• Management Software Aquilium Software Corporation introduced Aquilium Revenue Management
  • Used & Demonstrator Vehicles At times, Demonstrator and Used equipment becomes available...
  • Armorlon Products
    Armorlon Products Armorlon products offer the durability and strength of canvas but possess the flexibility and ease of handling of a far lighter material
  • Electronic Laser Level
    Electronic Laser Level Offering an accuracy of ± 8.0 seconds, the NL-300E electronic level has a compensator range of ±10 minutes and an operating diameter of 1,706 ft
  • Surface Mount Directional Lightheads
    Surface Mount Directional Lightheads The model 640CLBRR is a 64 Series LED Brake/Tail light. This durable light features long life and high intensity LED lightheads.
  • Air Operated Ball Vibrators
    Air Operated Ball Vibrators Cougar Ball Vibrators are designed to produce more force for size, weight and cost than any other type of vibrators available.
  • New Arm Advance Actuator
    New Arm Advance Actuator At the heart of the Arm Advance Sentry arm control is a heavy-duty electro-mechanical actuator
  • Onboard Truck Air Scale For use in air or hydraulic suspension, the Air Scale system provides readings for cabs/tractors and trailers
  • Big Dipper W-1500-AST
    Big Dipper W-1500-AST Check out the latest and largest Big Dipper unit! Measuring in at almost 9 feet long, the new W-1500-AST sports 12
  • Tapered V-Bottom Trailers
    Tapered V-Bottom Trailers Lighter and stronger than other "so-called" light weight trailers, the Tapered V-Bottom withstands "Torsional Twist" in long trailer lengths that will normally crack other light weight trailers. Vertical and lateral extruded aluminum structural members provide the utmost strength in this vital area.
  • Leak-Free And Splash-Free Knife-Gate Slurry Valves
    Leak-Free And Splash-Free Knife-Gate Slurry Valves The Clarkson Company, has announced the availability of a brochure describing their new Model KGD Knife-Gate Slurry Valve...
  • Radiodetection Corporation
    Radiodetection Corporation Viewing the internal condition of pipes, conduits, small ducts and similar passages
  • Self Propelled Auger Dredge
    Self Propelled Auger Dredge The LWT PIT HOG 724MAU Self-Propelled Dredge (SPAD) is
  • TerraTex GS-150
    TerraTex GS-150 Stabilization Fabric Designed For Use Beneath Paved Systems
  • Damage Prevention: Electronic Marker
    Damage Prevention: Electronic Marker The Omni Marker electronically marks and locates
  • Valve Box Inserts
    Valve Box Inserts Parson Valve Box Inserts are made of high density polyethylene and have been proven effective in reducing or preventing surface water inflow, dirt and debris that collects in a water valve box
  • FOX Constant Monitoring System (CMS)
    FOX Constant Monitoring System (CMS) This system is used for monitoring continually the flow of storm water. When and unacceptable level of soluble pollutant is recorded, the unit will go into alarm mode and divert.
  • Horizontal Swing Check Valve & with spring assist Lowest pressure drop compared to other check valve designs
  • Power Pruner
    Power Pruner The lightweight, portable power pruners are designed for use by tree service firms, landscapers, tree farmers, foresters, and utility companies
  • WEFTEC 2000: Filtration Technology
    WEFTEC 2000: Filtration Technology These treatment plants consists of two 8-ft.-dia. stainless steel filter vessels containing the manufacture’s patented
  • Vacuum Litter Collection Vehicle
    Vacuum Litter Collection Vehicle The mobile MADVAC 101-D vacuums litter from airport runways, streets, sidewalks, public markets, alleyways, and grassy areas
  • Construction Management Project delivery does not end with final design documents.
