• Level Indicating Transmitter
    Level Indicating Transmitter Using an ultrasonic sensor to measure tank level, the LIT25 level indicating transmitter can be used in applications such as chemical inventory, water and wastewater levels
  • Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
    Carbon Dioxide Analyzer The Bacharach CO2 Analyzer 2810 offers automatic pressure and elevation compensation
  • BioFlowsheet+ Solutions
    BioFlowsheet+ Solutions

    BioFlowsheet+ Solutions is a process optimization program. It fully integrates the main unit operations of a wastewater treatment plant into a single solution.

  • Starter Kits These two new leak detection kits help technicians start using fluorescent leak detection, a method designed to
  • Asset / Pavement Management Asset management is an effective tool to assist public works, finance, and other agency professionals understand the value of its public infrastructure and the investment needed to protect that value.
  • Barricade View
    Barricade View Hall Signs is proud to offer a low cost alternative to traditional barricade lights.
  • Prefabricated Vertical Drain
    Prefabricated Vertical Drain The principle feature of Colbonddrain prefabricated vertical drain lies in providing short and permeable drainage paths
  • Fluid Transfer and Conditioning System
    Fluid Transfer and Conditioning System The fluid transfer and conditioning system (FTCS) is a stand alone side stream filtering unit
  • TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber
    TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber TriMax can be fabricated and installed with the same tools used to work with wood lumber
  • Tennant 6500
    Tennant 6500 From smooth cement indoors to rough cobblestone outdoors, even the filthiest surfaces come clean with the Tennant 6500.
  • Vacuum Attachment
    Vacuum Attachment The Lift-Loader cleans up leaves, paper, grass cuttings, animal litter, and street receptacles
  • The Rain Alert 3600 Rainfall Gauge
    The Rain Alert 3600 Rainfall Gauge Each rainfall gauge unit includes a microprocessor with a tipping bucket attachment...
  • Remote Control Cutter/Grinder
    Remote Control Cutter/Grinder The remote controlled HRF 150 cutter and grinder is designed to cut away obstructions within sewer pipes
  • VERTAD Sludge Digestion System The VERTAD sludge digestion system is a state-of-the-art aerobic thermophilic process that converts municipal primary and secondary sludges to Class A Biosolids, as defined by EPA, CFR-503
  • Turfgrass
    Turfgrass A permanent, native, low growing vegetative turfgrass, 609 Buffalograss produces no pollen
  • Engineer Grade Reflectives ATSM Engineering Grade retroreflective sheeting is a beaded plastic material that renders high retroreflectivity at night
  • Series 500 "dia-Pump" Metering Pumps
    Series 500 "dia-Pump" Metering Pumps Series 500 "dia-Pump" chemical metering pumps offer a variety of process control options, including electric stroke length control, pneumatic stroke length control and electric speed control...
  • Water and Waste Control System
    Water and Waste Control System The Pump Station Director variable speed pump control system combines touch screen technology with PLC systems
  • Peripheral Feed Clarifiers The scraper, suction lift, and tapered header clarifiers are available as peripheral feed clarifiers
  • Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program
    Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program 3M Select Software is now FREE on the Net.
  • CD-ROM Training Courses
    CD-ROM Training Courses This CD-ROM contains training courses on erosion and
  • Filter Presses/Dewatering
    Filter Presses/Dewatering

    The J-Press® filter press is the industry standard in sidebar and overhead filter press technology and performance.

