• As Seen at the AWWA Annual Conference: Protective Finishing Coating
    As Seen at the AWWA Annual Conference: Protective Finishing Coating A fugitive colorant designed to facilitate uniform application of clear protective finishes to water storage tanks and vessels, the series 44-500 Skip-Saf has been introduced by the company
  • kWise&#153 software
    kWise™ software Now all your equipment and facility documents can be accessed in seconds, anywhere - even in the field - with kWise software
  • Granular Activated Carbons for Potable Water
    Granular Activated Carbons for Potable Water The Filtrasorb 300 and Filtrasorb 400 are high activity granular activated carbons developed for the removal of taste and odor compounds
  • Curbside Drive-Up Safe Depository
    Curbside Drive-Up Safe Depository This 24-hour, double-security depository provides convenient access 365 days a year
  • Pavement Design Software AASHTOWare DARWin 3.01 provides pavement design and analysis assistance
  • Multipurpose Street Sweeper
    Multipurpose Street Sweeper The Vac/All model LV10-SC is a heavy-duty vacuum street sweeper available with options to include catch basin
  • ARES Retaining Wall Systems
    ARES Retaining Wall Systems The ARES Retaining Wall System is a fully integrated, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) system.
  • Gravity Fed Sandbagger
    Gravity Fed Sandbagger This automated sandbag filling system is used to fill four (4) sandbags simultaneously
  • Pipe Pusher-Puller The Model PD-6 is designed to install utility service pipelines in the most difficult soil conditions. The model is quick and accurate in sand...
  • Mounting Brackets
    Mounting Brackets A mounting bracket is used to attach the chain unit to the vehicle's suspension.
  • Pipe Gasket
    Pipe Gasket U.S. Pipe and Foundry Company introduced the Field Lok 350 Gasket
  • MPM4E Equipment Management System MPM4E is a very easy to use Windows based software that comes loaded with the Service Charts for most of the equipment that you maintain and operate.
  • TerraTape Underground Marking Systems
    TerraTape Underground Marking Systems TerraTape underground marking systems are the industry standard for effective protection of buried pipelines and utilities
  • Filter Control Console
    Filter Control Console This control system provides continuous and discrete controls that are necessary for a typical surface or
  • Lifts
    Lifts The new models 70000 and 71000 offer users the power and
  • Telemetry Interface Units Teldata's telemetry interface units (TIUs) have been modified
  • Hydrodynamic Simulation Package AquaDyn is a powerful and easy to use hydrodynamic simulation software package suitable for water resources engineering studies...
  • Classic Series Service Body
    Classic Series Service Body The Classic Series service body from Reading Body Works is capable of handling an aerial lift in the rear cargo area...
  • The SuperSlopeMaster -  SSM 38-72D
    The SuperSlopeMaster - SSM 38-72D 38 Hp - Water Cooled Diesel, Dual Wheeled, Skid Steered Exclusive patented design allows cutting on slopes up to 40 degrees
  • Surety Services Our firm provides sureties with information to help evaluate the options in default situations, payment bond claims, and in establishing an appropriate monetary reserve
  • Property and Casualty Services PinnacleOne provides litigation support and insurance investigation services specific to the needs of the Property-Casualty markets
  • Parson Hi Build Parson Hi-Build is a non-shrink, non-ferrous grout used to rebuild to grade level where large holes, voids or missing mortar are evident. This product is ideally suited for a wide range of applications requiring strength and durability.
  • Maintenance Lifting Equipment: Davit Cranes
    Maintenance Lifting Equipment: Davit Cranes The eme DAVIT Crane is a revelation around Water and Wastewater Sites! At just 31 lbs, the 1100CH DAVIT Crane is a boon to Operators and their backs
  • MPM4T Fleet Management System MPM4T is needed for tracking fleets of vehicle such as busses, trucks, cars, or any type of vehicle or equipment that requires maintenance on a regular interval.
  • Onboard Truck Air Scale For use in air or hydraulic suspension, the Air Scale system provides readings for cabs/tractors and trailers
  • GPC Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    GPC Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers These standard vessels have up to 13,600 pound carbon capacity...