  • Coupling Protection System
    Coupling Protection System The Depend-O-Wrap system is a solution that offers maximum protection for Depend-O-Lok couplings in buried service
  • CD-ROM Training Courses
    CD-ROM Training Courses This CD-ROM contains training courses on erosion and
  • Cantilever Pumps
    Cantilever Pumps The pumps range in size from 2" to 10" with heads ranging in excess of 200 feet
  • 6,000 LB. Capacity Universal Scissor Lift Model USL-600
    6,000 LB. Capacity Universal Scissor Lift Model USL-600 6,000 LB. Capacity Universal Scissor Lift Model USL-600
  • Variable Speed Controls
    Variable Speed Controls Variable frequency drives are available in various enclosures and configurations
  • Cell-Colony Reader
    Cell-Colony Reader The Mammalian Cell-Colony Reader is engineered for visualizing colonies, monolayers, plaques, and foci in petri dishes safe and accurate
  • Pipe Bursting System
    Pipe Bursting System Grundocrack pipe bursting systems help refurbish failing infrastructures
  • Drainage Handbook CD-ROM Hancor, Inc. released Volume II of its CD-ROM Drainage Handbook
  • Iron Covers
    Iron Covers The MSP iron cover is available in a variety of styles including raised, flat or recessed, locking or non locking
  • Recycling Gloves
    Recycling Gloves The Nitro-Pro recycling gloves are made with a cotton jersey lining and are engineered to be puncture- and cut-resistant
  • Tanks, Spheres and Terminals
    Tanks, Spheres and Terminals This company offers a full spectrum of products for safe,
  • Street Sweeping Brooms - Deflector Strips
    Street Sweeping Brooms - Deflector Strips Heritage offers a complete line of O.E.M. style brushes
  • Hemp Work Gloves
    Hemp Work Gloves Knitted from 100% hemp yarn and sewn from hemp canvas, these work gloves are designed to be versatile and tough
  • Container Adapter
    Container Adapter The Brute adapter mounts to Models 4600, 5600, 5650, and 6000 drum handles for a reliable method of lifting, transporting and pouring 32, 44 and 55-gallon containers
  • Programmable Pressure Sensor/Switch
    Programmable Pressure Sensor/Switch Type 8311 pressure sensor/switch is designed especially to switch a valve, relay or pump and establish a simple ON/OFF control loop...
  • Hydraulic Sidewall Fusion Machine
    Hydraulic Sidewall Fusion Machine The LD Sidewinder is a hydraulic sidewall fusion machine for larger polyethylene (PE) pipe
  • AM-Cutter System
    AM-Cutter System The AM-Cutter performs a dual function. It reopens laterals in lined pipes...
  • Video Recording Device
    Video Recording Device Datavis is a four-channel paperless video recording device featuring an LCD display
  • FileNet
    FileNet FileNET Corporation is a provider of Integrated Document Management technologies which include workflow, document-imaging, electronic document management, and computer output to laser disk client/server and Internet software solutions.
  • Blowing System
    Blowing System Using a feed system said to yield no waste, the Express Blower is designed to spread large amounts of organic materials
  • Front Load Container
    Front Load Container Well suited for apartment complexes, schools, hospitals and public use, the FL241 Front Load, Low Slant Refuse
  • Close Coupled Motor Mounting
    Close Coupled Motor Mounting The Close Coupled Motor Mounting system combines a simple and flexible motor mounting system with a heavy-duty magnetic drive
  • Net Tech For Stormwater Treatment
    Net Tech For Stormwater Treatment Kristar's Net Tech, for stormwater treatment, is a versatile device that can be fitted to outfalls to retain trash and debris in a wide variety of situations. Net Techs have been fitted in beach, river, canal and creek situations.
  • Tifdwarf Tifdwarf is a hybrid bermudagrass cross of Cynodon transvaalensis X Cynodon dactylon.
  • Alarm Monitoring and Notification System
    Alarm Monitoring and Notification System Developed as a automatic monitoring and notification system, the ADAS DiaLog alarm can automatically phone or page up to 16 separate numbers
  • 1995 IHC 4900
    1995 IHC 4900 Rebuilt DT466 With one year warranty. Automatic, 40,000 LB
  • Smart Valve Positioner
    Smart Valve Positioner Compact, rugged and lightweight, the SVP3000 Alphaplus is a fully automatic, high accuracy smart valve positioner
  • Buzzsaw Reseller <%=company1%> is now an authorized "Project Workspace" Reseller in Canada...
