• Emulsion Polymer Dosing System
    Emulsion Polymer Dosing System The 500P/750P series emulsion polymer dosing system is used for the activation, blending and dosing of emulsion polymer
  • Joblight
    Joblight Ordering Code UCF2D/38WL
    The Cool Star Job light by GE features a bright white light, carrying case with handle and a cord holder
  • Heated Tack Oil Storage Tanks
    Heated Tack Oil Storage Tanks PHCo's heated emulsion (tack oil) storage tanks are custom designed and built to meet your needs
  • Survey Caps for Rebar and Pipe All Berntsen metal survey caps for rebar and pipe are orbital formed from 6000 series aluminum or silicon bronze alloys that won't chip, crack, or break
  • Comprehensive Controls
    Comprehensive Controls Comprehensive Controls comprises in-house electrical engineers, programmers, technicians and process control instrumentation experts with many years of experience.
  • ATM Custom Signs
    ATM Custom Signs Custom signs are never a problem
  • Hard Hat
    Hard Hat RAM Cap Suspension #14738 has the following features
  • Plow Balance System The manufacturer now offers a new Plow Balance System for
  • Property and Casualty Services PinnacleOne provides litigation support and insurance investigation services specific to the needs of the Property-Casualty markets
  • Pipe Bursting System
    Pipe Bursting System Grundocrack pipe bursting systems help refurbish failing infrastructures
  • Polypropylene Fiber Hot Mix FIBER PAVE 3010 PolyPROpylene fibers are strong and
  • Earplugs
    Earplugs EAR earplugs are constructed of soft foam and are designed for easy use
    POWER PACKER The POWER PACKER system is the perfect answer to total trash control
  • OdinFAST
    OdinFAST Odin Fixed Anti-Icing Spray Technology (OdinFAST) provides immediate protection against snow and ice on parking ramps, walkways, loading docks, Handicap parking spaces, emergency room entrances etc
  • Computer Based Weather Station
    Computer Based Weather Station This weather station is a fully integrated, computer-based system for monitoring and reporting all weather conditions
  • (2) 1991 PETERBILTS
    (2) 1991 PETERBILTS 280 h.p. Cat, automatic, 45,000 lb. rears, 60,000 lb. Galbreath. New paint.
  • Temporary Slope Protection
    Temporary Slope Protection Developed for use at landfills as an alternative daily cover, the Tarpomatic Automatic Tarping Machine (ATM) can also be used on newly graded and excavated sites that require immediate and/or temporary protection
  • Disinfection System
    Disinfection System BiOzone Corporation introduces its disinfection systems, which utilize ozone
  • Maintenance Lifting Equipment: Davit Cranes
    Maintenance Lifting Equipment: Davit Cranes The eme DAVIT Crane is a revelation around Water and Wastewater Sites! At just 31 lbs, the 1100CH DAVIT Crane is a boon to Operators and their backs
  • Oxygen Sensor
    Oxygen Sensor The new DO6000 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is for aquaculture
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeter
    Positive Displacement Flowmeter Design for industrial use, the positive displacement flowmeter is constructed of 316 stainless steel
  • WEFTEC 2000: Mixing System The new Variport mixing system incorporates a mechanical actuator that allows the full discharge capacity of the
  • Model 558
    Model 558 The Model 588 air spray striper features a large 8.8-gallon pressurized paint tank
  • Self-Contained Snowblower
    Self-Contained Snowblower The Model 4200 is a self-contained detachable snowblower with a high tensile steel casing
  • Pipe Lining Process
    Pipe Lining Process The CML lining process of cleaning and cement-mortar lining helps eliminate interior corrosion and tuberculation,
  • In-Line Induction Unit
    In-Line Induction Unit The In-Line "IL" series Water Champ is designed for installation through a corporation/ wet tap arrangement
  • Oil/Water Separator-100
    Oil/Water Separator-100 The OWS100 is a parallel corrugated plate gravity displacement type separator designed
  • DS350 Load Moment Indicator (LMI)
    DS350 Load Moment Indicator (LMI) PAT's DS 350 LMI puts a full range of precise information right in the cab
  • Sludge Digestion Process
    Sludge Digestion Process VERTAD is a proprietary high rate aerobic thermophilic
