• Barricade View
    Barricade View Hall Signs is proud to offer a low cost alternative to traditional barricade lights.
  • portable, energy absorbing, water-ballasted polyethylene safety barriers Guardian energy absorbing portable safety barriers offer an effective alternative when compared to cement jersey barriers. Designed for work zones and crowd control. Can be used in parking entrances and exits. Easily maneuverable by two men, the Guardian weighs 170 lbs empty and 1,700 lbs filled. Recommended by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as an antiterrorism device or maze type entry blockage.
    POWER PACKER The POWER PACKER system is the perfect answer to total trash control
  • Ion Exchange Facility CSI is offering their clients the option to regenerate and recycle ion
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier
    Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier The dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifier removes suspended solids as well as fats, oils, greases, and heavy metals
  • FloGard®+PLUS™ For Stormwater Treatment
    FloGard®+PLUS™ For Stormwater Treatment Kristar's FloGard®+PLUS™ is a multipurpose catch basin insert designed to capture sediment, debris, trash & oils/grease from low (first flush) flows.
  • SprayCore 5000
    SprayCore 5000 SprayCore 5000
  • Truck Mounted Hydraulic Sweeper
    Truck Mounted Hydraulic Sweeper The Model TK-H Sweeper is a truck mounted hydraulic sweeper...
  • Open-channel Flowmeter The Model 1301 FLX, hand-held open-channel meter measures water flows from 4 to 1500 fpm, (or in units of m/s or cm/s).
  • Redesigned Howard Leight® AirSoft® Earplugs
    Redesigned Howard Leight® AirSoft® Earplugs Hearing protection company Howard Leight has redesigned and updated its AirSoft® multiple-use earplugs
  • WEFTEC 2000: Electromagnetic Meters
    WEFTEC 2000: Electromagnetic Meters ULTRA MAG electromagnetic meters incorporate new technology
  • Rechargeable Flashlight
    Rechargeable Flashlight The M7 Rechargeable is the smallest of the company’s Black Knight Series, an innovative range of hi-tech rechargeable flashlights for use by professionals...
  • Whatley 300 SERIES Smooth Tapered Ornamental Lamp Posts
    Whatley 300 SERIES Smooth Tapered Ornamental Lamp Posts High-strength fiberglass filament-wound construction
  • Lift Station Pump Controls
    Lift Station Pump Controls The Drexelbrook Engineering Company has introduced a new lift station pump control instrument
  • Cofferdam/Diversion System
    Cofferdam/Diversion System Portadam is a highly flexible cofferdam or diversion system for use in open water to 9-ft. deep for all types of
  • Armorlon Products
    Armorlon Products Armorlon products offer the durability and strength of canvas but possess the flexibility and ease of handling of a far lighter material
  • Sectional Sewer & Drain Cleaners Sectional Sewer & Drain Cleaners
  • Plow Hitch
    Plow Hitch The WISS-921 Parallel Plus Plow Hitch is designed to allow the snowplow to be mounted closer to the front of the truck
  • TURFACE  Pro League Sports Field Conditioner
    TURFACE Pro League Sports Field Conditioner The New Standard for Creating the Ultimate Fielding and Sliding Surface
  • T82 Single Gas Monitor
    T82 Single Gas Monitor The T82 monitors one of fourteen gases with interchangeable precalibrated “smart” sensors. The “smart” sensor modules, including: ammonia*, carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, oxygen, ozone*, phosphine and sulfur dioxide, store all calibration data and alarm settings.
  • Self-Contained Compactors
    Self-Contained Compactors Nedland's Self-Contained Compactors are ideal for confined spaces where waste areas
  • Rotary Distributor
    Rotary Distributor The rotary distributor is a seal-less unit designed to be hydraulically balanced for wetting and rotational speeds
  • Tanks, Spheres and Terminals
    Tanks, Spheres and Terminals This company offers a full spectrum of products for safe,
  • 2000 MACK
    2000 MACK All the horses and chrome you can get!
  • Pipeline relining
    Pipeline relining FRIALEN® relining couplings and molded saddle fittings can be used world-wide with impressive results in the renovation of supply pipes using the "close-fit" processes
  • COD Heater Block
    COD Heater Block Incorporating a temperature monitor and safety shield, the heater block for micro-COD test vials is designed to require less space than former models
  • Parson Multi-Patch Parson Multi-Patch is a fast setting repair cement for all masonry surfaces.
