• School Crosswalk Safety Products
    School Crosswalk Safety Products In an effort to reduce the chances of accidents happening at schools, the manufacturer developed the Green Cross
  • Tank - Platform Scales
    Tank - Platform Scales Model 4010™ Electronic (digital) TANK - PLATFORM Scale designed specifically for permanently mounted drum or tank...
  • Bulk Bag Attachment
    Bulk Bag Attachment An attachment that can handle bulk bags has been added to the list of accessories for the Universal Lift
  • T3/E3 Fiber Optic Modem The LT3580 T3/E3 Fiber Optic Modem provides a point to point high speed data link between two DS-3 conforming devices
  • Nestable Carts
    Nestable Carts These nestable carts are capable of being safely stacked with wheels, stop bars
  • Coupling Protection System
    Coupling Protection System The Depend-O-Wrap system is a solution that offers maximum protection for Depend-O-Lok couplings in buried service
  • Magnetic Flow Meter The ADMAG SE Magnetic Flow Meter features a high reliability detector and converter,
    0.5% of rate accuracy, compact design and world-class compliance
  • VARI-CANT® Jet Aeration Systems
    VARI-CANT® Jet Aeration Systems

    Our VARI-CANT® jet aeration systems utilize proven principles of jet aeration, combined with state-of-the-art design and materials, resulting in a system with superior performance, efficiency and trouble-free operation.

  • Video Inspection System
    Video Inspection System Featuring a coiler running 500 ft of rod, an integral electronic rod counter, a video/in and video/out VCR connectors for recording and playback of surveys, and on-screen text overlay for annotation of inspection findings, the flexicoiler has a QWERTY keyboard that allows for up to 512 characters per page
  • Ultra-Low Profile DRUM Scale
    Ultra-Low Profile DRUM Scale The Model 4021™ Ultra-Low Profile Digital DRUM Scale is designed for greater ease in occasional on/off loading of 18” to 26” diameter drums
  • Multi-Channel Sludge Blanket Level Monitor
    Multi-Channel Sludge Blanket Level Monitor Incorporating a field proven algorithm, the CCS4000 Multi-Channel Sludge Blanket Level Monitor can keep track of effluent quality in up to four separate water and wastewater treatment clarifiers
  • Snow Removal Blade
    Snow Removal Blade The JOMA 6000 blade incorporates tungsten carbide inserts brazed into specially profiled steel segments, which are
  • Butyl Sealant PGS 951 butyl sealant is an engineered-product which meets Federal, State and local current standards for contractors and the precast concrete industry
  • Damage Prevention: Vacuum Excavation System
    Damage Prevention: Vacuum Excavation System With excavation and potholding capabilities, the FX30 is designed to support and enhance virtually every HDD
  • Vise Line Flyer
    Vise Line Flyer A flyer is available from Reed Manufacturing Company describing the company's vise line
  • Suction Clarifiers
    Suction Clarifiers The suction lift and tapered head suction clarifiers are used in secondary and final sedimentation basins
  • Transportation Planning Studies
    Transportation Planning Studies Presnell has completed, or is in the process of preparing, 20-year Transportation Planning Studies for more than 60 Native American reservations/tribal lands throughout the western and southwestern U. S
  • Membrane Element
    Membrane Element The DESAL 400 square foot thin-film composite membrane elements are designed with industry-standard connections
  • PB-900 Programmable JarTester
    PB-900 Programmable JarTester Phipps & Bird's new six-paddle programmable model elevates jar testing to a new level of precision by utilizing four operator-programmable memory banks that offer virtually unlimited stirring capabilities
  • Boltless Casing Spacer
    Boltless Casing Spacer The Ranger2 Casing Spacer is an all non-metallic UV resistant polymer casing spacer
  • Ultrasonic Level and Flow Monitor
    Ultrasonic Level and Flow Monitor Featuring a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor, the SLT32 level and flow monitor can be used as a level transmitter for tank inventory applications
    COMBUSTIBLE GAS DETECTION TRANSMITTER Bacharach Inc. manufactures the Sentinel Infrared Combustible Gas Detection Transmitter for use in hydrocarbon gas detection applications...