  • Zebra&reg; QL&trade; Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers
    Zebra® QL™ Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers The QL series of direct thermal mobile printers have been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain both rugged construction and minimal weight. With center-loading media, smart battery monitoring and an optional LCD, they provide user-friendly options to keep your business moving.
  • The Hose Monster The Hose Monster is designed to test fire pumps and rooftop
  • Bentley SELECT Bentley SELECT is a service and technology subscription program provided by Bentley and CorDax. Together, we are able to streamline the delivery and support of Bentley products, with an emphasis on continuous, incremental enhancements that benefit your organization by maximizing your investment in MicroStation software.
  • Ductile Iron Wheels
    Ductile Iron Wheels National Diamond's Ductile Iron Wheel is the mechanical contractor's answer to a prayer
  • Wholesale Seeds
    Wholesale Seeds Wholesale seeds for reclamation, erosion control and landscaping, etc.
  • As Seen at the AWWA Annual Conference: Protective Finishing Coating
    As Seen at the AWWA Annual Conference: Protective Finishing Coating A fugitive colorant designed to facilitate uniform application of clear protective finishes to water storage tanks and vessels, the series 44-500 Skip-Saf has been introduced by the company
  • Fuel Transfer
    Fuel Transfer the Mini-Gasser Fuel Transfer Unit is just one of the systems available from Goodall Mfg. LLC
  • Autodialers and Control Systems
    Autodialers and Control Systems Raco Manufacturing & Engineering Company introduced their systems of autodialers, which can function in monitoring, reporting and control applications
  • Woven Geotextiles
    Woven Geotextiles Depending on the actual strength of the subgrade, Geotex woven geotextiles have the ability to perform several
  • Water and Waste Control System
    Water and Waste Control System The Pump Station Director variable speed pump control system combines touch screen technology with PLC systems
  • Spreader
    Spreader Used for broadcast seeding, spreading fertilizers, granular herbicides and insecticides, and ice melters, the S-3B PTO spreader has a capacity of three cubic bushels
  • GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator
    GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator The GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator detects the magnetic field of a ferromagnetic object
  • Conwed 3000
    Conwed 3000 Conwed 3000 bridges the gap between erosion control blankets and current mulching technologies.
  • TrafficMaster Products
    TrafficMaster Products MDI's TrafficMaster signholders are
  • Ground Water Database
    Ground Water Database Ground Water On-Line is a database containing more than 78,000 ground water literature citations
  • Carefree Building Products
    Carefree Building Products Sit back and relax on your beautiful, maintenance-free deck made from Carefree Building Products
  • In-Line Induction Unit
    In-Line Induction Unit The In-Line "IL" series Water Champ is designed for installation through a corporation/ wet tap arrangement
  • DS350 Load Moment Indicator (LMI)
    DS350 Load Moment Indicator (LMI) PAT's DS 350 LMI puts a full range of precise information right in the cab
  • Auxiliary Air System For Vehicles Without Onboard Air Systems The auxiliary air system includes the following components
  • Pedestrian Gateway
    Pedestrian Gateway Corridor of Safety” Developed with the same technology as the famous Flexible Marker Post, these devices offer exceptional crosswalk recognition
  • Cast Basalt Floor Tiles
    Cast Basalt Floor Tiles Cast Basalt floor tiles are a material with decorative appeal and exceptional physical performance characteristics
  • Blade-Loc Blade-Loc is a tool that when attached to a vibratory unit facilitates the installation of the Silt-Loc material
  • North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear
    North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear This economical safety spectacle offers popular low-profile styling.
