News | August 31, 2020

AGIS First Responder Application Featured On Verizon's Public Safety Portal

Jupiter, FL /PRNewswire/ - Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS) has been selected to feature their LifeRing First Responder application on the Verizon Public Safety Portal.

Last year, Verizon introduced their public safety private core, which separates data traffic of public safety mobile users from commercial users across Verizon's network. Public safety users will have their data immediately recognized as public safety with priority access at the tower and through the network.

In Q2 of this year Verizon launched their public safety Applications Portal which features software applications to enhance the effectiveness of Responders and Responder Agencies.

LifeRing's First Responder software is a single app that loads on PC, Android, or iOS devices as well as PC or smartphone browsers. LifeRing enables real-time situational awareness between all devices to create a scalable, Common Operational Picture system of the mapped area and the precise location of all Responders and the location of dangers in relation to those Responders.

LifeRing has interfaces to P25 Radios and can interoperate with other First Responder units using cellular frequencies including Band 14. LifeRing can also digitally communicate with First Responders that are using Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messages for data exchange.

LifeRing Server software enables the exchange of encrypted location information along with chat, PTT, voice and video between each user while viewing each other's location. LifeRing also provides the ability for users to: declare that they are in an Emergency, enter map symbols and attach files and photos to the symbols, enter drawings on their map for all to view, select map types, send commands and exchange messages.

LifeRing uses AES 256 bit encryption and has been tested with Verizon's Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) which provides an on-demand, air-gapped, network designed to defeat network-based attacks.

"We are proud to be selected as one of Verizon's trusted technology solutions," stated AGIS' CEO, Cap Beyer. "We are dedicated to the First Responder community and I'm confident that our application will be a great Command and Control system for any size agency."

About Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS)
AGIS is a small veteran-owned firm. LifeRing software is used by the US Government, "Five Eyes" countries and other allied countries.

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Source: Advanced Ground Information Systems, Inc.

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