  • Particulate Welding Respirator 8212, N95
    Particulate Welding Respirator 8212, N95 The Particulate Welding Respirator 8212, N95 provides a minimum filter efficiency of 95% against non-oil based particles.
  • Turf Reinforcement Mats Landlok series three-dimensional turf reinforcement mats are designed to provide balanced erosion control
  • Compact Towable Backhoe 148/158
    Compact Towable Backhoe 148/158 Logical, user-friendly controls Self-propelled zero-turn maneuverability
  • General Purpose Ear Muffs
    General Purpose Ear Muffs General Purpose Ear Muffs 1435 feature large ear cups, a wide forked headband and soft sealing cushions while only weighing 7.5 oz.
  • Wovens and Meshes
    Wovens and Meshes These fabrics can be can be made from mono- or
  • Strainer
    Strainer With the see-through, PVC Y strainer, users can see how much dirt and debris has been trapped by the strainer element
  • Motor Analyzer
    Motor Analyzer Offering predictive maintenance, quality control and trouble shooting capabilities, the All-Test IV Pro stores over 500 motors with test-results or references
  • Combi-Spreader SH 3500
    Combi-Spreader SH 3500 The well-known bulk spreader operated by the vehicle hydraulic system
  • Compact TLB
    Compact TLB The new M2208 still has the features like power, maneuverability, ease of operation and compact size that
  • Meter Sizing/Monitoring System
    Meter Sizing/Monitoring System The meter sizing/monitoring systems are compatible with all meter manufacturers
  • Parsonpoxy FG Parsonpoxy FG is a two component, flexible 100% solids polyamine epoxy. It is a high strength, corrosion resistant, waterproof epoxy that will bond to properly prepared concrete, metal, wood or fiberglass.
  • 3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower
    3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower Features of the 3500-DRA Loader Mounted Snow Blower
  • Paving Risers For Manholes, Catch Basins & Valve Boxes
    Paving Risers For Manholes, Catch Basins & Valve Boxes Paving Risers for Manholes, Catch Basins & Valve Boxes. The cost-effective alternative to manually raising grates and covers.
  • Butterfly Valve Lower initial cost compared to other valve types
  • Conventional Waste Treatment System
    Conventional Waste Treatment System This waste treatment system removes and reclaims heavy metals
  • Commercial Turf Mower Brooms
    Commercial Turf Mower Brooms Front Mount Hydraulic Drive Windrowing Brooms
  • Sewage Sampler
    Sewage Sampler The Dissolved Oxygen Sewage Sampler collects two simultaneous samples in accordance with APHA specifications
  • All Terrain Mower
    All Terrain Mower The automatic self-leveling system of the ATM-72 mower keep the operator, engine and controls vertical for mowing on slopes up to 30° or more
  • ATM Automatic Applicator Cart
    ATM Automatic Applicator Cart ATM Automatic Applicator Cart
  • Inoculation Loop
    Inoculation Loop The Streaking Jack Inoculator inoculation loop from Bel-Art Products provides three streaks at the same time in a...
  • Waterproof Molded Switch Light
    Waterproof Molded Switch Light HLS-760, a solid rubber molded Hand-Light, is integrally molded to the cable with a completely encapsulated waterproof switch...
  • Petroleum Sorbent Spill Response Pack
    Petroleum Sorbent Spill Response Pack The Petroleum Sorbent Spill Response Pack SRP-Petro will "sorb" hydrocarbon based liquids and repel aqueous based liquids.
  • Elbows
    Elbows Elbows can be used where it is impractical to make long radius curves with deflected straight or bevel pipe
  • Color Producing Chemicals
    Color Producing Chemicals Coliscan media incorporate a combination of color producing chemical with nutrients which result in the growth of coliforms
  • SW-314DC Towed Type Runway Sweeper
    SW-314DC Towed Type Runway Sweeper Features of the SW-314DC Towed Type Runway Sweeper
  • Lifter
    Lifter The slim profile of the TRIMLIFT II gives unrestricted access to the hopper and allows for the collection of rear-
  • Cool Wear Protective Clothing
    Cool Wear Protective Clothing The line of CoolTek apparel for industrial and consumer applications is designed to reduce the body’s core temperature and provide protection from heat stress
  • Pipeline relining
    Pipeline relining FRIALEN® relining couplings and molded saddle fittings can be used world-wide with impressive results in the renovation of supply pipes using the "close-fit" processes
  • Close Coupling System
    Close Coupling System The SaddleMount direct mount system is designed for close coupling DP transmitters to orifice flange unions. The system can be used on DP measurement for gas, liquids and steam
  • Jersey Barrier Sign Saddle
    Jersey Barrier Sign Saddle QUICK CONNECT SADDLE can easily be carried and seated on most all jersey barriers then anchored in place in minutes utilizing the pre existing holes
  • MicroStation MicroStation is the leader in professional foundation software for enterprise-scale engineering projects.
