• SewerGard - Trowelable No. 210
    SewerGard - Trowelable No. 210 This lining system is specifically designed to protect concrete surfaces of municipal wastewater treatment structures and collection systems from chemical attack and physical abuse.
  • Low-Slant Refuse Container
    Low-Slant Refuse Container For commercial and public use, the user-friendly height of this front load, low-slant container makes it well suited
  • Road Maintenance Application
    Road Maintenance Application Usually installed in a car or a truck, the TGP is a device used to capture and process GPS and telemetry information.
  • Steel Utility Covers
    Steel Utility Covers These covers can be used for a broad range of utility applications and
  • Strip Brooms
    Strip Brooms The United Pro Center Sweep Core sweeps debris into the middle of the sweeping path
  • Commercial Electric Meters
    Commercial Electric Meters Programmable to configure custom communications schedules, the commercial Epsilon Electric Meters can record load or other data at configurable intervals
  • Safety Shield
    Safety Shield Manguard safety shields are specifically designed for personnel protection during manhole installations, line taps, vault placements, and point repairs
  • Soil Erosion Polymer
    Soil Erosion Polymer The company offers the FI-1000 soild erosion polymer designed to reduce soil erosion and silt loss in furrow irrigation applications
  • Industrial Water Treatment System
    Industrial Water Treatment System The GRD2000 is a new way of designing, specifying and
  • Grinder Pump Station
    Grinder Pump Station Constructed with robust, field-proven thermoplastic materials, the GP 2000 grinder pump station can be used for wastewater pumping
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeter
    Positive Displacement Flowmeter Design for industrial use, the positive displacement flowmeter is constructed of 316 stainless steel
  • Pipe Pusher-Puller The Model PD-6 is designed to install utility service pipelines in the most difficult soil conditions. The model is quick and accurate in sand...
  • Hydraulics and Water Quality Program
    Hydraulics and Water Quality Program WaterMax is a graphical computer program that simulates hydraulics and water quality in distribution systems
  • Radiodetection Corporation Storefront
    Radiodetection Corporation Storefront The PCM system has been specifically design for surveying pipelines for problems in damaged coating or shorts to the other structures that can render cathodic protection ineffective.
  • 1999 MACK LE613
    1999 MACK LE613 300 H.P. Mack, automatic, 44,000 LB. Rears, tri-axle,
  • Pipe-Bursting Process
    Pipe-Bursting Process The HydroBurst HB3038 and HB5058 are designed specifically
  • Winches
    Winches HydroGuide winches are ruggedly built to meet the demands
  • Emergency Starting Equipment Emergency Starting Equipment
  • SewerGard - Rotary Spray No. 210RS
    SewerGard - Rotary Spray No. 210RS Sauereisen SewerGard No. 210RS is a rotary spray-applied material specifically designed to protect concrete and steel surfaces of municipal wastewater treatment structures from chemical attack and physical abuse.
  • GBA Equipment Master™
    GBA Equipment Master™ GBA Equipment Master is designed to allow you to easily track maintenance activities, requirements, and costs for any piece of equipment and its components. For tracking purposes, the application keys off of equipment readings (hour meter, odometer, or user-defined) and date.
  • Rubber Shoe Cover
    Rubber Shoe Cover The company offers footwear designed to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents and increase productivity by providing wet-surface traction without damaging the surface
  • Antifreeze Recyclers
    Antifreeze Recyclers Antifreeze Recyclers include Techgaurd Coolant Recycler, ProTec Drain/Fill, and Techgaurd Additives
  • Remote Environmental Datalogger
    Remote Environmental Datalogger The Global Logger III is a datalogger for remote environmental data collection requirements
  • Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe
    Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe is manufactured within full compliance with the American Water Works Association Standard C301
  • Extended View Post Reflectors
    Extended View Post Reflectors Increase Safety with Hall Signs’ Extended View Post Reflectors
  • Two-Wire Level Transmitter
    Two-Wire Level Transmitter The 505-2400 series, premium performance two-wire Universal
  • Double-Wall Trench Shields
    Double-Wall Trench Shields Speed Shore's Double-wall Trench Shields are built to last and are designed and certified by Registered Professional Engineers to optimize strenght-to-weight ratios while maintaining minimal sidewall thickness.
