• Environmental Awareness Video Series Coastal Training's Environmental Awareness Series covers EPA compliance in six videos including environmental awareness, criminal liability, small and large-quantity generators, and risk-management
  • Solution for Wastewater Sludge, Grease & Odor Bio Energizer is a formulation of organic acids, buffers, natural biological systems, nutrients and energy systems. It is designed to balance the natural...
    COMBUSTIBLE GAS DETECTION TRANSMITTER Bacharach Inc. manufactures the Sentinel Infrared Combustible Gas Detection Transmitter for use in hydrocarbon gas detection applications...
  • WorksAlone 2
    WorksAlone 2 The WorksAlone 2 is an independent sensor/monitor that displays gas concentrations levels and signals alarm conditions when programmed alarm points have been exceeded. The WorksAlone 2 provides one or two gas monitoring points installed either on-board or at a distance from electronic controllers, enabling users to combine nearly any sequence of oxygen, toxic or combustible gas monitoring without the cost of buying redundant electronics.
  •  DirtDemon
    DirtDemon DirtDemon is a unique program that expands the existing Autodesk Land Development Desktop Grid Volume capability
  • Hospital Remedies Grease Affliction A hospital waiting area can sometimes be an intimidating place. After all, it’s for people either waiting to be
  • DS350 Load Moment Indicator (LMI)
    DS350 Load Moment Indicator (LMI) PAT's DS 350 LMI puts a full range of precise information right in the cab
  • Radial Flow Heat Exchangers
    Radial Flow Heat Exchangers Compact design. The radial flow layout results in a more compact design for a given pressure loss and heat transfer duty
  • Universal Backhoe Bucket Standard Duty
    Universal Backhoe Bucket Standard Duty Specifically designed for digging in moderate to heavy soil conditions such as tough clay mixed with rock
  • Litter Collection Vehicles
    Litter Collection Vehicles MADVAC offers a complete line of patented vacuum litter collection systems designed to eliminate...
  • Management Software Aquilium Software Corporation introduced Aquilium Revenue Management
  • FloGard®+PLUS™ For Stormwater Treatment
    FloGard®+PLUS™ For Stormwater Treatment Kristar's FloGard®+PLUS™ is a multipurpose catch basin insert designed to capture sediment, debris, trash & oils/grease from low (first flush) flows.
  • Form Funnel The Form Funnel is designed to fill in those narrow areas
  • FLOODEX® Floodvents The Floodex Modular Flood Vent System was developed in direct response to these recent FEMA/NFIP/BOCA and major building code mandates for a method to automatically, that is, without any power source or human intervention, equalize hydrostatic pressure of floodwaters against both sides of foundation walls.
  • Special Units
    Special Units The answer to ADA compliance in an attractive hydrant...
  • Strainer
    Strainer With the see-through, PVC Y strainer, users can see how much dirt and debris has been trapped by the strainer element
  • 12,000 & 15,000 LB. Capacity Lifts Models LMF-12 TP-15
    12,000 & 15,000 LB. Capacity Lifts Models LMF-12 TP-15 12,000 & 15,000 LB. Capacity Lifts Models LMF-12 TP-15
  • Sonic Cleaner The Infrafone sonic cleaning device utilizes low frequency sound energy as a medium for the cleaning of air preheaters, economizers, refinery CO boilers and other applications
  • Park Blend Park Blend is a cool season grass blended of Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass and Tall Fescue.
    TUFF STUFF Unlike standard plastic drop-in truck bed liners, Rhino Linings' sprayed-on TUFF STUFF polyurethane provides durable watertight and airtight truck bed protection
  • 8576, P95 Particulate Respirator
    8576, P95 Particulate Respirator The 8576, P95 Particulate Respirator is designed to protect the worker against certain oil and non-oil based aerosol particles including those present with nuisance levels of acid gases
  • Motor Driven Metering Pumps
    Motor Driven Metering Pumps These new hydraulic motor driven metering pumps, the Hydro/2 and Hydro/3, are designed to offer precise and
  • Strong Union Ball Valve Stem has internal land above ball that is pressure seated to the body protecting the stem and stem seal from contaminants
  • Container Adapter
    Container Adapter The Brute adapter mounts to Models 4600, 5600, 5650, and 6000 drum handles for a reliable method of lifting, transporting and pouring 32, 44 and 55-gallon containers
  • Pump Control Panel
    Pump Control Panel The GAF Series control panel has an interrupting capacity of 22,000 amps and circuit breakers with
