• TerraTex GS
    TerraTex GS The Next Generation in Ground Stabilization Fabrics
  • Pak Rak-Mini Rak
    Pak Rak-Mini Rak The PAK RAK is a portable filing system for print storage
  • Low Side Wall Skid Steer Tires
    Low Side Wall Skid Steer Tires These tires are designed to provide a smooth ride with
  • Patch King - Asphalt Patch Box
    Patch King - Asphalt Patch Box The Patch King is an electrically heated asphalt patching unit
  • Power Bob-Tach Attachment
    Power Bob-Tach Attachment Do frequent attachment changes on the jobsite slow you down
  • Classic Series Service Body
    Classic Series Service Body The Classic Series service body from Reading Body Works is capable of handling an aerial lift in the rear cargo area...
  • Culvert Lining Solution
    Culvert Lining Solution Designed to allow high flow capability and low fiction loss, the Snap-Tile culvert lining system features smooth walls and non-wetting characteristics
  • Medium-Voltage AC Drive
    Medium-Voltage AC Drive The ACS medium-voltage drive covers a 400-6,000 horsepower range, in voltages of 2.3, 3.3. and 4.16 kV
  • Level Measurement Instruments
    Level Measurement Instruments Including explosion-proof switches, transmitters and XP and IS probes, the New Wave Capacitance instruments are designed to offer accurate, time based reference measurement in capacitance-based level measurement systems
  • AC Current Transducer
    AC Current Transducer This mounted compact ac current transducer accepts 1A or 5A ac current signals and converts them into
  • Water Jet
    Water Jet The new JAJ-600 terrain easement machine is self-propelled
  • Internal and External Manhole Chimney Seal
    Internal and External Manhole Chimney Seal Cretex Manhole Chimney Seals stop manhole frame-chimney inflow
  • Rapid Set D.O.T. Repair Mix
    Rapid Set D.O.T. Repair Mix A blend of Rapid Set Cement, specially graded sand, and performance additives
  • RequestPartner™ Customer satisfaction is the measure of success in the commercial world, but citizen satisfaction is the measure in local government
  • Inclined Plate Clarifier
    Inclined Plate Clarifier Designed to remove settleable suspended solids from wastewater, the inclined plate clarifier can treat flow rates from 25-3200 gallons per minute
  • Coupling Protection System
    Coupling Protection System The Depend-O-Wrap system is a solution that offers maximum protection for Depend-O-Lok couplings in buried service
  • Panels and Pilasters
    Panels and Pilasters Architectural panels and pilasters offer a low cost method of providing definition to the walls and dome ring of a
  • Radiodetection Corporation Storefront
    Radiodetection Corporation Storefront The PCM system has been specifically design for surveying pipelines for problems in damaged coating or shorts to the other structures that can render cathodic protection ineffective.
  • InfraSafe® Sediment Control Barrier
    InfraSafe® Sediment Control Barrier The easy-to-use InfraSafe® Sediment Control Barrier utilizes a filtration process that prevents sediment and construction debris from entering the storm sewer system after a rainfall
  • Wobblelite
    Wobblelite Ordering Code WL-1
    The perfect light for the toughest work environment. This super-bright light provides 360 degree lighting
  • Precast Concrete Manholes
    Precast Concrete Manholes Precast concrete manholes are manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM C478 standards
  • Combination Sewer Cleaner
    Combination Sewer Cleaner Combination Sewer Cleaner machines are designed especially for public works industry applications...