  • Multi-position Plow
    Multi-position Plow The MVP multi-position plow is hinged in the center to provide three options for the blade
  • Pipes
    Pipes Standard lengths of lined cylinder and embedded cylinder pipes are produced in laying lengths of 20 ft.
  • Packaged Pretreatment System
    Packaged Pretreatment System The packaged pretreatment system is designed to meet wastewater discharge limits and solid waste disposal requirements
  • As Seen at the AWWA Annual Conference: Cold Weather Tank Coating
    As Seen at the AWWA Annual Conference: Cold Weather Tank Coating Designed to allow tank applicators to work in cold weather, the Epoxide II low temperature tank lining is a self-priming epoxy amine coating
  • Travel and Alignment Sensing System
    Travel and Alignment Sensing System FMC Corporation’s Travel and Alignment Sensing System (TAS) was designed to electronically monitor retangular sludge collector systems...
  • DAF Clarifier
    DAF Clarifier The Minicell DAF clarifier is aimed at solving water and effluent treatment problems faced continually by food and
  • 7800 Series Full Facepiece
    7800 Series Full Facepiece The 3M 7800 Full Facepiece respirator is an excellent choice for protection against a wide variety of gas and vapor applications...
  • Safety Strobe Light Line
    Safety Strobe Light Line Superior Signals, Inc. of Olathe Kansas has introduced a new safety strobe light line
  • Traffic Paint Over 70 years of paint formulation experience has positioned us as the industry leaders when it comes to new technology, lead free, high solids, waterborne, latex traffic paints
  • New Truck Crane Body
    New Truck Crane Body For heavy-duty truck needs, Reading Body Works offers the new Cranemaster 8000 crane body.
  • Open Bottom Diffuser
    Open Bottom Diffuser Incorporating an open bottom design and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, the SS series coarse bubble plenum chamber diffuser can be used in wastewater treatment facilities requiring high volumes of air per diffuser for the generation of coarse air bubbles
  • Pipe Inspection System The new 3-D digital video-based pipe inspection system is based on an instrument-controlled robot, the Radiax Vector
  • Truck-Mounted Dry Material Applicator The stabilator applies dry lime, fly ash, cement and other dry materials.
  • Pipe and Cable Locating
    Pipe and Cable Locating When used with any of the Subsite directional boring beacons, the 750 Tracker provides all vital tracking
  • Sludge Removal System
    Sludge Removal System Rotomite’s maneuverability makes it well suited for cleaning irregularly shaped ponds, lagoons, and basins.
  • AC Drive
    AC Drive Motortronics’ CSD Series AC Inverter is available in ratings from 1/2 to 5 HP. The CSD Series features front panel keypad and display...
  • Pipe Bursting
    Pipe Bursting A tried-and-true pipeline rehabilitation method capable of actually increasing the diameter of the existing pipe
  • Cemetery Care
    Cemetery Care Although many cemeteries choose the 300 and 500 gallon Turbo Turf Hydro Seeing Systems, the compact units in 50, 100, and 150 gallon sizes are ideal for a cemetery
  • Referral Services
    Referral Services Members of this organization are offered a range of services for environmental products and services
  • Progressing Cavity Pump
    Progressing Cavity Pump Properly suited for handling semi-dry, high solids content or caked substances, the 2000 Model G3 Progressing Cavity Pump features a series of finger mechanisms mounted on two counter-rotating shafts
  • Capacitance Sensor
    Capacitance Sensor The MK-1 RF capacitance point level sensor features an adjustable sensitivity to 0.5 pF
  • Booster Compressor
    Booster Compressor The N Series Booster Compressors provide a high pressure air supply by boosting existing plant pressure to as high as 580 psig
  • The PoleCat™
    The PoleCat™ The PoleCat line of truck mirror systems offers exceptional image definition, and in the case of our radical new convex lenses, the most extreme fields-of-view available for the road.