  • (2) 1994 Leach Curbtenders
    (2) 1994 Leach Curbtenders 27 yd. Leach "automated" Curbtenders. Model B27-RGTE-CALJED
  • HI-ARCH Gambrel
    HI-ARCH Gambrel The Hi-Arch Gambrel offers more than just salt can also be a versatile year-round public works facility
  • Vertified Pick-up Service Dumpmaster is a device that mounts onto a refuse container to record the date and time
  • <b>Agitator Pumps</b>
    Agitator Pumps Agitator pumps are used for heavy sludges, ash removal, coal handling and similar applications
  • Heated Tack Oil Storage Tanks
    Heated Tack Oil Storage Tanks PHCo's heated emulsion (tack oil) storage tanks are custom designed and built to meet your needs
  • Mini-Lok
    Mini-Lok Sturdy, yet small. Outstanding security
  • Pipe Coating A polymeric coating for the protection of triple-ribbed pipe, TRENCHCOAT Light Gauge Protective Film is available as an alternative to high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) in diameters up to 36 in.
  • Physical Property Data
    Physical Property Data Version 2 of the API Technical Database provides electronic coverage of the information from the API Tech Data Book.
  • Tool Kit/Lantern
    Tool Kit/Lantern A lightweight and portable all-in-one safety lantern and took kit includes blinking light emergency signal, twin safety reflectors and swivel spotlight
  • Duct Polyethylene Pipe
    Duct Polyethylene Pipe High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Duct Pipe is well suited for underground conduit applications for fiber optics or
  • Mueller&#174; Drilling & Tapping Equipment
    Mueller® Drilling & Tapping Equipment

    MUELLER Co. offers the most complete line of time proven drilling and tapping machines available.

  • Anti-Icing System
    Anti-Icing System Contained in a compact, weatherproof enclosure, the Parking Sentry System is an integrated pump, reservoir and controller package that applies liquid chemical anti-icing agents to any surface
  • Heavy-Duty Rotary Electric Vibrators
    Heavy-Duty Rotary Electric Vibrators Cougar Industries presents a full line of energy-saving, durable, adjustable, versatile, rotary electric vibrators
  • MB-3 MultiBagger
    MB-3 MultiBagger This automated bag filling system is used to fill three (3) bags simultaneously
  • Lateral Repair System
    Lateral Repair System CSR Pipeline Systems introduced the IHC System (Intralaminar Heat Cure). This system was designed to...
  • Digital Pressure Gauge
    Digital Pressure Gauge Kobold Instruments, Inc. introduces their new DPI digital pressure gauge
  • Facility Management Software AME assists with the burden of defining, selecting, and implementing an automated maintenance management
  • Ground Loop Interrupt Electrodes
    Ground Loop Interrupt Electrodes The self-cleaning pH/ORP Ground Loop Interrupt electrode is designed to counteract electrical ground loop problems
  • Truck Mounted Hydraulic Sweeper
    Truck Mounted Hydraulic Sweeper The Model TK-H Sweeper is a truck mounted hydraulic sweeper...
  • Management Software Aquilium Software Corporation introduced Aquilium Revenue Management
  • Medium-Compaction Rear Loader
    Medium-Compaction Rear Loader Incorporating a Floor Trough design to strengthen the body while providing a natural sump for liquid containment, the Alpha Rear Loader is a medium-compaction, full-eject, versatile system
  • AC Current Transducer
    AC Current Transducer This mounted compact ac current transducer accepts 1A or 5A ac current signals and converts them into
  • Modular Cover System
    Modular Cover System The LemTecTM Modular Cover System blocks sunlight from reaching the water surface, thus eliminating algae
  • Polyurethane Foam
    Polyurethane Foam Isofoam S1409 is a rigid spray polyurethane foam providing increased insulation value
  • TOM Temporary Overlay Markers
    TOM Temporary Overlay Markers TOMs are the most effective and convenient product on the market that provide short-term temporary pavement markings day and night, are simple to place and easy to remove
  • The Original Leak Detective
    The Original Leak Detective The Original Leak Detective
  •  Valtek Flow Booster
    Valtek Flow Booster The Valtek Flow Booster is a one-to-one pressure regulator that amplifies flow to increase the stroking speed of actuators...