  • 1989 GMC 7000
    1989 GMC 7000 Telelect bucket with, material handling winch & jib, 8.2 diesel, 10 spd.
  • Contractor Pump This new contractor pump is a multi-purpose gasoline-engine driven pump ideal for moving water in areas where
  • Fiber Pave
    Fiber Pave FiberVisions, Inc., through its own research and development, as well as independent laboratories and universities, has developed a high quality polypropylene fiber.
  • Automatic Self-Leveling Laser
    Automatic Self-Leveling Laser Combining liquid compensation with a fast leveling motor, RL-HA/RL-HB automatic self-leveling lasers can be used for applications from sub-base leveling to concrete finishing
  • Alarm Network Brochure The company’s network of GFS 2000 components, including a freezing point temperature sensor, external measuring station, precipitation detector, and a ground probe is described in the six-page brochure
  • Parcel Mapping Our cadastral mapping technicians are experienced in all forms of property records and survey systems and techniques
  • General Purpose Flowmeter
    General Purpose Flowmeter The R-series flowmeter offers similar benefits for their general purpose applications as the high-precision flowmeter line
  • Pipe Saws
    Pipe Saws Reed Manufacturing Company introduces plastic pipe saws
  • CLASSI- 186
    CLASSI- 186 A sterilant, containing a Peroxide/Peracid mixture, which is used for air duct disinfection, food preservation and wastewater effluent disinfection
  • 2-Ton RMV Hot Patcher
    2-Ton RMV Hot Patcher Easy mobility, higher production rates ­- Less refill time -- Less return time to the shop --
  • OdinFAST
    OdinFAST Odin Fixed Anti-Icing Spray Technology (OdinFAST) provides immediate protection against snow and ice on parking ramps, walkways, loading docks, Handicap parking spaces, emergency room entrances etc
  • Top Mounted Magnetic Gage
    Top Mounted Magnetic Gage The Multiview Top Mount Magnetic Gage offers visual level indication when side-mounted level monitoring is not an option
  • Lifter
    Lifter The slim profile of the TRIMLIFT II gives unrestricted access to the hopper and allows for the collection of rear-
  • First Aid Kits
    First Aid Kits First Aid Kits
  • Unitized Storage Tank Heaters
    Unitized Storage Tank Heaters Process Heating Company's Unitized Heaters fit easily into any tank or vat
  • Business License System
    Business License System The Business License System is designed for use by cities and counties to manage the issuance of Business Licenses and track historical detail about the Business Licenses. This system allows user-defined rates, penalties, interest, cash registers, cash drawers, license parameters, invoice parameters, statement parameters, and even cash receipt parameters.
  • W2000
    W2000 Broad cutting width, high performance, powerful, compact large-volume milling machine for removing deteriorated asphalt pavements, or complete roadway structures down to13 inches in a single pass...
  • Equipment Rentals
    Equipment Rentals Carbonair has an extensive fleet of equipment available for short-term and long-term rental...
  • Fountains for All Seasons
    Fountains for All Seasons The most durable line of fountains in the industry compliment any area in any season.
  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter The LA15 series Ricochet ultrasonic level transmitter is specifically designed for IBC (immediate bulk container)
  • Pipe Inspection System The new 3-D digital video-based pipe inspection system is based on an instrument-controlled robot, the Radiax Vector
  • Travel and Alignment Sensing System
    Travel and Alignment Sensing System FMC Corporation’s Travel and Alignment Sensing System (TAS) was designed to electronically monitor retangular sludge collector systems...
  • Downtown Directional (Wayfinding) Signs
    Downtown Directional (Wayfinding) Signs Decorating with customized downtown directional signs is the optimal way of promoting the unique attractions, features, and services that your community has to offer.
  • Drum Storage Rack
    Drum Storage Rack Compatible with most lift trucks, each Stack-n-Go unit includes four drum trays with 7½-in. fork pockets.