  • Self-Sealing Submersible Cable
    Self-Sealing Submersible Cable Designed for use with the company’s line of submersible water level sensors, the KPSI self-sealing cable prevents damage as a result of water incursion
  • Space Saving Compactors
    Space Saving Compactors Marathon offers several compactors ideal for applications were space for a compaction system is limited, the volume of waste does not justify a larger system, or roll-off collection service is not available
  • Landfill Tipper
    Landfill Tipper The Columbia Low Profile Trailer Tipper is used for the unloading of refuse trailers and containers
  • ecoTop Above Grade Oil/Water Separator
    ecoTop Above Grade Oil/Water Separator ecoTop is an above grade oil/water separator that produces consistently superior removal efficiencies for effluent oil content in a portable stainless steel vessel (<5 ppm free oil according to the European Standard).
  • Bowie Crimp-Disc
    Bowie Crimp-Disc The Bowie Crimp-Disc anchors straw and hay mulch into the soil
  • Temperature Monitoring Devices Catalog A new 24-page catalog features the product line designed for temperature measurement problems that can occur during the transportation, storage and processing stages of temperature sensitive materials...
  • Porcelain Saddle Packing
    Porcelain Saddle Packing High strength and uniform shape. CECEBE HP packing is made through a slip casting process which produces saddles of uniform shape within a narrow range of size tolerances
  • Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter
    Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter The Alpha 2000 is an ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter consisting of a transmit/receive sensor, transmitter electronics, and an electronic processing unit
  • SierraStone System
    SierraStone System The SierraStone System belongs to a family of Mesa Retaining Wall Systems that create structural block walls with segmental concrete units...
  • Microwave Solids Flow Indicator
    Microwave Solids Flow Indicator Monitor Technolgies' Model SFI is a Microwave Solids Flow Indicator which provides non-contact, non-intrusive mass flow indication of powders or granular solids
  • Mobile Shredder/Grinder
    Mobile Shredder/Grinder Featuring a continuous floor feeding mechanism and aggressive pull-in rollers, the company’s mobile shredder/grinder can shred up to 50 tons of mixed yard waste per hour
  • Ice Ban Ice Ban Products are the most important, new discovery in the de-icing industry
  • Electrode Relay/Power Supply
    Electrode Relay/Power Supply The NE-3000 Series Electrode Relay/Power Supply is equipped with two SPDT relays capable of providing minimum or maximum setpoint signals
  • FloGard™ Downspout Filter For Stormwater Treatment
    FloGard™ Downspout Filter For Stormwater Treatment Kristar's Downspout Filter is a multi-model building-mounted filter designed to collect particulates, debris, metals and petroleum hydrocarbons from rooftop stormwater runoff
  • Unistrut Metal Framing
    Unistrut Metal Framing The original strut system, Unistrut Metal Framing is the time and moneysaving alternative
  • Termin-8R Termin8R is an extreme pressure lubricant
  • Damage Prevention: Electronic Marker
    Damage Prevention: Electronic Marker The Omni Marker electronically marks and locates
  • Arrow Boards
    Arrow Boards We are proud to present a pollution-free, SOLAR CHARGED, clean and quiet SOLAR CHARGED traffic controller
  • Oxygen Sensor
    Oxygen Sensor The new DO6000 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is for aquaculture
  • Manhole Accessory Products--EZ Stik (Butyl Rubber Sealant)
    Manhole Accessory Products--EZ Stik (Butyl Rubber Sealant) A uniquely formulated butyl rubber sealant/adhesive suitable for concrete
  • Plumbers' Mate Small Pipe TV Inspection System
    Plumbers' Mate Small Pipe TV Inspection System Ratech now offers its new PLUMBER’S MATE small pipe TV inspection system with built in VCR and optional sonde transmitter/locator
  • Chemical Absorption Scrubber System The chemical absorption scrubber collects exhaust gases from the process via ductwork and passes them through a high efficiency packing system
  • Low Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    Low Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers Carbonair's low pressure carbon adsorbers are typically used in gravity discharge or low pressure water treatment applications.