  • Self-Contained Compactors
    Self-Contained Compactors Nedland's Self-Contained Compactors are ideal for confined spaces where waste areas
  • The Bilge Mate-e™
    The Bilge Mate-e™ Floats on bilge water to absorb fuel and oil leaks. Great for blocking scuppers for deck spills or anywhere large leaks or spills are a problem.
  • Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container
    Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container The Crown Vacuum Tight Roll Off storage containers offer a cost effective way to store and transport liquids and sludges for disposal
  • Redesigned Howard Leight® AirSoft® Earplugs
    Redesigned Howard Leight® AirSoft® Earplugs Hearing protection company Howard Leight has redesigned and updated its AirSoft® multiple-use earplugs
  • Membrane Regeneration Program
    Membrane Regeneration Program A membrane regeneration program is a proprietary cleaning process that restores quality performance to membrane elements that can be longer be cleaned efficiently in the field
  • Armorlon Products
    Armorlon Products Armorlon products offer the durability and strength of canvas but possess the flexibility and ease of handling of a far lighter material
  • Stormceptor Pretreatment
    Stormceptor Pretreatment Stormceptor is ideal for pretreatment of conventional BMPs such as ponds, infiltration systems and wetlands - improving the aesthetics and effectiveness of these downstream facilities
  • APWA CONGRESS: Milling/Trenching Machine
    APWA CONGRESS: Milling/Trenching Machine The Asphalt Zipper model AZ 240 is designed for small trenching, street patching, and asphalt repair jobs.
  • Water Sampler System
    Water Sampler System U.S. Filter introduces their Diffused Multi-Layer Sampler, which is used for the detection and the characterization of groundwater pollution
  • Soil Reinforcement Geogrids
    Soil Reinforcement Geogrids The company’s HS and Miragrid XT geogrids are designed for soil reinforcement
  • Toxic Gas Detector
    Toxic Gas Detector Bacharach's Autostep Plus from GMD Systems is available with a demand sampling option, taking the place of gas levels on
  • Blinkerstop LED Stop Sign
    Blinkerstop LED Stop Sign TAPCO introduces Blinkerstop, a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Traffic Sign with enhanced visibility.
  • Top Mounted Magnetic Gage
    Top Mounted Magnetic Gage The Multiview Top Mount Magnetic Gage offers visual level indication when side-mounted level monitoring is not an option
  • Biaxial Geogrid Reinforcement
    Biaxial Geogrid Reinforcement These biaxial geogrids provide tensile reinforcement to the
  • MPM4T Fleet Management System MPM4T is needed for tracking fleets of vehicle such as busses, trucks, cars, or any type of vehicle or equipment that requires maintenance on a regular interval.