  • Geographic Information Systems Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are fast becoming a necessity in the planning and management of public and private sector resources...
  • Polymer Disk
    Polymer Disk Soil Moist Polymer Disks are water storing polymers that encapsulate an 8-9 month timed release 10-10-10 fertilizer
  • Lead Ring Holder
    Lead Ring Holder The New Lead Ring Holder keeps lead rings orderly
  • PM Automated Servicing and P.M. Module The Automated PM Module is just one feature of the powerful MPM4 Equipment Management System. This module has the most powerful PM Scheduler that you can buy today.
  • High-Temperature Pump
    High-Temperature Pump The MPH Series High-Temperature Pump is designed for low-flow, high-head and high-temperature applications
  • Organic Tank Primer
    Organic Tank Primer Developed specifically for use on water tanks, 91-H2O Hydro-Zinc is a moisture-cured, urethane zinc-rich primer that can be shop-applied to both sides of a steel plate
  • Boot Connectors/Expansion Ring
    Boot Connectors/Expansion Ring Boot connectors provide a flexible, watertight connection where pipe enters the manhole
  • Tapping Machines
    Tapping Machines The FloStop II hot/wet tapping and line stopping system utilizes cylindrical rubber sealing elements or pivoting
    NEW GRADALL 534D9-45 MATERIAL HANDLER HAS 45-FOOT LIFT HEIGHT, 9,000-POUND CAPACITY The new 534D9-45 Gradall material handler is the first telescoping boom machine of its kind to offer the combined advantages of a 45-foot lift height, a maximum capacity up to 9,000 pounds and exceptionally easy operation
  • Portable Pocket Scale
    Portable Pocket Scale The PV Series is a portable pocket scale designed for field-testing and quality control
  • Pollution Control Nutrients are found naturally in sludge blankets and grease
  • Surface Modeling
    Surface Modeling This surface modeling software is designed to reduce the amount of time to create a terrain model from days to
  • T3B Type III Plastic Barricades
    T3B Type III Plastic Barricades T3B Plastic Barricade Products are the perfect answer to the problem of how to comply with the requirements of Federal Report # NCHRP 350
  • Decanter Centrifuge
    Decanter Centrifuge This high solids/high performance thickening and dewatering centrifuge is designed to run with minimal operator
  • Open Channel Flowmeter
    Open Channel Flowmeter The UniversalSonic two-wire open channel flowmeter has been designed for flow rate measurement in all standard and non-standard flumes and weirs
  • Vehicle Lubrication System
    Vehicle Lubrication System XGS is an air-operated system suited for mid-range to heavy vehicle lubrication, including commercial and passenger
  • Flotation drums
    Flotation drums The company created the line of 24-in. tall drums to supply the flotation needed to maintain good freeboard for docks with roofs or other heavy-duty docks
  • Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 50
    Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 50 Tiger Rotary Boom Mower 50
  • IHC with Altec digger derrick model D842
    IHC with Altec digger derrick model D842 21,450 lbs. capacity, 42 Ft. height plus 3 Ft. jib., riding console, dual controils, 18 inch 2 spd.
  • U-Lok II
    U-Lok II Lock Bar slides over bicycle frame at the downtube (common to all bikes)
  • Biaxial Geogrid Reinforcement
    Biaxial Geogrid Reinforcement These biaxial geogrids provide tensile reinforcement to the
  • Wobblelite
    Wobblelite Ordering Code WL-1
    The perfect light for the toughest work environment. This super-bright light provides 360 degree lighting
  • Capital Raising
    Capital Raising The company can assist clients in attracting private equity capital for growth
  • Blade-Loc Blade-Loc is a tool that when attached to a vibratory unit facilitates the installation of the Silt-Loc material
  • 1995 Mitsubishi
    1995 Mitsubishi 225 H.P. diesel, 10 speed, 23,000 LB. rear, 20 yd. heil 4000. winch
  • 7,000-LB. Asymettric Lift
  • Electric Drive Godwin Dri-Prime Pumps
    Electric Drive Godwin Dri-Prime Pumps Cost efficient driver, low maintenance, and reliable continuous pumping are the benefits of the Godwin Dri-Prime electric drive pump
  • Bulk Containers
    Bulk Containers Ultratainer's unique cylindrical inner tank design eliminates the corners, ribs, and seams
  • Geotextile Tube
    Geotextile Tube Phoenix Spiral geotextile tubes use spiral technology that creates circumferential “ribs” said to be four times the strength of fabric
  • Acrylbond Acrylbond has been formulated to bond new concrete to old concrete or old concrete to old concrete and is especially beneficial in eliminating cracking/shrinking in architectural, ornamental and other precast products and in making glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).
