Company Profile | January 1, 1996

algae control, industrial wastewater treatment, odor control, pond and lake aeration, sludge-oxidation, spray coolers

process systems, sludge drying, composting systems, wet scrubbers, dewatering, corrosion control
U.S. Filter/Aerator Products manufactures Aqua-Lator® Aerators, Mixers and Spray Coolers in a broad range of horsepower sizes and materials of construction for the wastewater treatment market. There are thousands of units operating successfully in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants worldwide. These are versatile products with many applications, including aerated lagoons, activated sludge systems, aerobic digestion, reservoir stagnation prevention, stream aeration and process water cooling.

U.S. Filter/Aerator Products also manufactures Aqua-Lator® Fountain Aerators for use in ponds and lakes to improve water quality and add to the appeal of the water landscape with eye-catching fountain spray patterns.