  • Pretreatment Software Package This pretreatment software package is designed to let the pretreatment authority in your municipality keep track of all its users
  • Back Support
    Back Support Featuring variable adjusting Velcro closures, the back support is manufactured with heavy duty 900 gauge material
  • OmniExpress Mobile Communications System
    OmniExpress Mobile Communications System The OmniExpress system is a cost-effective sloution for vehicles operating in metropolitan areas and along major highway corridors
  • WEFTEC 2000: Disc Filter System
    WEFTEC 2000: Disc Filter System The Hydrotech disc filter system will be featured in the
  • Casing Spacer Brochure
    Casing Spacer Brochure A six-page brochure is available detailing patented casing spacers for cased pipelines and dual containment pipelines
  • Cleaning System for Algae Buildup
    Cleaning System for Algae Buildup The Algae Sweep Automation System is a system of spring-loaded brushes that attaches to the skimmer arm of a circular clarifier
  • Hoists
    Hoists Three types of hoists are available to cover a variety of applications
  • Rubber Shoe Cover
    Rubber Shoe Cover The company offers footwear designed to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents and increase productivity by providing wet-surface traction without damaging the surface
  • Model M30STD Baler
    Model M30STD Baler When your needs are large but your space and budget are small, you need the M30STD Vertical
  • Golf Course Applications
    Golf Course Applications The introduction of the Turbo Turf HS-50, HS-100, and HS-150 added a new dimension to the turf management program for quality conscious golf courses
  • Hard Brick and Cured Concrete Wheels
    Hard Brick and Cured Concrete Wheels The professionals choice for hard materials. National Diamond's 600 series will provide both aggressive cutting
  • Tapered V-Bottom Trailers
    Tapered V-Bottom Trailers Lighter and stronger than other "so-called" light weight trailers, the Tapered V-Bottom withstands "Torsional Twist" in long trailer lengths that will normally crack other light weight trailers. Vertical and lateral extruded aluminum structural members provide the utmost strength in this vital area.
  • APWA CONGRESS: Vacuum Leaf Loader The BIG-T-VAC model TTL-4 RH-SS leaf machine with rotated housing and suction shroud is designed for packed, wet leaf
  • Tension/Compression Load Cell
    Tension/Compression Load Cell The Model 47 load cell features ASTM E74 calibration and accuracy to 0.02%
  • PRISM Foundation Improvement System
    PRISM Foundation Improvement System The Prism System is a composite soil and geogrid mattress structure that creates a stable embankment platform - even over extremely soft soils.
  • Grease Interceptor
    Grease Interceptor The precision molded Canplas Endura grease interceptor is engineered to conform to strict plumbing codes and is
  • Parcel Mapping Our cadastral mapping technicians are experienced in all forms of property records and survey systems and techniques
  • Stand-Alone Controllers
    Stand-Alone Controllers A comprehensive full color 20-page product brochure titled "COMMAND SERIES Stand-Alone Controllers"
  • Truck Scales
    Truck Scales Offering structural integrity in either a steel or concrete deck, the rugged BridgeMont truck scales are designed to provide legal weights and safe efficient loading
  • Diamond Blast Media
    Diamond Blast Media To provide an environmentally sensitive and cost effective way to clean and remove coatings, soils and sediments of any kind from any substrate without harming the environment
  • Stop It Pipe Repair System
    Stop It Pipe Repair System This in-field repair system is designed to fully cure in 30 minutes. Requiring no tools or hot work, the system includes pipe repair tape and hand-moldable epoxy...
  • Motorola MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
    Motorola MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) No matter what your workers need to get the job done, Motorola's MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant delivers by combining an unparalleled number of business capabilities into an easy-to-carry rugged device. 3.5G GSM HSDPA and 3G CDMA-EVDO Rev A support provides high performance voice and data services around the globe.
  • Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps
    Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps Designed for safe, efficient handling of noxious, corrosive or toxic process fluids, the sealless, mag-drive pumps feature replaceable shaft sleeves, slip-sit construction and fully drainable pump and rear casings
  • Routing Solution for ESRI GIS
    Routing Solution for ESRI GIS The RouteSmart system helps municipalities and businesses
  • Turf Reinforcement Mat
    Turf Reinforcement Mat Enkamat turf reinforcement is a three-dimensional nylon matrix joined at the intersections
  • Ground-Based Spreader Control The SSC2100 Spreader Control features a ground-based automatic spreader control. The control also features an auto/manual switch with an indicator light.
  • Hydraulic Rerounding Device
    Hydraulic Rerounding Device H-Expander is an innovative hydraulic rerounding device. It is used in partially collapsed pipes when more than 10% deformation would have...
  • Remote Display
    Remote Display Featuring three-in. high numerals on a transflective display and automatic backlighting, the SB-300 rugged remote display is designed to be highly visible
  • CLASSI- 400
    CLASSI- 400 A microbial-enzyme mixture used in bio-remediation of contaminated soils and sludge.