  • Water Jetter
    Water Jetter Incorporating a 190° pivoting hose reel for maneuverability, the 600 JPS “Swinger” is a 600 gallon capacity trailer-mounted water jetter
  • Methane Monitor
    Methane Monitor The Industrial Scientific Corporation’s MDU420 dual-range methane monitor is the portable instrument for monitoring the percentage volume concentrations of methane...
  • Whole-Tree Chipper
    Whole-Tree Chipper The Mountain Goat Model 50/48 Whole-Tree Chipper was designed for extremely high volume chipping, reduction and disposal of a wide variety of wood waste materials...
  • Redesigned Howard Leight® AirSoft® Earplugs
    Redesigned Howard Leight® AirSoft® Earplugs Hearing protection company Howard Leight has redesigned and updated its AirSoft® multiple-use earplugs
  • Anti-Icing/De-Icing Agent
    Anti-Icing/De-Icing Agent Ice-Ban, featured at the APWA Conference and Exhibition, is an anti-icing/de-icing product made from the concentrated liquid residue of the processing of grains and other agricultural products
  • Form Matic Form-Matic is a unique NEW product that will revolutionize the way footing columns, pier columns, light pole bases, manhole liners
  • Alarm Monitor
    Alarm Monitor Adding alarm and status reporting to new or existing control and management systems, the Model 1570 SentriData is an ASCII alarm monitor
  • Acrylbond Acrylbond has been formulated to bond new concrete to old concrete or old concrete to old concrete and is especially beneficial in eliminating cracking/shrinking in architectural, ornamental and other precast products and in making glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).
  • Activated Sludge System
    Activated Sludge System The patent pending LemTec Covered Lagoon Activated Sludge System (CLASS) consists of a lagoon based activated sludge process
  • Mini-Lok
    Mini-Lok Sturdy, yet small. Outstanding security
  • Self-Propelled Compost and Bioremediation Turners
    Self-Propelled Compost and Bioremediation Turners Scat Engineering’s Self-Propelled Compost and Bioremediation Turners, featured at the APWA Conference and Exhibition, are available in three models
  • Three-Tier Client/Server Architecture Software The GP MaTe Version 4 maintenance-and-material management software for manufacturers incorporates...
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitor
    Carbon Dioxide Monitor The CO2 Continuous Monitor 2850 is a wall-mounted system that continuously monitors CO2 levels
  • AquataPoxy Coatings
    AquataPoxy Coatings AquataPoxy coatings were introduced in the late 1970's and continue to experience success in many markets
  • Ground Tanks
    Ground Tanks These ground storage tanks are engineered, fabricated and constructed for use as municipal water reservoirs or standpipes
  • Sludge Treatment Technology This patent pending product is for the thermal drying of
  • Truck Push Frames
    Truck Push Frames Bumper to frame hitches
  • Conveyor Scale
    Conveyor Scale The WY15 conveyor scale from Tecweigh features two precision NTEP approved stain gauge load cells...
  • Rolling, Bending, and Cutting Services
    Rolling, Bending, and Cutting Services Services are offered that provide state of the art CNC cutting and punching equipment, and a
  • Tension/Compression Load Cell
    Tension/Compression Load Cell The Model 47 load cell features ASTM E74 calibration and accuracy to 0.02%
  • Batch Controller
    Batch Controller The Model 2499 FloSite batch controller is an automatic batching and blending controller for liquid applications
  • Dissolved Air Flotation
    Dissolved Air Flotation Dissolved Air Flotation is a liquid solid separation process using water and air bubbles to separate solids from liquid
  • Ice Control
    Ice Control Spreader chains and interiors of spreader boxes, tailgates or V-bottoms, rust and corrode during off season storage.