  • Inidicating Pressure Switches
    Inidicating Pressure Switches The indicating pressure switches feature single or dual set point arrangements, and use standard reed switches with open SPST contacts
  • Self-Heating Meal
    Self-Heating Meal HeaterMeals Plus combines the original, self-heating HeaterMeals with additional food and beverage items. The meals need no refrigeration...
  • Graffiti Emulsifier
    Graffiti Emulsifier TAGSTER is an emulsifier that encapsulates the problem area
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation System
    Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation System The LO-CAT process is a patented, wet scrubbing, liquid redox system that uses a chelated iron solution to convert H2S to innocuous, elemental sulfur
  • Directional Boring System
    Directional Boring System Engineered for buried service wire and small conduit up to 150 ft, the JT Jet Trac Directional Boring System’s compact size allows the machine to work in confined spaces
  • Capacitance Level Probe
    Capacitance Level Probe Equipped with a microprocessor, model NRF is a capacitance level probe that measures the change in capacitance as level changes in a tank
  • EZ Form Bumpers No longer will you have to go through the labor intensive steps of prepping, pouring, stripping and painting the bumper or bump
  • Saber Tooth Boom Flair Mower
    Saber Tooth Boom Flair Mower Saber Tooth Boom Flair Mower
  • Roll-Off Truck
    Roll-Off Truck The 2000 Series refuse truck is designed to work in harsh work conditions
  • ATM Automatic Applicator Cart
    ATM Automatic Applicator Cart ATM Automatic Applicator Cart
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix
    Bonded Fiber Matrix Bonded Fiber Matrix is a new class of erosion control products, pioneered by Weyerhaeuser with the introduction of Soil Guard.
  • Multi-Drop Fiber Optic Multiplexer
    Multi-Drop Fiber Optic Multiplexer The LT1100 Multi-Drop Fiber Optic Multiplexer interconnects up to 12 devices with RS-232 and/or RS-485 interfaces over single mode
  • Soil Water Sampler
    Soil Water Sampler Model 1900 soil water samplers are large-volume samplers designed for near-surface installation at depths from 6 in.
  • 2 Mil High Performance Cast Vinyl ATSM produces the very best line of 2 Mil Cast high performance vinyl film products in the world today
  • Supply of Substation Structures & Erection Drawings We can custom design a structure in lattice type or low profile type design
  • Technical Bulletin on Pumps
    Technical Bulletin on Pumps This technical bulletin features the manufacturer’s line of
  • Rinse Water Recycling System
    Rinse Water Recycling System This system is designed for rinse water recycling with ion exchange,
  • Pneumatic Bark Spreaders
    Pneumatic Bark Spreaders The truck-mounted Bark Blower 808 and 816 pneumatic spreaders convey wood mulch, compost and other bulk materials to the worksite
  • Molecular Oriented PVC Pressure Pipe
    Molecular Oriented PVC Pressure Pipe Manufactured in accordance with ASTM F-1483 requirements, Ultra-Blue IPS pressure pipe molecular orientation to enhance the material's hydrostatic design strength
  • Belt Descalers
    Belt Descalers This company now produces a line of heavy-duty power transmission belting pipe desclaers
  • Fire Apparatus/EMS Vehicle Lubrication System
    Fire Apparatus/EMS Vehicle Lubrication System Vehicle availability is crucial for emergency apparatus
  • Mini-Lok
    Mini-Lok Sturdy, yet small. Outstanding security
    THREAD-SERT KITS Thread-serts are versatile threaded fasteners that can be used in a variety of applications
  • Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)
    Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP) Cured-in-place-pipe provides a true trenchless monolithic pipe-within-a-pipe for the application where no excavation is a requirement
  • Storage and Transportation Tank
    Storage and Transportation Tank The 550-gallon Megatainer is engineered to transport bulk chemical shipments
  • Trace Oil Removal Filter
