolet Treatment System
    Ultraviolet Treatment System The System UV3000 is recommended for flows up to 10 MGD
  • Efficient Mobile Industrial Vacuum Loaders
    Efficient Mobile Industrial Vacuum Loaders UltraVac offers you a selection of advanced design mobile industrial vacuum loaders engineered to help you reduce manpower costs and increase productivity
  • Index Kit Accessory
    Index Kit Accessory The INDEX KIT enables the user to color code documents for easy identification in the file
  • Chlorine Process Control & Monitoring Packages
    Chlorine Process Control & Monitoring Packages This system combines the functions of an analyzer and
  • PermitPartner™ Getting in the car, finding a parking spot and standing in line are just a few of the reasons your constituents love PermitPartner
  • Concrete Pressure Pipe
    Concrete Pressure Pipe This concrete pressure pipe combines concrete and steel to reinforce pipe structures
  • Track Dozer
    Track Dozer The D7000 FC is an 8000 lb. class dozer. The crawler undercarriage has excellent drawbar pull of 9400 lbs. and
  • Electrochemical Sensors
    Electrochemical Sensors The design of the DraegerSensor XS electrochemical sensor offers stability for long operation life, as well as stability in changing temperature pressures and humidity
  • Rectangular Meter Boxes
    Rectangular Meter Boxes The BC and BCF Series meter boxes are constructed using the company’s patented co-molded wall process
  • General Purpose Ear Muffs
    General Purpose Ear Muffs General Purpose Ear Muffs 1435 feature large ear cups, a wide forked headband and soft sealing cushions while only weighing 7.5 oz.
  • Pool Water Management Software
    Pool Water Management Software Stanco, Inc., introduced its Strantrol Virtual Control (SVC), Windows-based software that provides pool water chemistry control from any IBM-compatible, modem-equipped personal computer...
  • SpectraPave For either soft or firm subgrade conditions, use Spectra System technology and the AASHTO ’93 flexible pavement design method to reduce pavement thickness and increase service life.
  • Damage Prevention: Inspection Crawler
    Damage Prevention: Inspection Crawler The ROVVER 600 is a portable and versatile inspection crawler ideally suited for many applications due to its
  • Underlayment No. F-120
    Underlayment No. F-120 Sauereisen Underlayment No. F-120 is a fast-setting, high early strength, Portland-based resurfacing material available in three formulations - Trowelable, Castable, or Gunite.
  • Lifter/Transporter
    Lifter/Transporter A variety of capacities, lifting heights and configurations are available for the Dandy Lift Lifter/Transporter
    GODWIN DRI-PRIME PUMPS The Godwin Dri-Prime -- a totally automatic self-priming centrifugal pumpset available in sizes from 2 inches to 12 inches
  • Color Pan 'N' Rotate Camera
    Color Pan 'N' Rotate Camera Ratech’s Color Pan 'N' Rotate Camera is specifically designed for the internal inspection of storm and /or sanitary sewer lines with a minimum diameter of 6" (150mm).
  • Navitec Wristop Computer
    Navitec Wristop Computer It features an electronic compass, a watch as well as stopwatch function
  • Particulate Respirator
    Particulate Respirator The Particulate Respirator 8514, N95, with Nuisance Level Welding Odor Relief is designed to provide comfortable and reliable worker protection.
  • Safespan Plus Eight Modular Scaffolding System
    Safespan Plus Eight Modular Scaffolding System Safespan recently introduced the +8 Modular Scaffolding System to the U.S. marketplace
  • Water Accountability Program
    Water Accountability Program The program is for those clients requiring comprehensive water accountability services
  • Decanter Centrifuges
    Decanter Centrifuges The 600 Series line of decanter centrifuges can be used for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • ATM Automatic Applicator Cart
    ATM Automatic Applicator Cart ATM Automatic Applicator Cart
  • Side Rotary Boom Mower
    Side Rotary Boom Mower Side Rotary Boom Mower
  • Tank Scale
    Tank Scale Designed for permanently mounting a tank or drum and pumping a liquid in and out, the Model 4010 tank scale features a solid-state operation that employs a temperature compensated, strain gauge transducer
  • Hydraulics and Water Quality Program
    Hydraulics and Water Quality Program WaterMax is a graphical computer program that simulates hydraulics and water quality in distribution systems
  • Sleeveline Valve
    Sleeveline Valve Durco International's G4E Europa Sleeveline Valve was designed for difficult chemical applications...
  • Benchmarking Services RETEC/RPM Systems, Inc. is now offering benchmarking services as part of its EH&S management services
  • Polypropylene Fiber Hot Mix FIBER PAVE 3010 PolyPROpylene fibers are strong and
  • United Interlock Grating Systems
    United Interlock Grating Systems Strong, lightweight, economical, and versatile, United Interlock Grating Systems provide important economy and safety advantages wherever people walk
    COMBUSTIBLE GAS DETECTION TRANSMITTER Bacharach Inc. manufactures the Sentinel Infrared Combustible Gas Detection Transmitter for use in hydrocarbon gas detection applications...
  • Biosolids Handling and Storage System
    Biosolids Handling and Storage System The biosolids handling and storage system is designed to provide a complete dewatered sludge storage and transport system
  • DewEze Bale Loader
    DewEze Bale Loader The Model 660 is a bolt-on conversion that makes any flat bed a big bale loader
  • Meter Pit Pumps
    Meter Pit Pumps Two models of the Meter Pit Pump are available: the 1¼-in. MP125 and the 2-in. MP200
  • Cost Estimating Services Our professionals provide services throughout all levels of project development, all phases of design and construction, including programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction changes
  • Sluice Gates
    Sluice Gates Craft Machine Works supplies a range of cast sluice gates sizes from 6 in. by 6 in. to 12 ft. by 12 ft
  • RD500 Plastic Water Pipe Locator
    RD500 Plastic Water Pipe Locator The system consits of a receiver and a Transonde transmitter
  • Toolbelt
    Toolbelt Nearly everyone involved in construction or home improvement tasks has experienced back pain at one time or another
  • Lift Station Pump Controls
    Lift Station Pump Controls The Drexelbrook Engineering Company has introduced a new lift station pump control instrument
  • 7656WC Model Pull Down Eye Wash
    7656WC Model Pull Down Eye Wash Haws Corporation, a leading manufacturer of emergency equipment, has introduced the model 7656WC pull down eye wash
  • Porta-Seeder Model PS100
    Porta-Seeder Model PS100 Featuring a hose, nozzles, shut off valve and all equipment, the Porta-Seeder is a portable small spray machine
  • Surface Modeling
    Surface Modeling This surface modeling software is designed to reduce the amount of time to create a terrain model from days to
  • ZABOCS™ Biological Odor Control
    ZABOCS™ Biological Odor Control

