• Electric Hammer Driven System
    Electric Hammer Driven System The depth penetration of the Rotary Hefty System is
  • Filler Compound No. 209
    Filler Compound No. 209 Sauereisen Filler Compound No. 209 is an epoxy formulation specifically designed to fill voids, irregularities, and air pockets in concrete.
  • Automated Caster Carts
    Automated Caster Carts Automated Caster Carts can be dumped manually or with a variety of Lifters.
  • Damage Prevention: Slurry Excavation Systems
    Damage Prevention: Slurry Excavation Systems VaXcavator slurry excavation systems offer a practical, non-destructive solution for exposing existing utilities, as
  • Whole-Tree Chipper
    Whole-Tree Chipper The Mountain Goat Model 50/48 Whole-Tree Chipper was designed for extremely high volume chipping, reduction and disposal of a wide variety of wood waste materials...
  • Industrial Compactors
    Industrial Compactors Marathon offers a line of heavy-duty industrial stationary compactors for the most demanding waste generators
  • Organic Vapor Monitor
    Organic Vapor Monitor The Organic Vapor Monitor uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
  • Automated Fueling
    Automated Fueling With FleetLINK a driver starts the fueling process by removing the nozzle from the dispenser and inserting it
  • Laser Screed Combining laser and computer technology, the S-240 Laser Screed produces slab-on-grade concrete floors
  • Plasticware Cleaner
    Plasticware Cleaner Cleanware Plastic Labware Cleaner is said to remove residue from plastic labware without scratching or hazing
  • Environmental Data Logger
    Environmental Data Logger The Global Logger III, from Global Water, is a battery powered device for remotely recording environmental data...
  • T-Head Bolt
    T-Head Bolt This bolt exceeds all ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11 requirements.
  • Wastewater Evaporator
    Wastewater Evaporator The E-Series Evaporator is available in nine standard sizes and three different models with evaporative rates from 5 to 300 gph
  • Rear Load Refuse Container
    Rear Load Refuse Container The RL-600S container is designed to withstand the demands
  • Gas Meter
    Gas Meter Combining electric gas flow measurement with wireless data transmission, the Cellular Wellhead gas meter features a compact flow computer
  • Line of Plastic Pumps Nonmetal SandPIPER II plastic pumps come in sizes from 1-3 in. with a maximum flow of 260 gal (984 L)
  • Fiber Optic Ethernet Transceiver
    Fiber Optic Ethernet Transceiver The LT5000 Fiber Optic Ethernet Transceiver allows users to attach a wide variety of LAN devices to any Ethernet or IEEE 802.3 network
  • Advanced Roadways The hardest part of making a traffic plan is making the roadways
  • North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear
    North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear This economical safety spectacle offers popular low-profile styling.
  • ATM Symbols & Legends
    ATM Symbols & Legends Any message or combination of letters and numbers are available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Pollution Control Nutrients are found naturally in sludge blankets and grease
  • Power Talk Box System
    Power Talk Box System The CON-SPACE Power Talk Box System is a Portable Intercom System designed to provide un-tethered continuous two-way voice communication.

  • Tub Grinder
    Tub Grinder The model 1300 is well suited for very large, industrial
  • DewEze Ag Flatbeds
    DewEze Ag Flatbeds DewEze Flatbeds have Proven their Durability and Trouble Free Performance
  • Arch-Lok
    Arch-Lok Round steel in arch 30" high welded to flat 2" steel feet
  • VX500 Photo Ionization Detector
    VX500 Photo Ionization Detector The VX500 PhotoIonization Detector (PID) provides the ultimate flexibility in portable detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The VX500 utilizes a field replaceable, plug-in detector and interchangeable 10.6 eV or 11.7 eV lamps to monitor potentially hazardous compounds including benzene, toluene, xylene, and vinyl chloride at levels as low as 100 parts per billion (ppb).