  • High Pressure Water Pipe
    High Pressure Water Pipe The C900 water pipe is immune to most internal and external
  • Search Eye Sensor  - Hydraulic Brake Application
    Search Eye Sensor - Hydraulic Brake Application In keeping with our leadership position which we have now enjoyed for over 20 ears we have a Global Sensor System for hydraulic brakes
  • Aluminum Access Doors Available in angle and gutter frame version, the company’s line of aluminum access doors can have either single or double leaf design
  • Water Leak Detector
    Water Leak Detector The model LD-12 Professional’s Plus” water leak detector includes an amplifier with meter display and filter
  • Transmission Flusher
    Transmission Flusher With its simple adapters, this machine is easier and faster to hook up than flushers that tee in at the cooler lines
  • Aerial Tower Bodies
    Aerial Tower Bodies The NorStar Reach All Company recently purchased a Reading Aerial Tower Body, Model Z-AT-214A, to support the aerial platform...
  • Afaria
    Afaria It’s on the front lines of business where your employees—such as mobile sales people, field service engineers, and workers in remote offices and retail sites—interact with your customers.
  • Asset Management Software CartéGraph Systems of Dubuque, Iowa, has announced the addition of several new management software tools...
  • Soil Reinforcement System Terratex HD fabric is used to stabilize poor to moderate strength soils by separating subgrade and aggregate layers
  • Vertakor 1200 Series Portable Core Drilling Machines
    Vertakor 1200 Series Portable Core Drilling Machines The Vertakor 1200 Series of Core Drilling Machines is ideal for on-site drilling of openings for use with our Kor-N-Seal Pipe-to-Manhole and Kor-N-Tee Pipe-to-Pipe Connectors for fast, economical, watertight connections
  • Water Accountability Program
    Water Accountability Program The program is for those clients requiring comprehensive water accountability services
  • Directional Boring System
    Directional Boring System Engineered for buried service wire and small conduit up to 150 ft, the JT Jet Trac Directional Boring System’s compact size allows the machine to work in confined spaces
  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers
    Hydraulic Dock Levelers As part of the Total Dock Safety System, the HD-1700 line of levelers can be configured to meet specific safety and productivity demands
  • Sight Flow Illuminators
    Sight Flow Illuminators Providing flare-free illumination of the internals of sight flow indicators, pipelines or tanks normally closed and not conducive to inspection, the compact sight flow illuminator can be used in conjunction with sight flow indicators or conventional sight windows
  • PH Sensor Systems
    PH Sensor Systems A line of four pH meters and ten pH probes based on rugged ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) sensor technology has been released
  • APWA CONGRESS: Two-Post Lifts
    APWA CONGRESS: Two-Post Lifts Capable of lifting 1200 and 1500 lb., these 1200 and 1500
  • Godwin Vortex 150V Heidra  Hydraulic Pump
    Godwin Vortex 150V Heidra Hydraulic Pump The range of Godwin Heidra hydraulic submersible pumps are an alternative to electric submersibles
  • Parson CA Liner 100 Parson CA Liner 100 is a structural, corrosion resistant lining to restore deteriorated sewage structures.
  • Low Boy Consoles
    Low Boy Consoles ImageVision, Inc. announces the immediate availability of our new “Low Boy” family of consoles
  • TURFACE Quick Dry Sports Field Conditioner
    TURFACE Quick Dry Sports Field Conditioner Quick Dry will not cake, become slippery, or turn your field rock-hard, and works over and over
  • Lo-Density Underground Tank Heaters Drop-in Kits:
    Lo-Density Underground Tank Heaters Drop-in Kits: PHCo's maintenance-free Drop-in Kits are designed for buried tanks that cannot be welded upon.
  • Vertified Pick-up Service Dumpmaster is a device that mounts onto a refuse container to record the date and time
  • Industrial Workstation
    Industrial Workstation Asist Industrial Workstation will become the control center for complete management of your storm water system
  • ATM 200 Removable Construction Grade
    ATM 200 Removable Construction Grade Specifically designed to overlay existing asphaltic and concrete surfaces to guide motorists through construction zones