  • Elasticized Ground Fill Material
    Elasticized Ground Fill Material Providing predictable and consistent mechanical (stress-strain-time) behavior is the primary function of the TerraFlex elasticized geofoam
  • Industrial Compactors
    Industrial Compactors Marathon offers a line of heavy-duty industrial stationary compactors for the most demanding waste generators
  • Ditch Barrier System
    Ditch Barrier System The company now offers EnviroBerm, a permeable ditch barrier system that provides sediment control to promote revegetation
  • Commander® Pro Series Constant Pressure Submersibles
    Commander® Pro Series Constant Pressure Submersibles The Commander® Pro constant pressure system is an innovative product designed to bring city-like water pressure to rural homeowners
  • 150 combination coupling
    150 combination coupling 150 combination coupling features interchangeable balls and a low profile
  • Micro and Ultra Filtration
    Micro and Ultra Filtration Micro and Ultra filtration systems are capable of separating many types and sizes of suspended material from liquids
  • Ion Meter
    Ion Meter These ion meters display readings directly in ppm, making
  • Search Eye Sensor  - School Bus Application
    Search Eye Sensor - School Bus Application While school bus operations continue to increase, a tragic rise in bus relataccidents has resulted in dramatic insurance increases
  • PROGRAMMED BOD METER RAPID RESULTS A new portable BOD meter aids wastewater treatment plant operation by providing rapid information about wastewater condition and process effectiveness. The Bioscience, Inc., EZ-BOD meter...
  •  Horizontal Split Case Pumps
    Horizontal Split Case Pumps Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pumps are engineered to move clear water or low viscosity clear liquids at moderate heads more economically than any other type of pump.
  • Hydronic Pumps
    Hydronic Pumps The MARCH hydronic pump is available in plastic, bronze, stainless steel, and cast iron...
  • Fabricated Gates
    Fabricated Gates Fabricated gates are available in steel, aluminum, stainless steel or in special alloys
  • Outlets
    Outlets Outlets are available in many laid lengths for various standard outlets in straight pipe
  • Pipe Sealing System
    Pipe Sealing System The company offers the Vinyl-lock joint and sealing system for AWWA C900 pressure pipe and AWWA C905 water transmission pipe
  • EZ Form Bumpers No longer will you have to go through the labor intensive steps of prepping, pouring, stripping and painting the bumper or bump
  • Rotor Pumps
    Rotor Pumps HiFlo Rotors are said to provide 100% pulsation-free operation through the entire pumping range
  • Pipeline Cleaning Service
    Pipeline Cleaning Service This company cleans pipelines by hydraulically or pneumatically propelling a series of foam cleaners through them
  • Detection Transmitter
    Detection Transmitter Bacharach Inc., offers the Sentinel infared combustible gas detection transmitter. It features a sensor...
  • Rainsuit
    Rainsuit Made of medium-weight PVC coated onto a woven polyester fabric backing, the 220 rainsuit is a two piece set
  • Coatings Line
    Coatings Line Futura Coatings introduced FUTURA-THANE abrasion resistant coatings
  • Services MicroStation Training and AutoCAD Training
  • Universal Multiloop Controller
    Universal Multiloop Controller This UMC Universal Multiloop Controller offers an integrated solution that cost effectively performs loop and
  • Personnel Work Platform Attachment
    Personnel Work Platform Attachment The Gradall Company has introduced a new personnel work platform (PWP) attachment for its 534D6-42 material handler model
  • Submersible Flowmeter
    Submersible Flowmeter Available in rugged submersible configurations, the System 1010WDP clamp-on flowmeter services full pipe applications
  • Patching Material
    Patching Material Designed to provide an immediate seal to leaks of flammable and/or hazardous materials to prevent pollution of ground, water and air, the Plug N’ Dike tool is made of a non-toxic material
  • Termin-8R Termin8R is an extreme pressure lubricant
  • Leak Locators
    Leak Locators Combining digitally enhanced locating instrumentation with computer assisted leak detection ability, the HL 400 and HL 4000 leak locators can be coupled with a dual segment display feature
  • Bulk Containers
    Bulk Containers Ultratainer's unique cylindrical inner tank design eliminates the corners, ribs, and seams
  • GOLF
    GOLF Ken Jones makes it easier to buy specialty tires, chains, and value added products
  • JetMix™ Vortex Mixing System
    JetMix™ Vortex Mixing System

    The JetMix™ Vortex Mixing System provides unmatched mixing and energy efficiency for optimal digester performance.   The JetMix System's innovative, proprietary nozzle location creates optimal mixing currents that sweep the tank floor and minimize solids build-up, regardless of the tank level.  In addition, the system is easy to install, operate and maintain.