  • Hydraulic Lift
    Hydraulic Lift With no overhead cable connector, the model MTL-9 hydraulically synchronized lift is designed to offer a clear floor and clear overhead work area
  • Recycling Gloves
    Recycling Gloves The Nitro-Pro recycling gloves are made with a cotton jersey lining and are engineered to be puncture- and cut-resistant
  • Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Housed inside a rugged and sealed NEMA 4 enclosure, the HFID Model 3-400 is a compact wall mount heated total hydrocarbon analyzer
  • PM Automated Servicing and P.M. Module The Automated PM Module is just one feature of the powerful MPM4 Equipment Management System. This module has the most powerful PM Scheduler that you can buy today.
  • Pothole Repair System
    Pothole Repair System The injection pothole patcher is a trailer mounted road repair machine
  • The North American Green DOT System Option
    The North American Green DOT System Option North American Green has developed a revolutionary system to ensure optimum staple use and seam formation.
  • Ash Drag Conveyors
    Ash Drag Conveyors Ehrsam Submerged Ash Drag Conveyors (SDC's) collect, cool, convey and de-water hot bottom ash from industrial, circulating fluidized-bed and utility boilers and incinerators
  • Hydrant Defender™ Security System
    Hydrant Defender™ Security System Mueller's Hydrant Defender security system provides fire hydrant security on two levels — prevents unauthorized access to nozzles and operating nut, and makes evidence of tampering clearly visible
  • Pretreatment Software Package This pretreatment software package is designed to let the pretreatment authority in your municipality keep track of all its users
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeter
    Positive Displacement Flowmeter Design for industrial use, the positive displacement flowmeter is constructed of 316 stainless steel
  • Sewer Management
    Sewer Management Inventory management for sanitary sewer components is standard on the Sanitary Sewer solution
  • Vermeer Vibratory Plows
    Vermeer Vibratory Plows Designed for long-distance fiber-optic, water and gas installations
  • Art- and - Photo
    Art- and - Photo The Art-N-Photo line of files is designed for the graphics industry
  • Deep Bury Sewer Riser Our deep bury riser has proven success among its users as being a method to eliminate main line fitting failure as well as loading on the lateral line in a situation which would require a vertical service connection.
  • PermitPartner™ Getting in the car, finding a parking spot and standing in line are just a few of the reasons your constituents love PermitPartner
  • MacWrap
    MacWrap MacWrap, an external seal for pipe and manhole joints, is a strong, multi-layered, reinforced collar that is waterproof and flexible. It can be used with joints that have been damaged in handling, which may otherwise be rejected.
  • Digital Ton Cylinder Scale
    Digital Ton Cylinder Scale Model 3001™ through Model 3006™ (6 models) Electronic (digital) TON Cylinder Scales with 4-20ma Standard....
  • Spray-On Polyurethane Linings
    Spray-On Polyurethane Linings The sprayed-on TUFF STUFF polyurethane provides durable watertight and airtight protection...
  • Water Leak Detector The LD-10 water leak detector, from Schonstedt Instrument Company, combines a high-sensitivity ground microphone design with a lightweight amplifier...
  • Sewage Sampler
    Sewage Sampler The Dissolved Oxygen Sewage Sampler collects two simultaneous samples in accordance with APHA specifications
  • pH Tester
    pH Tester This double junction waterproof pHTestr2 is a pocket-sized
  • Voltage Protection System
    Voltage Protection System The PLUGTRAB protection system is a self-monitoring module that provides voltage protection for
  • Large-area Hydroseeder
    Large-area Hydroseeder Able to handle large mine reclamation, highway, golf course, and commercial sites, the T-330 and T-280 hydroseeders are each equipped with a large slurry pump and a turbocharged diesel engine
  • 2200 Air Adjusted Coupling
    2200 Air Adjusted Coupling 2200 Air Adjusted Coupling
  • Capacitance Sensor
    Capacitance Sensor The MK-1 RF capacitance point level sensor features an adjustable sensitivity to 0.5 pF
  • Straw Wattles
    Straw Wattles Straw Wattles filter stormwater runoff water
  • SmartDeck
    SmartDeck Decks always look great the first couple of months after they are built, but before too long they start to require maintenance
  • Water Meter Sizing Software
    Water Meter Sizing Software METERSIZER software automatically calculates the annual revenue increase or decrease associated with any meter
  • Bubble Air Monitoring System
    Bubble Air Monitoring System The Bubble Air Monitoring System (BAMS) is a solid state monitoring system using automatic alternation to provide a continuous air supply
  • ARC100 Electrical Flash GoodView Hood
    ARC100 Electrical Flash GoodView Hood 100 cal/cm2 Protection. Arc-X Resin Window provides excellent visibility and protection with Permanent Antifog coating on inner surface
  • Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 60
    Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 60 Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 60
  • Roll-Out Carts
    Roll-Out Carts The Hauler Series Roll-Out Carts feature rotational molding
  • Parson Sealcrete
    Parson Sealcrete Waterproofing for brick, block or concrete, above or below grade. Parson Sealcrete is a polymer modified, powder formulation that when mixed with our Sealcrete Liquid concentrate can be applied by brush or spray to waterproof all types of masonry structures.