    Trace Oil Removal Filter This filter is designed to remove trace oil to allow process water to be cleaned
  • ROOFWALKS Rooftop Walkway Systems
    ROOFWALKS Rooftop Walkway Systems Roofwalks walkways are your low-cost solution to damage caused by rooftop foot traffic
  • Pan & Tilt
    Pan & Tilt Provides 360° radial and 300° Pan and Tilt Viewing
  • Materials Engineering & Testing
    Materials Engineering & Testing ATSER offers engineering and testing services
  • Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems
    Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems When Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems were introduced in 1990, the landscaping and hydroseeding fields were changed forever
  • <b>Grinder Pumps</b>
    Grinder Pumps Grinder pumps can be provided as individual units or in pre-packaged systems
  • Naphthenic Oil We are a leading supplier of naphthenic oils worldwide, offering a unique product line for compounding and blending with features such as
  • Pro Series 2000
    Pro Series 2000 The Quick Coupler System that interchanges attachments no matter which loader you own
  • Volumetric Feeders
    Volumetric Feeders Tecweigh Volumetric Feeders from Tecnetics Industries, Inc. accommodate a range of dry materials
  • Water Storage Tank
    Water Storage Tank The manufacturer strives to develop elevated tanks, reservoirs and standpipes that are functional as well as
  • Nimbi Loader
    Nimbi Loader The Nimbi Loader, standing 5 feet tall at the shoulder and with over 3 feet of reach, is the right size to service a CNC machining center
  • The Go-Anywhere Vacuum Loader
    The Go-Anywhere Vacuum Loader The new UltraVac T-475 is a highly maneuverable, industrial vacuum loader with a mid-range power supply and load capacity
  • West-Crane Bumper Crane
    West-Crane Bumper Crane West-Crane Bumper Crane
  • Porcelain Saddle Packing
    Porcelain Saddle Packing High strength and uniform shape. CECEBE HP packing is made through a slip casting process which produces saddles of uniform shape within a narrow range of size tolerances
  • Materials Engineering Materials design, non-standard testing procedures, materials evaluations, and forensic engineering are provided by the company
  • Hood with Polycoated Tyvek
    Hood with Polycoated Tyvek The Hood with Polycoated Tyvek is used on Air-Mate HEPA, Breathe Easy and Supplied Air Hood Systems.
  • UTP-to Fiber Optic Converter The LT5100 UTP-to Fiber Optic Converter replaces or extends 10BaseT segments with multimode (85O/l3l0nm) or single mode
  • SpectraPave For either soft or firm subgrade conditions, use Spectra System technology and the AASHTO ’93 flexible pavement design method to reduce pavement thickness and increase service life.
  • The Bilge Mate-e™
    The Bilge Mate-e™ Floats on bilge water to absorb fuel and oil leaks. Great for blocking scuppers for deck spills or anywhere large leaks or spills are a problem.
  • Litter Collection System
    Litter Collection System The Madvac 231-D introduces an all-steel, four-wheel chassis with a fully enclosed cab to allow comfort and
  • Spreader  TT 10 H2
    Spreader TT 10 H2 The TT 10 H2 combines the best of the two spreading methods and features the capacity and technology for major tasks
  • Stack Monitor The CLD 70 S, the company's newest analyzer, measures from 0-5000 ppm and offers four user-defined ranges ...
  • Micro-PLC Control Options
    Micro-PLC Control Options Rockwell Automation provides DF1 half-duplex (slave) capability on a micro-PLC, which makes their line of micro-PLCs...
  • Pipe Pusher-Puller The Model PD-6 is designed to install utility service pipelines in the most difficult soil conditions. The model is quick and accurate in sand...
  • Flood Certificate and Maps The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Certificate provides certification of a property's location in relation to identified flood zones
  • On-Line Analyzer
    On-Line Analyzer The TresCon multi-parameter on-line monitoring system measures Ammonia-Nitrogen, Nitrate-Nitrogen, Nitrite-Nitrogen, Ortho-Phosphate, and others
  • The Captivator™ System
    The Captivator™ System