  • Prefabricated Vertical Drain
    Prefabricated Vertical Drain The principle feature of Colbonddrain prefabricated vertical drain lies in providing short and permeable drainage paths
  • COMMANDER PR100 - 100mm Process Recorder
    COMMANDER PR100 - 100mm Process Recorder 1 to 6 traces on a common time base ... instant process comparisons Unique Cue and Review incident analysis ... historical data at the touch of a button
  • Remote Inventory Monitoring System
    Remote Inventory Monitoring System The Remote Inventory Monitoring System lets suppliers and end users supervise multiple vessels with an off-site PC.
  • Sod Rolls
    Sod Rolls The company’s Big Roll Sod is two 21-in. wide strips of sod up to 115 ft in length, up to 405 ft²
  • Whatley 350 SERIES Smooth Tapered Ornamental Lamp Posts
    Whatley 350 SERIES Smooth Tapered Ornamental Lamp Posts High-strength fiberglass filament-wound construction
  • HH-250 Power Pump
    HH-250 Power Pump Solids handling capabilities to 3" diameter maximum
  • Slurry Pumps
    Slurry Pumps These hard metal slurry pumps are designed for industrial slurries such as fly ash, coal slurries, and bottom ash
  • Fluid Film-Automotive
    Fluid Film-Automotive FLUID FILM AS & NAS in the handy spray can or pump bottle is quickly applied to tools, machine parts and less accessible areas of mechanical equipment.
  • Wholesale Seeds
    Wholesale Seeds Wholesale seeds for reclamation, erosion control and landscaping, etc.
  • The SlopeMaster - SM24-60
    The SlopeMaster - SM24-60 24-HP Gasoline
  • Cast Basalt Floor Tiles
    Cast Basalt Floor Tiles Cast Basalt floor tiles are a material with decorative appeal and exceptional physical performance characteristics
  • Sub-Assembly We provide sub –assembly services for plastic, metal and rubber components. We provide these services mainly for the automotive, consumer and medical industry.
  • PennzSuppress D Petroleum Resin
    PennzSuppress D Petroleum Resin PennzSuppress D is a unique, environmentally safe, emulsified petroleum resin developed by Pennzoil Products Company to help suppress dust and stabilize soil
  • Pump Control Panel
    Pump Control Panel The GAF Series control panel has an interrupting capacity of 22,000 amps and circuit breakers with
  • Municiple Waste System
    Municiple Waste System The Municipal Waste System is designed to automate the tracking and billing of solid waste. This application tracks the origin and destination of all solid waste. The user can define refuse classes and their associated rates. All credit accounts are defined in the system and have a defined credit limit. Vehicles are associated with accounts, and the system retains their tare weight. Also included is recyclable tracking data to assist the user in determining the success of their recycling programs. This application is ideally suited to facilities with multiple solid waste collection sites. The Municipal Waste System includes a complete financial module for account inquiry, printing statemeIntegration „h nts, and retaining a complete history of charges and receipts. Municipal Waste System has been managing the largest waste authority in North Carolina for over 10 years consisting of multiple counties and multiple cities.
  • 10-YD AutoCat™ Automated Side-Loader
    10-YD AutoCat™ Automated Side-Loader With 10-yard body capacity and a 4-foot arm reach, the AutoCat™ automated side-loader from Wayne Engineering Corp. is ideal for municipal street-side collection
  • Emulsion Polymer Dosing System
    Emulsion Polymer Dosing System The 500P/750P series emulsion polymer dosing system is used for the activation, blending and dosing of emulsion polymer
  • Damage Prevention: Electronic Marker
    Damage Prevention: Electronic Marker The Omni Marker electronically marks and locates
  • Independent Monitors
    Independent Monitors Designed to display gas concentrations and indicate whether low- and/or high-alarm levels have been exceeded, the WorksAlone 6200 unit is an independent monitor that outputs a 4-20 mA control loop signal
  • Two-Bulb Rotator Unit
    Two-Bulb Rotator Unit Responder 2-bulb rotator unit
  • Spectrophotometer
    Spectrophotometer Spectronic Instruments, Inc. announces the GENESYS 5 Spectrophotometer
  • The PoleCat™
    The PoleCat™ The PoleCat line of truck mirror systems offers exceptional image definition, and in the case of our radical new convex lenses, the most extreme fields-of-view available for the road.