  • High Frequency Electric Vibrators
    High Frequency Electric Vibrators Cougar High Frequency Vibrators produce more force for the size, weight and cost than any other type of vibrator available
  • Submersible Level Transmitter
    Submersible Level Transmitter Designed specifically for applications in greasy and/or high-solids wet well environments, the KPSI submersible level transmitter resists fouling due to its 2 5/8-in. wide, smooth elastomeric diaphragm design
  • Manhole Joint Seals
    Manhole Joint Seals An internal rubber sealing system developed to stop leakage in precast manhole joints
  • Closed-Loop Air System
    Closed-Loop Air System The Regenerative Air Sweeper uses a controlled blast of air to dislodge debris from the surface
  • SewerGard - Trowelable No. 210
    SewerGard - Trowelable No. 210 This lining system is specifically designed to protect concrete surfaces of municipal wastewater treatment structures and collection systems from chemical attack and physical abuse.
  • Adjust-A-Hitch
    Adjust-A-Hitch Change Hitch Heights Without Unhitching The Trailer. Single Pin Adjustment.
  • Chemical Feed Systems
    Chemical Feed Systems These custom chemical feed systems are designed to customers’ exact specifications to fill any requirements,
  • Straw Wattles
    Straw Wattles Straw Wattles filter stormwater runoff water
  • APWA CONGRESS: Vacuum Catch Basin Cleaner
    APWA CONGRESS: Vacuum Catch Basin Cleaner The Vac/All model LV16-FB is designed to be a powerful and
  • Grinder Pump Station
    Grinder Pump Station Constructed with robust, field-proven thermoplastic materials, the GP 2000 grinder pump station can be used for wastewater pumping
  • Recycling Systems - Balers
    Recycling Systems - Balers Marathon offers an extensive line of Recycling Systems to meet your production demands and budget. From the powerful Two-Ram Horizontal Balers to the smaller, compact Vertical Balers, we have the model to suit your needs
  • Lateral Sealing System
    Lateral Sealing System The TOP HAT system offers a permanent lateral sealing in relined pipelines. The system uses a Polyester impregnated corrosion resistant fiberglass...
  • Calibrator Brochure
    Calibrator Brochure Extech Instruments Corporation introduces a new brochure featuring calibrators
  • Heated Tack Oil Storage Tanks
    Heated Tack Oil Storage Tanks PHCo's heated emulsion (tack oil) storage tanks are custom designed and built to meet your needs
  • Electrode Relay/Power Supply
    Electrode Relay/Power Supply The NE-3000 Series Electrode Relay/Power Supply is equipped with two SPDT relays capable of providing minimum or maximum setpoint signals
  • Remote Display
    Remote Display Featuring three-in. high numerals on a transflective display and automatic backlighting, the SB-300 rugged remote display is designed to be highly visible
  • Self-Heating Meal
    Self-Heating Meal HeaterMeals Plus combines the original, self-heating HeaterMeals with additional food and beverage items. The meals need no refrigeration...
  • FARM
    FARM Ken Jones makes it easier to buy specialty tires, chains, and value added products
    NEW GRADALL 534D9-45 MATERIAL HANDLER HAS 45-FOOT LIFT HEIGHT, 9,000-POUND CAPACITY The new 534D9-45 Gradall material handler is the first telescoping boom machine of its kind to offer the combined advantages of a 45-foot lift height, a maximum capacity up to 9,000 pounds and exceptionally easy operation
  • Screenbowl and Solid Bowl Centrifuges
    Screenbowl and Solid Bowl Centrifuges The screenbowl and solid bowl centrifuges are both driven by planetary gear boxes which have input and output shafts
  • Used & Demonstrator Vehicles At times, Demonstrator and Used equipment becomes available...
  • Barricade View
    Barricade View Hall Signs is proud to offer a low cost alternative to traditional barricade lights.