    The Captivator System improves a conventional process by replacing primary clarification and separate sludge thickening with a VLR® Contact Tank and a Folded Flow® DAF applied to the liquid stream.  Organic matter is extracted from raw wastewater and sent directly to anaerobic digestion.  Since less BOD is sent to the biological aeration tanks, less energy is required by the process.  Waste activated sludge is circulated to the aerated VLR contact tank at the front end of the plant.  The Captivator System reduces capital investments otherwise required for primary clarification, separate sludge thickening, and normal aeration tank volume.

  • TECWEIGH LS20 Bin Level Indicator
    TECWEIGH LS20 Bin Level Indicator Tecnetics Industries, Inc. introduces the TECWEIGH LS20 Bin Level Indicator
  • VX500 Photo Ionization Detector
    VX500 Photo Ionization Detector The VX500 PhotoIonization Detector (PID) provides the ultimate flexibility in portable detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The VX500 utilizes a field replaceable, plug-in detector and interchangeable 10.6 eV or 11.7 eV lamps to monitor potentially hazardous compounds including benzene, toluene, xylene, and vinyl chloride at levels as low as 100 parts per billion (ppb).
  • Bowie Crimp-Disc
    Bowie Crimp-Disc The Bowie Crimp-Disc anchors straw and hay mulch into the soil
  • Drinking Water Filtration Systems Environmental Products Division of Hoffinger Industries, Inc., manufactures a line of drinking water filtration systems available in epoxy coated steel tank or fiberglass composite tank configurations
  • Pre-Packaged Pump Stations
    Pre-Packaged Pump Stations Most of the stations (with the exception of concrete) come completely pre-assembled
  • 3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower
    3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower Features of the 3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower
  • Electromechanical Membrane Pump
    Electromechanical Membrane Pump The electromechanical (EM) membrane pump has a capacity of up to 286 GPM and operates in continuous service
  • Electric Drive Godwin Dri-Prime Pumps
    Electric Drive Godwin Dri-Prime Pumps Cost efficient driver, low maintenance, and reliable continuous pumping are the benefits of the Godwin Dri-Prime electric drive pump
  • Low Profile Container
    Low Profile Container The FL343 is a front load, low profile container designed with a lower front height for easy access accompanied with
  • Random Polyamide Matting
    Random Polyamide Matting This three-dimensional random polyamide matting is designed to help develop strong vegetation as natural protection against erosion
  • Pneumatic Pipe-Bursting System
    Pneumatic Pipe-Bursting System The PortaBurst system is designed to install pipe up to 6-in.-dia. The complete package (winch, tool, and burst
    TUFF STUFF Unlike standard plastic drop-in truck bed liners, Rhino Linings' sprayed-on TUFF STUFF polyurethane provides durable watertight and airtight truck bed protection
  • Benchtop Non-Glass pH System
    Benchtop Non-Glass pH System The IQ240 benchtop pH system features non-glass ISFET technology with a stainless steel probe and silicon chip pH
  • Bulk Spreader SW3501 The well-known bulk spreader with the wheel
  • Model 510 Utility Locators The Model 510 of utility locators has an audio signal that is frequency modulated
  • Vortex Flowmeters The Hydro-Flow model 2200 flowmeter uses vortex technology
  • ViaWeb™ Internet-Based Load Tracking Service
    ViaWeb™ Internet-Based Load Tracking Service ViaWeb provides trucking companies and their customers with direct access to accurate, real-time load status and location information
  • Two Lines of Square Stackables
    Two Lines of Square Stackables Snyder's square stackable has been separated into two lines, the standard and the premium
  • Decanter Centrifuges
    Decanter Centrifuges The 600 Series line of decanter centrifuges can be used for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Reducers
    Reducers Many standard slope lengths for concentric and eccentric reducers are available
  • 6000 Drum Handler
    6000 Drum Handler 6000 Drum Handler features a new design that attached to vitally any forklift, performing lifting, rotating and pouring drums with diameters of 18 to 23.5 in...
  • Electronic Twist-lock Photocontrols
    Electronic Twist-lock Photocontrols Lumatrol’s Electronic twist-lock Photocontrols incorporates an integrated circuit and surface mounted technology...
  • (2) 1994 IHCs
    (2) 1994 IHCs DT466, automatic, 23,000 lb. rear, Labrie "Up & Over" recycler. Dual steering.
  • Hard Brick and Cured Concrete Wheels
    Hard Brick and Cured Concrete Wheels The professionals choice for hard materials. National Diamond's 600 series will provide both aggressive cutting
  • JetMix&trade; Vortex Mixing System
    JetMix™ Vortex Mixing System

    The JetMix™ system suspends organic and inorganic solids with intermittent mixing, making possible power savings of up to 50% or more. The system maintains efficiency regardless of tank level and minimizes dead spots due to its innovative mixing pattern.

  • Enterprise Asset Management System Datastream 7i is the most technically advanced asset management solution for helping companies buy, target, manage, and sell their capital assets.
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