  • Filler Compound No. 209
    Filler Compound No. 209 Sauereisen Filler Compound No. 209 is an epoxy formulation specifically designed to fill voids, irregularities, and air pockets in concrete.
  • Chart Recorders
    Chart Recorders Bailey-Fischer and Porter, a unit of Elsag Bailey, is now offering the LineMaster and PointMaster 200, two German-made, Hartmann and Braun microprocessor-based
  • Classic Fountains
    Classic Fountains Classic Fountains
  • Video Inspection System
    Video Inspection System Featuring a coiler running 500 ft of rod, an integral electronic rod counter, a video/in and video/out VCR connectors for recording and playback of surveys, and on-screen text overlay for annotation of inspection findings, the flexicoiler has a QWERTY keyboard that allows for up to 512 characters per page
  • Rotor/Stator Configurations
    Rotor/Stator Configurations These Ultra-Pro rotor/stator configurations for the company’s L-Frame, 1000 and 2000 progressing cavity pump
  • Stormceptor Pretreatment
    Stormceptor Pretreatment Stormceptor is ideal for pretreatment of conventional BMPs such as ponds, infiltration systems and wetlands - improving the aesthetics and effectiveness of these downstream facilities
  • Technical Brochure
    Technical Brochure A new technical brochure, "Dragon Dryer Technology Turns Sludge Into Gold,” has been introduced. The six-page, four-color brochure includes standard system specifications...
  • VX500 Photo Ionization Detector
    VX500 Photo Ionization Detector The VX500 PhotoIonization Detector (PID) provides the ultimate flexibility in portable detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The VX500 utilizes a field replaceable, plug-in detector and interchangeable 10.6 eV or 11.7 eV lamps to monitor potentially hazardous compounds including benzene, toluene, xylene, and vinyl chloride at levels as low as 100 parts per billion (ppb).
  • Search Eye Sensor - Air Brake Application
    Search Eye Sensor - Air Brake Application The Search-Eye Sensor System is widely used throughout North America on many industrial and commercial fleets that are equipped with air brakes
  • Medium Duty V-Box Spreader
    Medium Duty V-Box Spreader The Swenson Medium Duty V-Box Spreader is manufactured to cover the gap between the 15,000 GVW and the 20,000 GVW trucks
  • STAT Low Profile Air Strippers
    STAT Low Profile Air Strippers Carbonair's patented STAT series of low profile air strippers combine high performance (99.99% or greater removal efficiency of VOCs), flexibility, and design simplicity.
  • Environmental Monitoring
    Environmental Monitoring The SiteSentinel 1 integrated monitoring system incorporates design innovations that make tank management
  • The ViewMaster™
    The ViewMaster™ Finally, a dual remote mirror system designed for maximum serviceability
  • Side Rotary Boom Mower
    Side Rotary Boom Mower Side Rotary Boom Mower
  • Shallow Well Jet Pump
    Shallow Well Jet Pump The Bull Dog is a new series of cast iron shallow-well jet pumps
  • Vehicle Management Services
    Vehicle Management Services First Vehicle Services manages and maintains more than 30,000 vehicles for local governments, school districts, airports, utilities, and telecommunications companies across the United States
  • Building Safety Services Building officials and their staff can be overwhelmed by the demands of code enforcement, inspections, plan reviews, and public counter responsibilities.
  • Top Mounted Magnetic Gage
    Top Mounted Magnetic Gage The Multiview Top Mount Magnetic Gage offers visual level indication when side-mounted level monitoring is not an option
  • Lateral Sealing System
    Lateral Sealing System The TOP HAT system offers a permanent lateral sealing in relined pipelines. The system uses a Polyester impregnated corrosion resistant fiberglass...