  • Rapid Set Cement
    Rapid Set Cement A pure hydraulic cement designed to replace portland cement in your high performance grout, mortar, and concrete mixtures
  • Multi-Gas Monitors
    Multi-Gas Monitors Standard features of the Personal Surveyor Series multi-gas monitors include one button operation, electronic zero and high contrast digital display
  • CPJ Convertible Pump
    CPJ Convertible Pump Whether operating as a shallow well or deep well pump, count on F&W’s versatile, powerful jet pumps to deliver more water at full city pressures
  • Organic Tank Primer
    Organic Tank Primer Developed specifically for use on water tanks, 91-H2O Hydro-Zinc is a moisture-cured, urethane zinc-rich primer that can be shop-applied to both sides of a steel plate
  • Granular Activated Carbons for Potable Water
    Granular Activated Carbons for Potable Water The Filtrasorb 300 and Filtrasorb 400 are high activity granular activated carbons developed for the removal of taste and odor compounds
  • Pavement Repair
    Pavement Repair QPR2000 (Quality Pavement Repair), featured at the APWA Exposition in Las Vegas, is a premixed, open-graded cold patch
  • The RoadMaster™
    The RoadMaster™ The RoadMaster™ is a four head side view mirror system that replaces standard "west coast" style mirrors
  • In-Line Induction Unit
    In-Line Induction Unit The In-Line "IL" series Water Champ is designed for installation through a corporation/ wet tap arrangement
  • Hazardous Material Storage Buildings
    Hazardous Material Storage Buildings Hazardous material storage buildings that are engineered to offer safety, security, segregation, and secondary containment storage are available for hazardous materials, chemicals and waste
  • Custom Chemical Feed Systems
    Custom Chemical Feed Systems These chemical feed systems are designed to customers’
  • Fluid Transfer and Conditioning System
    Fluid Transfer and Conditioning System The fluid transfer and conditioning system (FTCS) is a stand alone side stream filtering unit
  • Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container
    Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container The Crown Vacuum Tight Roll Off storage containers offer a cost effective way to store and transport liquids and sludges for disposal
  • Interlocking Concrete Units
    Interlocking Concrete Units A-jacks are high stability, concrete armor units designed to interlock into a flexible, permeable matrix
  • Transmission Flusher
    Transmission Flusher With its simple adapters, this machine is easier and faster to hook up than flushers that tee in at the cooler lines
  • Pan/Tilt Inspection Camera
    Pan/Tilt Inspection Camera The P&T 460 pan/tilt pipe inspection camera pans 275° and rotates 360°.
  • ATM 320 Permanent Grade
    ATM 320 Permanent Grade Series 320 tapes are suitable for markings that are subject to moderate, well-channelized traffic volumes
  • Ceramic Filter Elements
    Ceramic Filter Elements Featuring tightly controlled porosity and pore sizes, the monolithic ceramic filter elements can be used in water and air filtration
  • Boltless Casing Spacer
    Boltless Casing Spacer The Ranger2 Casing Spacer is an all non-metallic UV resistant polymer casing spacer
  • Video Image Scope
    Video Image Scope Everest Imaging introduces new features for the 6 mm Video Probe XL
  • Carwash Recycling Systems
    Carwash Recycling Systems This system is designed to consistently provide clean, odorless, under 5 micron recycled water year after year
  • ATM 400 Permanent Intersection Grade
    ATM 400 Permanent Intersection Grade Extra-thick 90 mil. (2.29 mm) composite
  • Industrial Sand
    Industrial Sand This sand meets specifications for water filtration, well drilling, environmental drilling, soil remediation, and
  • Dump / Spreader
    Dump / Spreader The heavy duty construction of the 12 M Dump/Spreader includes a steel bolted floor reinforced by a honeycomb type structure, replaceable conveyor apron,
  • Restrained and Testable Joints
    Restrained and Testable Joints The AWWA Standard bell and spigot joint configuration is said to be appropriate for most installations
  • Lift Covers
    Lift Covers These new hydraulic lift covers are weatherproof, and made
  • Go-For-Digger 1
    Go-For-Digger 1 The Go-For-Digger 1 gets you there fast to repair that leak or break, run a new service or many other jobs
  • Full Duplex Multimedia Extender The POC6900 system provides simultaneous transmission of one Ethernet channel, one video channel, one stereo or two monaural audio channels
  • (5) 1992 & 1993 CCCs
    (5) 1992 & 1993 CCCs 210 h.p. Cummins, automatic, 35,000 lb. rear, 20 yd. Heil 5000. Dual steering.
  • Shredders
    Shredders Without a paper shredder, your confidential documents probably wind up in the trash