  • Dual Meter
    Dual Meter The IQ150, featured at the WEFTEC Conference, uses either traditional glass pH probes or a stainless steel probe with silicon chip pH sensor
  • Polypropylene Fiber Hot Mix FIBER PAVE 3010 PolyPROpylene fibers are strong and
  • Submersible Control Panel
    Submersible Control Panel The Water Champ Control Panel is specifically designed to offer protection for your submersible "F" Series Water Champ Chemical Induction System.
  • High-Power Trencher
    High-Power Trencher The compact, reliable 8020Turbo is a high-power trencher. The turbocharged engine generates 30 percent more horsepower...
  • Rotary Locks
    Rotary Locks Reading Body Works is incorporating rotary locks on all steel compact, regular, and heavy duty Classic Series service bodies
  • Lifters
    Lifters The Lifter was designed to be towed or rolled from location to location
  • EPA Refrigerant Practice Exam & Study Manual This manual contains all the up to date information that is needed to successfully pass the EPA Examinations for every type of certification
  • Digital Ton Cylinder Scale
    Digital Ton Cylinder Scale Model 3001™ through Model 3006™ (6 models) Electronic (digital) TON Cylinder Scales with 4-20ma Standard....
  • Wastewater Evaporator
    Wastewater Evaporator The E-Series Evaporator is available in nine standard sizes and three different models with evaporative rates from 5 to 300 gph
  • UTP-to Fiber Optic Converter The LT5100 UTP-to Fiber Optic Converter replaces or extends 10BaseT segments with multimode (85O/l3l0nm) or single mode
  • PermitPartner™ Getting in the car, finding a parking spot and standing in line are just a few of the reasons your constituents love PermitPartner
  • Alarm Monitoring and Notification System
    Alarm Monitoring and Notification System Developed as a automatic monitoring and notification system, the ADAS DiaLog alarm can automatically phone or page up to 16 separate numbers
  • Moving Bed System
    Moving Bed System The company's 4-page brochure describes how the Kaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System handles loads of 50 kg
  • Truck Suspension System
    Truck Suspension System Engineered for maximum payload in high center-of-gravity and offset-load applications, the RS Series features specially formulated rubber load cushions
  • Baby Bowie Hydro-Mulcher
    Baby Bowie Hydro-Mulcher The Baby Bowie tank is constructed of 12-gauge steel plate
  • Booster Pump Stations
    Booster Pump Stations The above ground Water-Shed booster pump stations have many features, including chemical feed capability
  • Pocket-Size Gas Monitor
    Pocket-Size Gas Monitor A single gas monitor with digital display, the Gas Baron Series is a pocket-size gas monitor with a rugged, weatherproof, RF shielded housing
  • PXL2/PDL2 Locator
    PXL2/PDL2 Locator PXL2/PDL2 Locator features Multi Frequency DSP format
  • Level Indicating Transmitter
    Level Indicating Transmitter Using an ultrasonic sensor to measure tank level, the LIT25 level indicating transmitter can be used in applications such as chemical inventory, water and wastewater levels
  • Spray-Applied Lining Brochure
    Spray-Applied Lining Brochure Futura Coatings announces the development of a new brochure on their GEOTHANE spray-applied linings
  • The Original Leak Detective
    The Original Leak Detective The Original Leak Detective
  • Flowtite for Waste Water Systems
    Flowtite for Waste Water Systems Flowtite pipe is available in three stiffness classes to meet a wide variety of performance conditions
  • Modular Cover System
    Modular Cover System The LemTecTM Modular Cover System blocks sunlight from reaching the water surface, thus eliminating algae
  • Belt Descalers
    Belt Descalers This company now produces a line of heavy-duty power transmission belting pipe desclaers
  • Dewatering Skimmer U.S. Filter/Link-Belt has developed the dewatering flight skimmer (DFS) in both primary and secondary...
  • DIMENSION Foundation Improvement System
    DIMENSION Foundation Improvement System Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc. developed the DIMENSION Foundation Improvement System to construct reliable foundations at costs far less than conventional methods.
