Supplier News

  1. Ecomugs Offers Alternative To Bottled Water Priced At $5.04 Per Gallon
    Are you paying more for water than gasoline?
  2. Sherwin-Williams Announces Protective & Marine Coatings
    Sherwin-Williams has announced the newly named Protective & Marine Coatings. Formerly Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine Coatings, the new Protective & Marine Coatings group will continue to serve markets including water and wastewater, petrochemical, food and beverage, power, marine and offshore, pharmaceuticals, health care, roads and bridges, steel fabrication, industrial flooring, rail, pulp and paper, and general industrial.
  3. Quest Technologies Introduces The EVM-3 And EVM-4 Environmental Monitors
    Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to introduce the EVM-3 and EVM-4 to our environmental monitoring series of instrumentation. While both units feature the durability, quality and overall design of the EVM-7, the EVM-3 is optimized for particulate concentration measurement and the EVM-4 offers parameters specific to indoor air quality analysis.
  4. Brother® Appoints David Crist As Regional Vice President Of Sales (USA), Mobile & Label Printer Group
    Brother International Corporation recently announced that David Crist has been appointed Regional Vice President of the Brother Mobile & Label Printer group (USA).
  5. Quest Technologies Introduces New EVM-7 Environmental Monitor
    Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to introduce the EVM-7, a rugged and easy to use environmental monitor which combines several instruments into one.
  6. Mazzei Introduces Pipeline Flash Reactor For Municipal Wastewater Treatment
    Mazzei Injector Company LLC, the world’s largest manufacturer of high efficiency “venturi” type injectors, has announced the addition of its Pipeline Flash Reactor (PFR) product for post-treatment aeration or pure oxygen injection in wastewater treatment applications.
  7. Bentley Introduces promis•e V8i Software At Automation Fair 2008
    Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the lifecycle of the infrastructure that sustains our world, introduced at Automation Fair 2008 today promis•e V8i software for automatically generating electrical system schematics and supporting documentation.
  8. Florida Department Of Transportation Joins Bentley’s Enterprise License Subscription Program
    Bentley Systems, Incorporated recentlty announced that Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has joined Bentley’s Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) program for a three-year term
  9. Insituform Acquires Additional $21 Million In Sewer Rehabilitation Contracts In India
    Insituform Technologies, Inc. has won two new sewer rehabilitation contracts in Delhi, India, totaling $21.1 million
  10. Bentley's MicroStation To Incorporate Luxology's Photorealistic Rendering Engine
    Bentley Systems has announced that it has entered into a technology agreement with Luxology LLC. Bentley will license Luxology's super-fast, photorealistic rendering engine for inclusion in its forthcoming release of MicroStation.