  • Soil Conditioner
    Soil Conditioner DeltaBlack is a coal combustion product that has applications as a soil modifying or amending material.
  • High-Temperature Pump
    High-Temperature Pump The MPH Series High-Temperature Pump is designed for low-flow, high-head and high-temperature applications
  • Single Gas Monitor
    Single Gas Monitor The multi-Sense system offers a single gas monitor that can also accommodate multiple sensors on one unit for common or discrete relay control
  • Cable and Clamps
    Cable and Clamps Cable and Clamps are available including professional and Heavy Service Clamps
  • Automated Litter Containers
    Automated Litter Containers Automated Litter Containers feature
  • Multi-Pin Waterproof Connector Systems
    Multi-Pin Waterproof Connector Systems The company introduces its electrical multi-pin waterproof connector systems
  • Ceramic Filter Elements
    Ceramic Filter Elements Featuring tightly controlled porosity and pore sizes, the monolithic ceramic filter elements can be used in water and air filtration
  • Prismbeam II (Floodlight)
    Prismbeam II (Floodlight) Designed and used indoors and outdoors for sports, industrial, facades, corrosive environment, seacoast areas, baseball field, facade bridge
  • Hydraulic Lift
    Hydraulic Lift With no overhead cable connector, the model MTL-9 hydraulically synchronized lift is designed to offer a clear floor and clear overhead work area
  • Services Offered Winter Water Conultants, Inc. offers a full range of services. No matter what your need; we have the experience and equipment to help you
  • Leak Detection System
    Leak Detection System Z-Corr, an advanced digital, correlating acoustic logging system, has been designed to utilize patented digital technology to simplify the leak detection process for buried water, steam and fuel lines
  • Baby Bowie Hydro-Mulcher
    Baby Bowie Hydro-Mulcher The Baby Bowie tank is constructed of 12-gauge steel plate
  • Drainage System
    Drainage System Providing drainage systems that work continuously, the Drain Away Systems are made with two non-clogging components
  • Biosolids Handling and Storage System
    Biosolids Handling and Storage System The biosolids handling and storage system is designed to provide a complete dewatered sludge storage and transport system
  • Nite Lite
    Nite Lite Plastic Safety System's Nite Lite fencing is the state-of-the-art in plastic safety fencing...
  • All-Season Multi-Purpose Vehicle
    All-Season Multi-Purpose Vehicle The C250 Multipark is an all-season multi-purpose vehicle
  • Traceable Temperature and Humidity Fax Logger
    Traceable Temperature and Humidity Fax Logger The FX420 fax logger is a temperature and humidity data logger that records and sends data to users via fax or e-
  • Pressure Sensor
    Pressure Sensor The series 48 pressure sensor isolates and protects instrumentation and features a full-port opening that does
  • Casing Spacer Brochure
    Casing Spacer Brochure A six-page brochure is available detailing patented casing spacers for cased pipelines and dual containment pipelines
  • Aluminum Access Doors Available in angle and gutter frame version, the company’s line of aluminum access doors can have either single or double leaf design
  • TerraCell
    TerraCell TerraCell is an innovative geosynthetic product providing solutions for difficult stabilization, erosion control and retaining structure problems
  • Sound Control Matting
    Sound Control Matting Engineered to inhibit sound transmissions, Enkasonic sound control matting can be used beneath ceramic tile, marble, wood, vinyl or carpet flooring
  • Light Head
    Light Head The extended lens on the Par 36 Light Head is available in strobe and halogen
  • O-Ring Double Cartridge Seal
    O-Ring Double Cartridge Seal In the 5600 Series of seals using interchangeable seal designs with standardized hardware, the 5620PR O-Ring Universal Cartridge Double Cartridge Seal features a double seal arrangement incorporating an elastomer O-ring as the dynamic secondary sealing member
    PAVE-A-LOT The PAVE-A-LOT will spread hot or cold asphalt, grade rock, sand or dirt and will slice off up to 1" to level an area.
  • Airport Spreaders
    Airport Spreaders The L/D Airport Spreader combines liquid and dry deicing and anit-icing chemicals in one application