  • (5) 1992 & 1993 CCCs
    (5) 1992 & 1993 CCCs 210 h.p. Cummins, automatic, 35,000 lb. rear, 20 yd. Heil 5000. Dual steering.
  • FOX Constant Monitoring System (CMS)
    FOX Constant Monitoring System (CMS) This system is used for monitoring continually the flow of storm water. When and unacceptable level of soluble pollutant is recorded, the unit will go into alarm mode and divert.
  • Equipment Leasing Service Offering financing and leasing programs to all types of businesses, the company works with equipment distributors and manufacturers
  • Rentals
    Rentals Trucks & Parts rents the trucks you need! Our rentals are available by the week, month, or longer
  • BriteSide Reflective Panels
    BriteSide Reflective Panels BriteSide reflective panels incorporate field-proved 3M reflective sheetings into their construction to increase sign conspicuity
  • Frost and Rock Ripper
    Frost and Rock Ripper Specifically designed to pre-rip frozen ground or tough soil that exceeds the bucket's recommended duty
  • Spreader System Controller
    Spreader System Controller Featuring 10 user-programmable spread-width and application rate settings, the CS-130-SC controller is a part of the company’s spreader control system
  • Grading/Leveling Equipment
    Grading/Leveling Equipment Combining laser and computer technology, the S-240 Laser Screed produces slab-on-grade concrete floors
  • Dual Beam Sensor
    Dual Beam Sensor Engineered for potable water color measurement, the Model AF21 Long Pathlength Dual Beam Sensor is designed to offer sensitivity to small changes of absorbance
  • Navigator
    Navigator The versatile Navigator offers the features and benefits of both a cone and a vertical panel, in a convenient all-in-one channelizer...
  • Robotic Side Loader
    Robotic Side Loader The Flex Arm Robotic Side Loader has a reach of 8 ½ feet and operates on three cylinders
  • Dual Mode Stabilizer -D.M.S. 2000
    Dual Mode Stabilizer -D.M.S. 2000 The D.M.S 2000 (Dual Mode Stabilizer) maintains a full range of motion in both modes AND allows a backhoe operator to choose from four versions of stabilization
    OCLANSORB OCLANSORB is a nontoxic, nonabrasive organic blonde sphagnum peat moss harvested from the bogs of Newfoundland. It is a lightweight, natural hydrocarbon absorbent: more cost effective, more efficient absorbency power, and easier to use than any other products.
  • Transmission Flusher
    Transmission Flusher With its simple adapters, this machine is easier and faster to hook up than flushers that tee in at the cooler lines
  • Power Generator The Model 330, a member of the MicroTurbine system, is a compact, low emission, power generator providing electrical power up to 30kW...
  • Stack Monitor The CLD 70 S, the company's newest analyzer, measures from 0-5000 ppm and offers four user-defined ranges ...
  • Strong Union Ball Valve Stem has internal land above ball that is pressure seated to the body protecting the stem and stem seal from contaminants
  • Fixed Monitoring System
    Fixed Monitoring System With more than 30 different sensors to choose from, the Controller 8000 fixed monitoring system can be configured to meet most monitoring needs
  • SWS CID Inactivator
    SWS CID Inactivator The SWS CID incorporates ultraviolet-based technology designed specifically to inactivate Cryptosporidium and Giardia in drinking water
  • Water Storage Containers
    Water Storage Containers Constructed of an advanced food-grade material, these containers provide a water vapor barrer with strong chemical resistance
  • ATM 300 Permanent Intersection Striping
    ATM 300 Permanent Intersection Striping Minimum 60 mil. (1.52 mm) thickness
  • Inductive Conductivity Transmitter
    Inductive Conductivity Transmitter This new inductive “toroidal” Type 8226 sensor/transmitter/controller is well suited for “dirty”
  • COMMANDER 1900 - Circular Chart Recorder
    COMMANDER 1900 - Circular Chart Recorder 1 to 4 pens ... full application flexibility NEMA 4X/IP66 construction ... Hose-down protection
  • Incubation Control Module
    Incubation Control Module The IncuMate Incubation Control Module is specially designed for use by smaller water and wastewater