  • Electronic Commerce Service Center & Partnership
    Electronic Commerce Service Center & Partnership AmCad teams with government agencies to provide a public/private partnership as an option for Electronic Commerce to cities, counties and states in the United States
  • Dock Lift
    Dock Lift Incorporating a hinged dock plate that allows for lifting and loading trucks even when a building is not equipped with a traditional loading dock, the company’s zero-low dock lift is designed to lower flush to ground level
  • Flashbarrier™ Electrical Arc Suppression Blanket
    Flashbarrier™ Electrical Arc Suppression Blanket Oberon introduces its Flashbarrier™ Arc Suppression blanket. The blanket is ideal for use in confined space. It provides protection to the worker from incidental arc accidents, which may occur adjacent
  • Temperature Transmitter
    Temperature Transmitter Incorporating digital electronics that accept seven types of RTD sensors and 11 different ANSI/ISO thermocouples, mV, ohms and dewpoint moisture sensors, the RTT20 intelligent temperature transmitter is capable of creating a 22-point curve for custom applications
  • Geogrids
    Geogrids Used in slope stabilization, retaining walls, berm reinforcement and ground stabilization applications, TerraGrid geogrids are made of high-strength, high-tenacity woven polyester yarns coated in a polyvinyl chloride paste
  • RHEOMAC UW 450 Underwater Concreting Admixture Rheomac UW 450 admixture is a specially formulated for concrete, grout and cement slurries placed underwater
  • Soil Extraction System
    Soil Extraction System Engineered to prevent underground damage with minimum inconvenience to traffic, the SoftDig soil extraction system can create holes as small as 8x8 in
  • Digestion System
    Digestion System The 36-well HotBlock is a corrosion proof digestion system for metals analysis
  • Product Interface Probe
    Product Interface Probe The Model KIR Product Interface Probe is a portable reel-mounted interface probe
  • Hydraulic Lift
    Hydraulic Lift With no overhead cable connector, the model MTL-9 hydraulically synchronized lift is designed to offer a clear floor and clear overhead work area
  • Pipe Cleaning
    Pipe Cleaning These Mandrel Pigs are available in cup and disc designs
  • New Arm Advance Actuator
    New Arm Advance Actuator At the heart of the Arm Advance Sentry arm control is a heavy-duty electro-mechanical actuator
  • Variable Speed Controls
    Variable Speed Controls Variable frequency drives are available in various enclosures and configurations
  • Mini-Lok
    Mini-Lok Sturdy, yet small. Outstanding security
  • Utilities
    Utilities TRANSMAP provides a unique collection of tools to allow utility companies to increase productivity by eliminating field trips to gather and verify information
  • Computerized Maintenance System MP2 sets the industry standard for graphic-based, easy-to-use maintenance software designed for any-size organization.
  • Polyurethane Foam
    Polyurethane Foam Isofoam S1409 is a rigid spray polyurethane foam providing increased insulation value
  • Transfer Station Systems
    Transfer Station Systems For maximum payloads in high volume transfer station applications, Marathon’s innovative BlokPak 3000 and b>TS-2000 Transfer Systems are the right choice
  • Series 500 "dia-Pump" Metering Pumps
    Series 500 "dia-Pump" Metering Pumps Series 500 "dia-Pump" chemical metering pumps offer a variety of process control options, including electric stroke length control, pneumatic stroke length control and electric speed control...
  • Nationwide Inventory & Pavement Management System
    Nationwide Inventory & Pavement Management System Presnell managed the initial phases of the BIA’s Nationwide Road Inventory and Pavement Management System (PMS), and developed the plan for implementing the inventory of and pavement management system for the 25,000 miles of roads on the BIA Indian Reservation Road System
  • Steel Building
    Steel Building High sidewall clearance, a clear span with no beams or posts, durability that channels away heavy snow or rain,