    The ZABOCS™ biological odor control system is a multi-media system which combines gas absorption, adsorption and biological treatment to capture and then eliminate organic and inorganic odors from wastewater process air streams.

  • Fiberglass Replacement Handle System
    Fiberglass Replacement Handle System The Mech/Loc fiberglass replacement handle is designed to
  • Internet-Based Information System
    Internet-Based Information System Combining the power of two-way Internet connectivity with the intelligence of advanced embedded computer technology, the WebGate IRIS delivers information and control to users in a deregulated energy market
  • Materials Engineering Materials design, non-standard testing procedures, materials evaluations, and forensic engineering are provided by the company
  • Standard Operated UV Lights
    Standard Operated UV Lights Standard Operated UV Lights
  • 1998 Government Requirements Catalog The "Government Institute Publications Catalog 1998" is comprised of 36, two-color pages, plus cover...
  • Chlorine Dioxide Generating Plant
    Chlorine Dioxide Generating Plant With the Bello Zon process from ProMinent, chlorine dioxide can be produced from hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite
  • HydraClam® Water Quality Monitor
    HydraClam® Water Quality Monitor

    The HydraClam® Water Quality Monitor is a purpose-built system for the online monitoring of water quality in the distribution system. It measures four key water quality parameters: turbidity (from 0.1 to 10 NTU), pressure (0 to 145 PSI), conductivity (0 to 2500 µS) and temperature (32 to 86°F). The unit is used for targeted water monitoring within identified problem areas or as a fixed-place monitor

  • Oil Skimmer
    Oil Skimmer Featuring built-in design components, the Model 82 belt oil skimmer has a continuous belt and wiper
  • Steel Building Series
    Steel Building Series With their high sidewall clearance, the P-Series Steel Building is well suited for the back yard or a commercial
  • UltraVac Stationary Loaders
    UltraVac Stationary Loaders An UltraVac stationary vacuum loader can work as part of a plant-wide central vacuum system
  • Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
    Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter Bailey-Fischer & Porter recently unveiled the Elsag Bailey Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
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