  • Smart Acid Distributors
    Smart Acid Distributors Uniform acid distribution throughout tower cross section area, low spray generation rate
  • Conductivity Monitor
    Conductivity Monitor The TecnoLine LF 171 conductivity monitor features exclusive EMC lightning protection circuitry, dual
  • Pipeline relining
    Pipeline relining FRIALEN® relining couplings and molded saddle fittings can be used world-wide with impressive results in the renovation of supply pipes using the "close-fit" processes
  • QM25 (NRR 25) Ear Muff
    QM25 (NRR 25) Ear Muff The new Quiet Muff from Howard Leight doesn’t whisper, it shouts
  • The Dyna-Sewer
    The Dyna-Sewer In combined systems, the Dyna-Sewer gives preferential draining to residences and regulates rain surge to the treatment facilities
  • WorksAlone 2
    WorksAlone 2 The WorksAlone 2 is an independent sensor/monitor that displays gas concentrations levels and signals alarm conditions when programmed alarm points have been exceeded. The WorksAlone 2 provides one or two gas monitoring points installed either on-board or at a distance from electronic controllers, enabling users to combine nearly any sequence of oxygen, toxic or combustible gas monitoring without the cost of buying redundant electronics.
  • Graffiti Emulsifier
    Graffiti Emulsifier TAGSTER is an emulsifier that encapsulates the problem area
  • Comet Flash Standard - rectangle - Remote Head only w/15’ cable
    Comet Flash Standard - rectangle - Remote Head only w/15’ cable Ordering Code VP29HD
    Whelen's standard, comet flash, strobe beacon features remote power and a 15 foot cable
  • Specialty Safety Hammers
    Specialty Safety Hammers These non-sparking safety hammers are made with NUPLAGLAS
  • Snowplow Sensing System
    Snowplow Sensing System Attached to the rear of snowplows, the company’s heated sensor system is designed to automatically activate the vehicle’s brakes when an object is detected
  • Knowledge-Based Expert System The Designer prototype knowledge-based expert system was developed to supplement a catalog
  • InfraSafe® Sediment Control Barrier
    InfraSafe® Sediment Control Barrier The easy-to-use InfraSafe® Sediment Control Barrier utilizes a filtration process that prevents sediment and construction debris from entering the storm sewer system after a rainfall
  • Compact Towable Backhoe 248/258
    Compact Towable Backhoe 248/258 You asked and we listened. Dig-It would like you to meet the new tough guys on the block
  • SiliconGraphics
    SiliconGraphics SiliconGraphics products range from desktop workstations and servers to the most powerful supercomputers in the world. They deliver advanced computing and 3D visualization capabilities to scientific, engineering, and creative professionals and large enterprises.
  • Diaphragm Well Tank
    Diaphragm Well Tank The Challenger Series Diaphragm Well Tank incorporates an all butyl water chamber, patented controlled action diaphragm and a welded connection
  • Borehole Logging Systems Borehole Logging Systems
  • Automated Litter Containers
    Automated Litter Containers Automated Litter Containers feature
  • Laser Scanning System
    Laser Scanning System Cyrax is a portable, 3D laser scanning system that is designed to capture, visualize and model complex structures
  • Premo Plus Filters
    Premo Plus Filters PREMO PLUS filters are constructed with synthetic fibers in a gradient-pore matrix and are rated at BETA3=75. This means high efficiency for your system.
  • Liquid Deicer
    Liquid Deicer CF7 is a low-corrosion liquid deicer
  • Turf Reinforcement Mat
    Turf Reinforcement Mat Enkamat turf reinforcement is a three-dimensional nylon matrix joined at the intersections
  • Tennant 830II
    Tennant 830II The highly maneuverable Tennant 830II sweeper clean-sweeps dirt and debris from narrow city streets and alleys.
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix
    Bonded Fiber Matrix Bonded Fiber Matrix is a new class of erosion control products, pioneered by Weyerhaeuser with the introduction of Soil Guard.
  • Extended View Post Reflectors
    Extended View Post Reflectors Increase Safety with Hall Signs’ Extended View Post Reflectors