  • Automatic Fusion Unit
    Automatic Fusion Unit The FRIAMAT fusion unit is for storage, transportation and
  • Security Bar
    Security Bar EASI FILE cabinets come equipped with a built-in lock
  • Steel Building Series
    Steel Building Series With their high sidewall clearance, the P-Series Steel Building is well suited for the back yard or a commercial
  • Bubble Air Supply System
    Bubble Air Supply System The BAS 30X is a tank air supply system designed to offer complete temperature control capability
  • Water Treatment System
    Water Treatment System The TriZone treatment system is used as an alternative to chlorine use
  • Pavement Design Software AASHTOWare DARWin 3.01 provides pavement design and analysis assistance
  • Bacteria Tablet
    Bacteria Tablet Custom Biologicals, Inc. is now offering bacteria in tablet form
  • Decanter Centrifuge
    Decanter Centrifuge This high solids/high performance thickening and dewatering centrifuge is designed to run with minimal operator
  • Management Software Aquilium Software Corporation introduced Aquilium Revenue Management
  • Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems
    Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems When Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems were introduced in 1990, the landscaping and hydroseeding fields were changed forever
  • Double-duty Accumulator
    Double-duty Accumulator Flexicraft Industries' Hydropad is an accumulator that eliminates water hammer and surge, while dampening reciprocating-pump pulsation...
  • Project Management Software
    Project Management Software Primavera's SureTrak Project Manager 2.0 helps users develop a solid plan for achieving project goals and managing them to a successful finish
  • Remote Meter Reading Probe Schlumberger Resource Management Systems introduced the Advantage remote reading probe
  • Bobcat System Advantage
    Bobcat System Advantage About the only thing the Bobcat System shares in common with a tractor-loader-backhoe (TLB) is a similar purchase price
  • Drum Scales
    Drum Scales Model 4020™ Electronic (digital) DRUM Scale with 4-20ma standard. NEMA 4X indicator box and solid PVC base...
  • AM-Cutter System
    AM-Cutter System The AM-Cutter performs a dual function. It reopens laterals in lined pipes...
  • Illuminator Spot and Flood Lamp Light Series
    Illuminator Spot and Flood Lamp Light Series Superior Signals, Inc. of Olathe Kansas is pleased to announce the Illuminator spot and flood lamp light series
  • Remote Visual Inspection Probe
    Remote Visual Inspection Probe Everest Imaging introduces the Long Steer VideoProbe
  • Pump Parts
    Pump Parts Composite pump parts yield better corrosion resistance, are less subject to stress cracks, and have comparable strength values to metal parts
  • ESRI
    ESRI ESRI software is the de facto standard for managing geographic information in local government and is used by more than 1,500 cities.
  • FlexMaster Crack Sealant FlexMaster Crack Sealant exhibits outstanding flexibility and adhesion
  • E-track Fleet Management
    E-track Fleet Management E-track contains an extensive array of features
    HD-8 WHIRLWIND The HD-8 Whirlwind industrial tub grinder is the smallest DuraTech offers and can be easily towed by a 3/4 ton pickup with its 2 5/16" ball hitch
  • Project/Program Management Services PinnacleOne's project management services cover the entire spectrum of activities required to plan, design, construct, and occupy complex construction projects
  • Metal-Filled Epoxies Plastic Steel metal-filled epoxies are designed for use in
  • Asset and Work Management Software Adding visualization impact to its modules by displaying asset information and work activities in an AutoCAD drawing, the company’s masterSERIES of software is designed to offer interface with a variety of programs
  • Sample Preparation System
    Sample Preparation System The PurCon is a system that has been specially developed for continuous sample preparation from the aeration stage
  • Hauler
    Hauler This 300-gal. fully automated container is manufactured out
  • Solids-Handling Pump
    Solids-Handling Pump The MSX submersible solids-handling pump from Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company, featured at the WEFTEC Conference, is engineered to perform in both wet pit and dry pit applications