News | November 5, 2018

Agency360 Field Training Software Gets Mobile Functionality Update

Better User Interface Empowers Public Safety to Connect With Top Candidates

Fishers, IN /PRNewswire/ - Between 2017 and 2018, the number of employers who claim they have trouble recruiting employees rose from 40% to 45%, the highest skills gap in over a decade according to leading global staffing company Manpower. One team of Hoosiers has developed software to help our emergency services and public safety departments claim a much-needed edge in recruiting and training employees. Agency360's field training software helps police, emergency call centers, medical services teams, and other public safety organizations onboard an employee to a new role. After several departments found success using the first version of the tool, the application is receiving a major update.

Improved features of the new release include better functionality on mobile devices and tablets so that notes can be documented in the field where the training occurs, not later back at the station. Field training officers also now have the ability to create mandated tasks and reminders to ensure consistency in training. They can fill out necessary forms and documentation and give written feedback to trainees in the same centralized platform. Many departments in the public safety sector still use pen and paper for these processes, which takes more time and can lead to bottlenecks in getting approval and sharing opinions with trainees.

"Using technology to discuss ideas and give each other feedback is something Millennials have been doing for all or most of their lives," pointed out Agency360 CEO Matthew Molter. "A mobile app or website works best to drive positive culture when it helps trainers achieve consistency and transparency. We want to help departments recognize and grow their top performers."

With this field training software release, Agency360's product can support public safety organizations in growing a more engaged and positive culture. Molter founded Agency360 after he learned first-hand the challenges of being a Millennial new hire in the public safety sector. "Today's public safety agencies face the same recruiting challenges as every other sector, and need to create a culture where top talent want to stay and work more than a few years," Molter said. "The goal of our software is to take out some of the guesswork and stress across the board, so that both the trainers and the new employee can focus on what really matters, which is learning to love their jobs and doing them well." With more empowerment and confidence in their abilities, our police, 911 dispatchers, and other first responders will likely find improved performance and greater job satisfaction in the future.

SOURCE: Agency360

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