About Us

Public Works OnLine is designed to serve as a one-stop, daily source of comprehensive information on the broad and constantly changing field of public works.

It's a resource like none other you have ever encountered. It is an active, interactive, multi-purpose, and focused site which will provide you with a virtual encyclopedia of up-to-date public works information as well as what promises to be the largest multi-vendor marketplace in the public works world. You will be able to shop and compare like never before.

By visiting the site, you will be kept informed of:

  • the latest headlines related to your field,
  • advances in technology that promise to change your world,
  • the important legislative news and how it will impact your day-to-day decisions,
  • case studies shared by public works professionals such as yourself,
  • important events you may want to attend or know about,
  • the many products and services geared to meet your needs.

We will be attending the latest conferences and conventions to offer you day-by-day reports. And we will bring you news from leading organizations such as the American Public Works Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, the Professional Grounds Management Society, the American Association of Highways and Transportation Officials, and many, many more.

And, with half of our audience international, we will be keeping up with the advances and happenings abroad. We will remain in touch with groups such as the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, the Canadian Public Works Association, and various press offices around the world.

We will also maintain an information pipeline to federal agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Highway Department.

With endless possibilities open, we will be forever changing. With your help and input, we will make a difference. So, join us often at Public Works Online and help us shape its future.