  • PVC Sewer Pipe
    PVC Sewer Pipe Manufactured to produce a smooth interior pipe for efficient hydraulic design, the Ultra-Rib PVC gravity sewer pipe offers a homogenous and seamless cross-sectional wall
  • Horizontal Access Door The re-designed J-AL horizontal access door, available in single or double leaf design, is well-suited to provide
  • Pipe Gasket
    Pipe Gasket U.S. Pipe and Foundry Company introduced the Field Lok 350 Gasket
  • Corrosion Protector
    Corrosion Protector The M-370 from Cortec Corporation is a liquid-concentrate corrosion preventive for all metals...
  • Comet Flash Standard - rectangle - Remote Head only w/15’ cable
    Comet Flash Standard - rectangle - Remote Head only w/15’ cable Ordering Code VP29HD
    Whelen's standard, comet flash, strobe beacon features remote power and a 15 foot cable
  • Cementitious Products--Octocrete
    Cementitious Products--Octocrete A one component, ready to use with water, high strength polymer modified cementitious patching mortar
  • Wastewater Treatment Products U.S. Filter Corporation displayed a complete range of products and services for wastewater treatment, water reuse, and biosolids management at the WEFTEC ’98 exhibition and conference
  • Hydrogen Fluoride Monitoring System
    Hydrogen Fluoride Monitoring System Consisting of a renewable, highly selective electrochemical sensor and companion transmitter linked to an optional control panel, the HF Monitoring System is available in a variety of configurations
  • Wovens and Meshes
    Wovens and Meshes These fabrics can be can be made from mono- or
  • Level Switch for Liquids & Slurries
    Level Switch for Liquids & Slurries Designed for application to either high or low point level detection of liquids and slurries, this unit is a dynamic type level switch
  • Electrogage
    Electrogage Electrogage is a combination of a well-type manometer and electrical conductivity
  • Natural Sodium Sesquicarbonate
    Natural Sodium Sesquicarbonate T-200 removes acid gas from a variety of industries.
  • Cementitious Products--Penngrout
    Cementitious Products--Penngrout A premixed, non-metallic, cementitious, controlled expansion, high strength
  • Strobe Light Power Supply
    Strobe Light Power Supply The company has designed the Nebula N660 power supply to flash strobe lights that are vehicle-mounted
  • Multichannel Vibration/Temperature Transmitter Dual-channel signal conditioners in the PMC/BETA Model 5000 multichannel transmitter accept...
  • Fluid Film-Marine For use on polished, machined, rough or rusty surfaces. FLUID FILM AS & NASin the handy spray can or pump bottle is quickly applied to tools, machine parts and less accessible areas of mechanical equipment.
  • Electronic Laser Level
    Electronic Laser Level Offering an accuracy of ± 8.0 seconds, the NL-300E electronic level has a compensator range of ±10 minutes and an operating diameter of 1,706 ft
  • Manhole ChimneySeal No. F-88
    Manhole ChimneySeal No. F-88 ChimneySeal is used as a chemical-resistant membrane or gasket seal for the prevention of water infiltration.