  • Wastewater Heat Recovery System
    Wastewater Heat Recovery System The Ludell wastewater heat recovery system features automatic backflush, continuous tube headers and purge valve insure high efficiency
  • Suction Clarifiers
    Suction Clarifiers The suction lift and tapered head suction clarifiers are used in secondary and final sedimentation basins
  • Lifter/Transporter
    Lifter/Transporter A variety of capacities, lifting heights and configurations are available for the Dandy Lift Lifter/Transporter
  • Pocket Flashlight
    Pocket Flashlight The new Pocket SabreLite 2C is compact and fits comfortably
  • Conveyor Belt Scales
    Conveyor Belt Scales Tecweigh offers their Conveyor Belt Scales
  • (2) 1992 White Expeditors
    (2) 1992 White Expeditors 280 H.P. Cummins, HT automatic, 44,000 LB. rears, 40 yd. heil 1/2 pack
  • Pump Control Panel
    Pump Control Panel The GAF Series control panel has an interrupting capacity of 22,000 amps and circuit breakers with
  • Risk Management The design and construction of large, complex projects involving multiple disciplines and project interfaces can pose particular problems in bringing projects to completion on time, within budget, and with the required quality and performance
  • Process Gauges
    Process Gauges The 900 Series gauges feature cam and roller movement, designed to allow each unit to be used in a variety of configurations
  • RFID Anywhere
    RFID Anywhere Simplify the development and deployment of RFID solutions with RFID Anywhere.
  • Potable Water Filtration
    Potable Water Filtration A mobile response unit for potable water applications, designed and built by Separmatic Filter Company,...
  • MPM4E Equipment Management System MPM4E is a very easy to use Windows based software that comes loaded with the Service Charts for most of the equipment that you maintain and operate.
  • Tanaka TED262R Drill
    Tanaka TED262R Drill No cords, no batteries, no hassles! Versatile, economical alternative to electric and battery-operated drills
  • Sulfur Eliminator Water Treatment System
    Sulfur Eliminator Water Treatment System A single water treatment system that corrects many tough water problems, like ferrous iron, sulfur, taste, odor, color, low pH and turbidity
  • Tape
    Tape Safety tape is available for barricade tape, underground tape, and special width roll flagging
  • SFCC15 Cartridges
    SFCC15 Cartridges The SFCC15 provides the economical solution for retrofitting trucks or equipping new trucks with a complete closed loop ground speed spreader control system
  • MVPc™ In-Vehicle Computer
    MVPc™ In-Vehicle Computer The MVPc operates on the Windows CE platform and uses custom or third-party applications to monitor and automate DOT logs
  • External Repair Couplings
    External Repair Couplings The Depend-O-Lok Encapsulating coupling offers a method of resealing leaking pipe joints with little or no downtime during installation
  • Landlok Landlok degradable erosion control blankets (ECBs) and permanent turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) promote revegetation, provide erosion protection and improve water quality on slopes and in channels.
  • Electromechanical Membrane Pump
    Electromechanical Membrane Pump The electromechanical (EM) membrane pump has a capacity of up to 286 GPM and operates in continuous service
  • Grit and Grease Removal System
    Grit and Grease Removal System The grease and grit removal system is designed to eliminate grease and grit from the influent stream
  • Auto-Tie Baler
    Auto-Tie Baler The 2R63 two-ram, auto-tie baler chassis utilizes interlocking design and solid steel sheets to provide seamless construction
  • Sur-Lok Access Covers
    Sur-Lok Access Covers With Quantum you're covered. We'll tool any cover and incorporate our patented Sur-Lok system for quick installation
  • High-Power Trencher
    High-Power Trencher The compact, reliable 8020Turbo is a high-power trencher. The turbocharged engine generates 30 percent more horsepower...
  • Capital Improvement Planning
    Capital Improvement Planning These customized capital improvement plans (CIP) are designed to help customers prioritize projects while
  • The Captivator® System
    The Captivator® System

    The Captivator System improves a conventional process by replacing primary clarification and separate sludge thickening with a VLR® Contact Tank and a Folded Flow® DAF applied to the liquid stream.  Organic matter is extracted from raw wastewater and sent directly to anaerobic digestion.  Since less BOD is sent to the biological aeration tanks, less energy is required by the process.  Waste activated sludge is circulated to the aerated VLR contact tank at the front end of the plant.  The Captivator System reduces capital investments otherwise required for primary clarification, separate sludge thickening, and normal aeration tank volume.

  • WEFTEC 2000: Universal Harmonic Filter
    WEFTEC 2000: Universal Harmonic Filter This patent pending UHF is an easy to apply, passive harmonic filter capable of reducing Variable Speed Drive