  • Hydro-Flow Model 2200 Fluidyne’s Hydro-Flow Model 2200 flowmeter uses proven vortex technology to measure flow
  • Shippers, Distributors, and Third Party Logistic Companies
    Shippers, Distributors, and Third Party Logistic Companies TranSystems Corporation provides a single source of personalized services to guide shipping facilities, warehouse and distribution centers from the planning stages through construction
  • Digital Science Field Imaging System
    Digital Science Field Imaging System The Digital Science Field Imaging System 265 is a GPS-enabled camera system provides the ability to add high quality images to GIS projects
  • FloGard® Perk Filter
    FloGard® Perk Filter Continuing its long history of providing innovative stormwater management solutions to the development industry, KriStar Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a cartridge media filter, the Perk Filter, to its family of FloGard® products for post-construction Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • Fusion-Crete II Crystals (Powdered Concrete-Adhesive/Enhancer)
    Fusion-Crete II Crystals (Powdered Concrete-Adhesive/Enhancer) II CRYSTALS is a vinyl/copolymer crystallized (powdered) concrete-adhesive/enhancer, which is packaged in 5-gal.
  • Continuous Deflection Separation Technology
    Continuous Deflection Separation Technology Continuous deflective separation technology, to be featured at the WEFTEC Conference, uses the natural motion of the water to separate and trap pollutants
  • Geotextile Tube
    Geotextile Tube Phoenix Spiral geotextile tubes use spiral technology that creates circumferential “ribs” said to be four times the strength of fabric
  • Portable Ozone Sensor
    Portable Ozone Sensor The Model A-21ZX portable digital ozone sensor provides a reliable way of checking generators, valves, piping and general environments for ozone leaks and comparative levels
  • Random Polyamide Matting
    Random Polyamide Matting This three-dimensional random polyamide matting is designed to help develop strong vegetation as natural protection against erosion
  • Parking Lot/General Lighting Multi Vapor Lamp
    Parking Lot/General Lighting Multi Vapor Lamp This bulb is ideal for illuminating parking lots. Feel secure using this multi vapor light to cast a warm white glow
  • Telestrut Telescoping Strut
    Telestrut Telescoping Strut Three-sided channel and four-sided tubing, working together in one powerful support system
  • Roadway Design Tool
    Roadway Design Tool RoadCalc is designed around standard roadway design
  • Property and Casualty Services PinnacleOne provides litigation support and insurance investigation services specific to the needs of the Property-Casualty markets
  • 1994 PETERBILT
    1994 PETERBILT 320s 305 H.P. cat, ht740 automatic, 44,000 lb.
  • TerraCell
    TerraCell TerraCell is an innovative geosynthetic product providing solutions for difficult stabilization, erosion control and retaining structure problems
  • Conveyor Belt Scales
    Conveyor Belt Scales Tecweigh offers their Conveyor Belt Scales
  • MA Motorized Auger
    MA Motorized Auger This automated sandbag filling system is used to fill four (4) sandbags simultaneously
  • Search Eye Sensor  - School Bus Application
    Search Eye Sensor - School Bus Application While school bus operations continue to increase, a tragic rise in bus relataccidents has resulted in dramatic insurance increases
  • Data Management and Communication Software
    Data Management and Communication Software Flo-Ware for Windows is a powerful data management and communication software for use with Flo-Totes flowmeters
  • Coordinate and Supply Substation Electrical Equipment and Erection Drawings Coordinate and supply substation electrical equipment and erection drawings-This includes switches, fuses, bus supports
  • Whatley 350 SERIES Smooth Tapered Ornamental Lamp Posts
    Whatley 350 SERIES Smooth Tapered Ornamental Lamp Posts High-strength fiberglass filament-wound construction
  • PF-400 Filtration System
    PF-400 Filtration System Dual bag and cartridge filtration
  • Personal Gas Alarm
    Personal Gas Alarm Continuous monitoring of an atmosphere for potentially hazardous levels of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide or Oxygen is provided by the GasBadge personal gas alarm
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